What are Unusual Shoes in Pokemon Legends Arceus?

Daniel Megarry
Ginter selling Unusual Shoes in Pokemon Legends Arceus

Unusual Shoes are a new item you can purchase in Pokemon Legends Arceus following the Daybreak update, but many players have been left confused about what they are.

The first major DLC for Pokemon Legends Arceus, known as Daybreak, introduced a number of features to the game including Massive Mass Outbreaks, the Eternal Battle Reverie, and new Requests to complete.

One smaller addition that you may have noticed is that you can now choose from a list of items to purchase from Ginter the merchant, instead of just one, and there’s also a new item on offer: Unusual Shoes.

If you’re wondering what the Unusual Shoes even are (it certainly seems like a lot of players are confused), or if they’re worth spending all that money on, read on to get some answers.


What are Unusual Shoes in Pokemon Legends Arceus?

A player changing to the Unusual Shoes in the wardrobe in Pokemon Legends Arceus

The Unusual Shoes that Ginter sells are actually a pair of Slippers that can be worn by your character.

While most items purchased from Ginter will appear in your inventory or go on display back at your quarters, the Unusual Shoes will be sent straight to your wardrobe when bought.

You can access your wardrobe by heading to your quarters and interacting with the mirror. The Slippers should appear at the top of the ‘Shoes’ section.

It’s easy to see why some players have been confused by these Unusual Shoes – the game doesn’t offer an explanation for what the item is, or why it changes name when purchased.

How to get the Unusual Shoes in Pokemon Legends Arceus

Ginter selling the Unusual Shoes in pokemon legends arceus

Unusual Shoes are sold by Ginter, the merchant at the Ginkgo Guild Shop in Juibilife Village. You can purchase them for ₽5,000 which is quite a steep price for a basic item of clothing.

If the Unusual Shoes aren’t showing up, make sure you’ve downloaded the latest update.

You might also need to complete the main story and unlock the post-game before they will appear in the shop, or they might just show up at random times – although this is unconfirmed right now.

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