Pokemon Scarlet & Violet fans “celebrate” Klawf in hilarious, viral Pokemon tweet

Pokemon Scarlet Violet Offical Artwork Klawf SpragatitoThe Pokemon Company

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet fans have flocked to a recent official social media post featuring the new crab Pokemon Klawf in official artwork, sharing a mixture of opinions about the bug-eyed Paldean exclusive.

A piece of official artwork for the Pokemon Scarlet & Violet games has been shared on social media, and fans are adding their thoughts about the giant crab lurking in the background.

The new new Rock-type Pokemon was revealed in the most recent Pokemon Scarlet & Violet trailer, and also debuted the new “Titan” Pokemon that will be part of the “Path of Legends” story arc. In this narrative, the Protagonist teams up with trainer and food-enthusiast Arven to search for the legendary Herba Mystica, which have special properties when added to cooked dishes.

However, the debut of Klawf has received a mixed reception from fans, with some finding its hilariously buggy eyes and generic appearance endearing – while others haven’t been quite so impressed.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet’s Klawf is the perfect meme

In a post shared by the official Pokemon Twitter account, players are treated to an image of the protagonist preparing to battle a Titan Klawf. Arven cowers in the background as starter Pokemon Sprigatito leaps frantically away from the enormous crab. Seemingly poking fun at the featured Pokemon, the post reads “Klawf. That’s it. That’s the post.”

In the comments following the post, Pokemon Scarlet & Violet fans have added their thoughts on the lumpy, awkward crab. ThePKMprof comments “Return to crab” above a zoomed in image of Klawf’s bugging eyeballs, while MrShadows31 adds “That blank stare though.. it’s so going in my party.”

Jlipper has also jumped in, sharing a hand-drawn animation of a dancing Klawf on the rocks. The toothy grin gives the Rock-type Pokemon a completely hilarious, blank-faced look. The_BryanD also shares a clip of a tiny Klawf from the Scarlet & Violet trailer with the comment “All hail the Klawf!”.

While there are always growing pains when a new Pokemon Generation is released, sometimes the new species introduced can give fans a good laugh before they are seen in action. While Klawf definitely looks like a knock-off Krabby, it is possible the Pokemon could be far more desirable when seen in battle after Scarlet & Violet release. It is also possible it will get a true glow-up evolution, and become that crab no one should have teased in middle school.