How to get Deino in Pokemon Go & can it be Shiny?

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pokemon go deino

Deino’s dual typing is ideal for Pokemon Go‘s competitive play, so here’s all you need to know to catch this valuable creature, including how to evolve it to the mighty Hydreigon and whether it can be Shiny.

This dual Dark/Dragon-type family line was introduced into the franchise in Gen 5’s Unova region and has been a part of Pokemon Go since 2019.

Its final stage, Hydreigon, is one of the most used Pokemon in competitive mode due to its resistances to some of the most used types, such as Fire, Dark, and Psychic.

So now that Deino is returning to 1-Star raids, here’s all you need to know to catch it in the game.


Deino as a potential January Pokemon Go Community Day headliner

How to get Deino in Pokemon Go

Deino has been available in Pokemon Go for quite a while. However, trainers still trying to catch or evolve one can find it through four different methods:

  • As a wild encounter
  • As a Tier 1 Raid Boss
  • As a hatch from 10 km Eggs (Adventure Sync) or 12 km Eggs.

Deino will return to 1-Star Raid battles thanks to the Ultra Space Wonders event from May 23, 2024, until May 28, 2024. This means players will get plenty of chances to catch their ideal Deino and gather the required Candy to evolve it into the powerful Hydreigon.

Not so long ago, players were able to get Deino as a reward for completing Field Research Tasks like “Defeat 4 Team GO Rocket Grunts: World of Wonders: Taken Over” or Special/Timed Research Tasks such as “Power up 10 Dragon-type Pokemon”. It also appeared in the GO Snapshot mode back in 2022.

Can Deino be Shiny in Pokemon Go?

Yes, Deino can be Shiny in Pokemon Go, as this variation was included in the game during Dragon Week in July 2020. Identifying Shiny Deino shouldn’t be hard, as its blue body turns green.

As both evolutions have their Shiny variations unlocked in the game, evolving a Shiny Deino will grant you a Shiny Zweilous and Shiny Hydreigon, all with green bodies.

How to evolve Deino into Zweilous and Hydreigon in Pokemon Go

Evolving Deino is quite straightforward, as it doesn’t require any special items, methods, or buddy tasks, only Candy.

To evolve Deino into Zweilous, you must feed it 25 Candy. To turn Zweilous into Hydreigon, you’ll require an extra 100 Candy.

pokemon go deino zweilous hydreigon

It can be quite difficult to gather the required amount of Candy, so take advantage of the event to get plenty. Remember that you can use Pinap Berries to double the candies you get per catch. Additionally, you can send your extra Deino to Professor Willow or set it up as your Buddy and go for a walk.

Pokemon Go Deino stats, moves, resistances & weaknesses

As a dual Dark/Dragon-type Pokemon, Deino has the following stats:


Deino Fast Moves

  • Dragon Breath (Dragon/STAB)
  • Tackle (Normal)

Deino Charged Moves

  • Dragon Pulse (Dragon/STAB)
  • Body Slam (Normal)
  • Crunch (Dark/STAB)

Deino resistances

Deino weaknesses

That’s everything you need to know to get Deino in Pokemon Go. For more game content, check the list below:

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