Where to find Magnemite in Pokemon Legends Arceus & how to evolve it

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If you’re struggling to find Magnemite in Pokemon Legends Arceus, that’s probably because there’s a specific method to get it, but our location guide should help you catch one.

There’s even more of a focus on catching ’em all in Pokemon Legends Arceus than any game in the franchise before it, so figuring out where every species is located is essential to completing your Pokedex and raising your Star Rank.

While some Pokemon like Bidoof and Starly are accessible from the start of the game, others only appear in specific situations. Magnemite is an example of this, as you’ll only be able to encounter one during a Space-Time Distortion.


Magnemite in Pokemon Legends Arceus

Where to find Magnemite in Pokemon Legends Arceus

The only location to find a Magnemite in Pokemon Legends Arceus is at Cobalt Coastlands, which is the third wild area you’ll unlock as you progress through the main story.

Don’t waste time scouting the area under normal circumstances, though: Magnemite will only appear in Space-Time Distortions, which are the mysterious purple rifts that contain high-level Pokemon and rare items like Shards.

Space-Time Distortions will be marked on the map when they appear, and you’ll also be given a warning when one is forming. It’s best to make your way to the Space-Time Distortion as soon as it appears, as they won’t last forever!

space-time distortion in pokemon legends arceusGame Freak / The Pokemon Company
Space-Time Distortions appear as gigantic purple domes.

You can speed up the process of forming a Space-Time Distortion by catching lots of wild Pokemon. A good way to do this is to wait until a Mass Outbreak occurs in the area, as that will give you loads of catching opportunities.

The chances of Magnemite spawning inside Space-Time Distortions at Cobalt Coastlands are very high, so you shouldn’t have too much trouble finding one – and they’re also pretty easy to catch.

How to evolve Magnemite into Magneton

Magnemite evolving into Magneton in Pokemon legends Arceus

Once you’ve got a Magnemite, you’ll need to train it to Level 30 in order to evolve it into Magneton. If you caught a Magnemite in a Space-Time Distortion, it will probably be leveled up enough to evolve straight away.

It’s worth pointing out that Magnemite’s evolved form Magneton can also sometimes spawn inside Space-Time Distortions at Cobalt Coastlands, although it’s nowhere near as common as Magnemite.

How to evolve Magneton into Magnezone

Magneton evolving into Magnezone in Pokemon Legends Arceus

If you want to evolve your Magneton into its final evolution, Magnezone, you’ll need to take it to Coronet Highlands and level it up by one level in battle. The option to evolve will then become available.

You can also go down the traditional route of giving Magneton a Thunder Stone if you prefer, although you’ll need to find one first. Regardless of which method you use, there’s no minimum level required.

On a side note, you can spot Magnezone flying around the sky at Coronet Highlands, although this isn’t a very common sighting and you’ll need a Jet Ball to be able to catch it from such a distance.

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