How to start & complete Request 72 in Pokemon Legends Arceus

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Some of the later sidequests in Pokemon Legends Arceus, like Request 72: Pesselle’s Easy Errand, are not easy to trigger. Here’s how to start the quest and complete it with ease.

Pokemon Legends Arceus has well over 100 sidequests to complete throughout the game, and many of the late sidequests have prerequisites that need to be done before they even appear.

Request 72: Pesselle’s Easy Errand is one of those quests and it can be tricky for players to find it.

So first let’s take a look at the sidequests players need to find and complete before they can start Request 72.

How to start Request 72 in Pokemon Legends Arceus

The prerequisite to starting Request 72 is starting and completing an earlier request in Pokemon Legends Arceus. This earlier request is Request 34: Croagunk’s Curative Poison.

How to unlock Request 34

  1. Load a recent save in Pokemon Legends Arceus on your Nintendo Switch
  2. Quelle the Frenzied Noble Hisuian Lilligant in the Crimson Mirelands. Hisuian Lilligant is the second Frenzied Noble players must battle in the Crimson Mirelands.
  3. Find and defeat or catch a Croagunk in the Crimson Mirelands.
pokemon legends arceus pesselle office with croagunk
Players must catch Pesselle a Croagunk to complete Request 34.

Provided you have done those three things, Request 34 should appear on the blackboard in Professor Laventon’s office inside the Galaxy Building and be marked with a quest icon.

From here, players can accept the request and speak to Pesselle who asks that players catch a Croagunk and give it to her. Croagunk is found in the Crimson Mireland within the Scarlet Bog and Gapejaw Bog areas.

How to Complete Request 72 in Pokemon Legends Arceus

With Request 34 completed players can continue playing through Pokemon Legends Arceus’ main story until they’ve received the Slumbering Lord of the Tundra main story quest in the Alabaster Icelands.

Onwards from there, players should be able to find Request 72 inside the Galaxy Hall by talking to Pesselle. Pesselle will then ask players to give here a staggering 100 Medicinal Leeks.

How to get Medicinal Leaks in Pokemon Legends Arceus

  1. Players can roam the various regions of the map to gather the necessary amount of Medicinal Leeks, as all regions contain the item.
  2. Players can simply purchase the necessary Medicinal Leeks from Tuli the Ginkgo Guild Merchant outside of the Galaxy Hall.
pokemon legends arceus ginkgo guild shop menu
Players can purchase all 100 Medicinal Leeks should they have the money.

100 Medicinal Leeks will cost players 12,000, which may be steep for players depending on how they spend their money.

Regardless of how players acquire the Medicinal Leeks, they simply need to bring them to Pesselle once they have collected them to finish the request. Pesselle will give players one Adamant Mint and one Modest Mint as a reward.

That’s everything players need to know about completing Request 72: Pesselle’s Easy Errand in Pokemon Legends Arceus! Check out some of our other Pokemon Legends Arceus guides below:

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