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What is the best Eevee evolution in Pokemon Go? All Eeveelutions ranked

Published: 27/Aug/2021 6:30 Updated: 27/Aug/2021 10:17

by Daniel Megarry


With every single Eevee evolution now available in Pokemon Go, you might be wondering which Eeveelution is the best choice to evolve your strongest ‘mon into, from Umbreon to Leafeon, or even Jolteon.

Since making its debut back in the 1990s, Eevee has remained one of the most beloved Pokemon of all time. Every Trainer has their own favorite Eeveelution, whether it’s the Fairy-type Sylveon, the classic Fire-type Flareon, or something else entirely.

Deciding which Eevee evolution to go with can be difficult, though, as it comes down to way more than just which one looks the coolest. In Pokemon Go, there are a few clear standouts, while others simply don’t have any real use in the game.


Below, we’ll answer the burning question of which Eeveelution is the best, and also go over the rest of Eevee’s evolutions to help you decide which one you should spend your hard-earned Candy evolving.


Umbreon Pokemon Go
The Pokemon Company
Umbreon is one of Eevee’s best potential evolutions.

What is the best Eevee evolution in Pokemon Go?

The best Eevee evolution to choose in Pokemon Go is Umbreon, as it’s a PvP champion that really excels in the Great League and the Ultra League. It has great Defense, making it the tankiest Eeveelution here.

Of course, deciding the ‘best’ Eeveelution also depends on how you intend to use it. If you need a budget Dragon-slayer, for example, then Sylveon will be a better choice than Umbreon thanks to its Fairy typing.


And, as always, there’s an element of personal preference to consider! Some players love cute Pokemon, so they’ll always go for Sylveon, while others prefer an intimidating-looking creature like Jolteon or Flareon.

Below, we’ve ranked all of the Eevee evolutions from best to worst base on their overall performance.

All Eeveelutions ranked from best to worst

1. Umbreon

Pokemon Go Umbreon

Umbreon has long been considered the best Eevee evolution in Pokemon Go, and that’s still the case thanks to great bulk and some powerful moves that make it one of the best Dark-types across the game.

Of all the Eeveelutions, it has the best PvP potential in both the Great League and the Ultra League, especially with the new Level 50 cap which allows it to reach a max CP of 2445 with some deadly stats.


2. Sylveon

Pokemon Go Sylveon

While it loses out to Umbreon in the Great League and Ultra League, Sylveon gets to shine in the Master League, which is dominated by Dragon-types that this Fairy-type Eeveelution will just love to obliterate.

If you’ve got access to a strong Togekiss or Gardevoir, those will always be better Fairy-type choices, but Sylveon fulfills the role of being a cheaper substitute that can perform very well in the right situation.

3. Vaporeon

Vaporeon pokemon go

Vaporeon used to be a champion in Pokemon Go, but it’s since been outclassed. While it will never be as strong as a leveled-up Kyogre or Gyarados, it’s still an excellent Water-type for your team if you don’t have access to those.


With a decent bulk and a high max CP, this Eevee evolution actually performs pretty well in PvE as one of the strongest (and cheapest) Water-types, especially if you can’t afford the more expensive or rare standouts.

4. Glaceon


Ice-types are rare in Pokemon Go, so while Glaceon might not be the best, it’s worth getting one just to make sure you have a semi-decent Ice-type under your belt – although if you’ve got a Mamoswine, focus on that instead.

Because Ice-types are good at taking Dragons down, you’ll probably find Glaceon most useful for defeating the powerful Dragon-types that often defend Gyms, but it also has some potential in the Master League.


5. Leafeon


As with most Eeveelutions, there are better grass options than Leafeon available, like Tangrowth and Roserade. It’s still one of the top non-Legendary Grass-types, though, and has solid Attack and Defense stats.

Leafeon also shows potential in the Master League, where it can take down any Pokemon with a weakness to Grass-type moves. It won’t last long against most other opponents, though, so definitely don’t rely on it.

6. Jolteon


While Jolteon isn’t the worst of the Eeveelutions, it still doesn’t pack enough power or niche to really make any waves across either the PvP or PvE meta in Pokemon Go.

If you’re adamant about Jolteon, though, it’s best to save it for PvE. Here, it can be a budget Electric-type choice if you don’t have access to any Legendaries or high-tier normal options like Magnezone or Electivire.

7. Espeon

Pokemon GO Espeon

Despite having the highest Attack stat of all Eeveelutions, Espeon doesn’t really get a chance to show it off. When it comes to PvP in the Go Battle League, for example, it’s pretty much useless across all three major Leagues.

Where Espeon does show promise, though, is in PvE, where it can be a great Fighting and Poison-type counter if you’re lacking in other, more powerful Psychic-type choices like Mewtwo or Metagross.

8. Flareon


Unless you have a soft spot for the Fire-type Eeveelution, or you just want to complete your collection, it’s best to avoid Flareon. It has no use in PvP and is outclassed when it comes to Raids and Gyms.

It’s not terrible by any means, but when there are so many non-Legendary Fire-types to choose from that can do better like Charizard, Darmanitan, and Arcanine, your resources are best spent elsewhere.

Eevee evolution stats in Pokemon Go

Pokemon Attack Defense Stamina
Umbreon 126 240 216
Sylveon 203 205 216
Vaporeon 205 161 277
Glaceon 238 205 163
Leafeon 216 219 163
Jolteon 232 182 163
Espeon 261 175 163
Flareon 246 179 163

While the base stats of the Eeveelutions aren’t as important as how they actually perform in real scenarios, it’s still interesting to note them down and take them into consideration.

That’s everything you need to know about the Eevee evolutions! Hopefully, you now have a better idea of which Eeveelution you want to get, and which ones you should avoid.

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