Pokemon Legends Arceus glitch gives players guaranteed battle wins

Pokemon Legends ArceusGame Freak

A strange glitch found in Pokémon Legends Arceus gives players the upper hand in every battle.

Pokemon Legends Arceus gave players much more to think about with new battle mechanics when choosing their next attack, as Game Freak introduced two battle styles called ‘Agile Style’ and ‘Strong Style.’

Depending on the chosen fighting stance, the player can get more attack power with lower speed in Strong Style – or in Agile Style, where the player’s attacks do less damage but can make another attack before their enemy can.

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But with these new ways to play the latest Pokemon journey, some glitches came along with it.

Pokemon Legends Arceus battle Game Freak
Gameplay mechanics Agile and Strong Style allow for new bold strategies in Pokemon Legends Arceus.

Pokemon Legends Arceus trainer finds glitch making it impossible to lose

Redditor handy-soap uploaded a video to Reddit on April 18, 2022, that showed a jaw-droppingly hilarious glitch.

The clip shows handy-soap challenging an unassuming level 10 Starly with their level 26 Flareon. Ready for battle, the trainer sends out Flareon, and the battle moves forward as usual… Well, that is until Starly leans a little harder into the game’s Arceus subtitle and begins ascending.

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Starly begins rising to the top of the screen while displaying a flying animation until the creature can’t levitate any higher. Then, confused, the player runs around a bit to adjust the camera to get a better view of the creature glitching to the heavens.

But it’s here that we realize that the creature cannot attack or participate in the battle, as they’re stuck in the aforementioned ascending animation.

The video, captioned: “This battle was so intense!” then shows the wild Starly unable to attack as she is currently glitching out, their attack is skipped,  and the player defeats it.

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This Pokemon Legends Arceus glitch became a point of hilarity on the forum as people commented on the unhinged nature of Starly.

One person commented: “This is a prequel to Pokemon Stadium, right?” While another user made a note of the ascending glitch, saying: “Had to take it out before it could finish its ascension.”

Like many other Pokemon Legends Arceus bugs that have made appearances recently, this ascension glitch seems to be an isolated incident.

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