Fairy-type Pokemon weaknesses & resistances

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Fairy-type Pokemon may be some of the cutest creatures in the franchise, but they can also be very powerful so it’s important to know their weaknesses. If you want to defeat them in battle, we’ve outlined their weaknesses, resistances, and the best counters to have on your team.

Fairy-type ‘mon are still relatively new to the Pokemon franchise having only been introduced back in Gen 6. Despite this, they’ve quickly become one of the most popular types especially since they’re particularly strong against Dragon-types – and they’re also some of the cutest Pokemon out there!

It’s great to have a Fairy-type on your team, but if you find yourself facing off against one, you’ll need to know their weaknesses and resistances to have a good chance at winning.

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Now that Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are with us, here’s what you need to know to survive an encounter with a Fairy-type Pokemon – and to come out victorious.


The Fairy-type Pokemon SlurpuffThe Pokemon Company
Fairy-types might look cute, but they can be difficult to defeat.


Fairy-type Pokemon are weak to Poison and Steel-type attacks, which makes these types the perfect offensive choices to take into battle.

It’s not enough to just have Poison and Steel-type Pokemon on your team, though, as they’ll also need to have strong movesets that match their type to be effective.

Strengths and Resistances

Fairy-type Pokemon are strong against Dark, Dragon, and Fighting-type opponents, so it’s best to avoid taking these into battle wherever possible.

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When it comes to resistances, Fairy-type Pokemon are totally immune to Dragon-type attacks and resistant to Bug, Dark, and Fighting-type attacks.

The Fairy-type Clefable in PokemonThe Pokemon Company
Knowing every Fairy-type Pokemon weakness will make defeating them a breeze.

Best counters for Fairy-type Pokemon

Some of the best counters to use against Fairy-type Pokemon are powerful Steel-types like Metagross, Melmetal, and Dialga. Paired with Steel-type moves, they’ll make light work of Fairy-types.

As well as being super-effective against Fairy-types, Steel-type Pokemon don’t have any major weaknesses or vulnerabilities that Fairy-types can easily exploit, which makes them very reliable counters.

There are also loads of Poison-type Pokemon that can be used to take down Fairy-types like Roserade, Gengar, and Salazzle. Again, they’ll need a set of Poison-type moves to be effective.

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If you’re going to use Poison-types, though, it’s important to consider that many Fairy-type Pokemon can learn Psychic-type attacks, which are super-effective against Poison-types, so be careful.

What is a Fairy-type Pokemon?

Fairy-type Pokemon were introduced in Gen 6 with X & Y, making them the newest type in the franchise. It’s usually quite easy to recognize a Fairy, as they often feature cute appearances and pink color schemes.

This isn’t always the case, though, as there are some Pokemon like Galarian Weezing and Grimmsnarl that have a scarier appearance that’s more likely inspired by ‘evil’ fairies from traditional fables and folklore.

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There also aren’t that many pure Fairy-type Pokemon, which is partly because a lot of Pokemon released prior to Gen 6 were revisited and given Fairy as a secondary typing, like the Water/Fairy-type Azumarill.

This means you’ll often need to take a second type into account when fighting a lot of Fairy-type Pokemon, which can affect their weaknesses and the best counters you’ll need to take them down.

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