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An image of Cat Pokemon from the Pokedex, including Meowth, Solgaleo, and Incineroar

Plenty of Pokemon from the franchise are based on real-life animals, and evidentially the cutest ones are part of the feline family. For every cat lover out there, here are all the cat Pokemon in the franchise, including the iconic Meowth, Sprigatito, and part of the Eevee family. 

Every Pokemon is unique and their designs are inspired by a range of different things including inanimate objects and fantasy creatures like the ice-cream ‘mon Vanillite, and the iconic Fire-type Charizard. Real-life animals are also a big part of the inspiration behind a lot of Pokemon, and there are a lot of cat-like creatures within the franchise.

The cat-like Meowth was first introduced to trainers in the Gen 1 Red and Blue games, and fans have been able to catch plenty more feline Pokemon over the years, including the adorable Grass-type Sprigatito who is one of the Pokemon Scarlet & Violet starters.

Below, you can find a list of every single cat Pokemon available to find in the Pokedex as of 2023.


Meowth in Pokemon
Meowth was the first cat Pokemon introduced to the series.

How many cat Pokemon are there?

We’ve looked at all of the Pokedex entries, from the Game Boy’s Red and Blue all the way through to the most recent titles, Pokemon Scarlet & Violet and its Hidden Treasure of Area Zero DLC, to find out just how many are based on cats — there are 34!

You can see the full list of all cat Pokemon in the game, which includes all sorts of creatures in the cat family like lions and tigers, below.

Every cat Pokemon in the Pokedex – Full list

Pokemon Type Sprite Generation
Sprigatito Grass Spigatito sprite 9
Grass 9
Grass / Dark 9
Meowth Normal Meowth 1
Alolan Meowth Dark Alolan Meowth Cat Pokemon 7
Galarian Meowth Steel Galarian Meowth Cat Pokemon 8
Persian Normal Persian Cat Pokemon 1
Alolan Persian Dark Alolan Persian Cat Pokemon 7
Alolan Persian Pokemon
Alolan Persian was introduced in Sword & Shield.
Pokemon Type Sprite Generation
Delcatty Normal Delcatty 3
Espeon Psychic Espeon Cat Pokemon 2
Sylveon Fairy Sylveon Pokemon Go counters 6
Umbreon Dark Umbreon 2
Luxio Electric Luxio cat 4
Shinx Electric Shinx Cat Pokemon 4
Skitty Normal Skitty Cat Pokemon 3
Raikou Electric  Raikou Cat Pokemon 2
Luxray in Pokemon
Luxray is an electric-type with the design of a cat.
Pokemon Type Sprite Generation
Glameow Normal Glameow Cat Pokemon 4
Liepard Dark Liepard 5
Litleo Fire / Normal Litleo Cat Pokemon 6
Luxray Electric Luxray Cat Pokemon 4
Purrloin Dark Purrloin 5
Purugly Normal  Purugly 4
Pyroar Fire / Normal  Pyroar Cat Pokemon 6
Pyroar in Pokemon
The lion cub Litleo evolves into the adult lion Pyroar.
Pokemon Type Sprite Generation
Espurr Psychic Espurr 6
Incineroar Fire / Dark Incineroar Pokemon 7
Litten Fire Litten 7
Meowstic Psychic Meowstic 6
Perrserker Steel Perrserker Pokemon 8
Solgaleo Psychic / Steel Solgaleo 7
Torracat Fire  Torracat Pokemon 7
Zeraora Electric  Zeraora Pokemon 7
Zangoose Normal  zangoose 3
Dusk Mane Necrozma Psychic / Steel dusk mane necrozma 7
Chien-Pao Dark / Ice 9
Incineroar in Pokemon
It may look like a WWE fighter, but Incineroar is modeled on a cat.

This list only contains the Pokemon that are clearly based on cats. There are arguments to be made for other creatures like Eevee (and some of its Eeveelutions), Mew, Entei, and Absol, but they aren’t exclusively cat-based creatures.

Mew, for example, is said to carry the DNA of all other Pokemon and arguably looks more like a mouse. The legendary Entei, meanwhile, has elements of a lion, but more closely resembles a dog.

How are cat Pokemon categorized?

The tricky part of categorizing Pokemon is how to define them, as some may be a mixture of two or even more species. For cat Pokemon, some are explicitly described as such in their Pokedex entries. Meowth is the ‘Scratch Cat’ for example, while Gen 7 starter Litten is listed as the ‘Fire Cat’.

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Others aren’t so obvious but have enough cat-like features that they’re considered part of the pack. Raikou is a good example of this: While it contains many fantasy elements, it’s clearly based on a sabertooth tiger, which belongs to the cat family.

Those are all the cat Pokemon in the franchise. For more Pokemon content, check some of our other guides:

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