Pokemon Go Eevee Community Day bonuses list for August


Pokemon Go’s long-awaited August 2021 Community Day puts the spotlight on Eevee, and there are loads of bonuses and exclusive Eeveelution moves to get during the two-day event.

Community Days are the undisputed highlight of every Trainer’s monthly calendar. They focus on one specific Pokemon species – usually a fan-favorite or starter – for a whole day of boosted spawns, special bonuses, and research tasks.

In August 2021, Niantic are making the Community Day even bigger in the game, taking place over two whole days! It’s no surprise that they wanted to make this change this time around, as the star of this Community Day is the beloved Kanto-region ‘mon Eevee.

With all eight Eevee evolutions now in Pokemon Go, after the addition of Sylveon, that means there are eight Community Day-exclusive moves that can be learned during this event, as well as multiple bonuses that you’ll find below.


Eevee Community Day

Pokemon Go Eevee Community Day bonuses

As well as Eevee spawning more often in the wild, there are several bonuses that Trainers can enjoy during the August 2021 Community Day:

  • Lure Modules will last for 3 hours during the event.
  • Incense will last for 3 hours during the event.
  • Eggs will require 1/4 of their usual Hatch Distance.
  • Exclusive Moves available for all Eevee evolutions.
  • Evolving Eevee into Sylveon will only require 7 hearts instead of 70.

In order to really take advantage of all these bonuses, we recommend using any spare Lucky Eggs you have as you’ll be getting plenty of XP from all the catching and the tasks you’ll be completing.

The Community Day weekend is also the perfect time to hatch that high-tier 10 km and 7km Egg, as they’ll hatch in no time with the reduced Hatch Distance.

Eevee Community Day bonuses

Pokemon Go Eevee Community Day exclusive moves

Evolving your Eevee into any of its Eeveelutions during the August 2021 Community Day will mean it learns one of the following exclusive moves:

  • Vaporeon exclusive move: Scald
  • Jolteon exclusive move: Zap Cannon
  • Flareon exclusive move: Super Power
  • Espeon exclusive move: Shadow Ball
  • Umbreon exclusive move: Psychic
  • Leafeon exclusive move: Bullet Seed
  • Glaceon exclusive move: Water Pulse
  • Sylveon exclusive move: Psyshock

You have to evolve your Eevee into any of its evolutions between Friday, August 13, 2021, at 10 am and Monday, August 16, 2021, at 10 am PDT for them to learn their event-exclusive move.

Wondering how to get a specific Eevee evolution? We’ve got a guide to all Eeveelutions right here.

Pokemon Go Eevee exclusive moves community day

Some of these event-exclusive moves will be more useful than others, so it will be interesting to see if any of them are powerful enough to have a change on the placings of the Eeveelutions in the Pokemon Go meta.

While you should get the opportunity to catch and evolve plenty of Eevee during the August Community Day event, we’ve ranked all of the Eeveelutions from best to worst so you know which ones to focus on.

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