Ghost-type Pokemon weaknesses & resistances explained

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Ghost-type creatures are quite a challenge to face in the Pokemon universe as they have few weaknesses. Check out our comprehensive guide, which covers the most effective counters to these elusive type and delves into the intricate details of their exploiting their vulnerabilities.

While some Pokemon might fall easily, Ghost-types are notorious for their trickery and evasiveness. Their ability to surprise trainers with unexpected moves only emphasizes the need for a solid strategy.

Ghost-types are the third-rarest type of Pokemon overall, with only 72 total Ghost Pokemon in the Pokedex as of Generation 9. The newest Ghost-types were added in Scarlet and Violet’s Teal Mask DLC, which introduced Poltchageist and Sinistcha. While trainers won’t have to face them very often, the fights you do encounter can be difficult.

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These ‘mon do have weaknesses, however, and they can be countered, so here’s everything you need to know to survive battles with Ghost-type Pokemon.


Ghastly Pokemon Ghost-type who has weaknesses.The Pokemon Company / Game Freak
Ghastly is often the first Ghost-type Pokemon players come across thanks to its introduction in Gen 1.

Ghost-type Pokemon’s weaknesses

Ghost-type Pokemon have two primary weaknesses when it comes to moves and opposing Pokemon types:

  • Dark-types (deal double damage)
  • Other Ghost-types (deal double damage)

Therefore, when looking to take down a Ghost-type Pokemon, bring along a team that includes Pokemon that belong to those categories. We suggest focusing your efforts on Dark-types, as if you battle another Ghost-type Pokemon, you’ll also be weak against your opponent.

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Don’t forget that a Pokemon can have multiple types. For example, your chosen ‘mon may be a Ghost and Psychic-type Pokemon. Be sure to take advantage of any other weaknesses they may have by being aware of their secondary type.

Best counters for Ghost-types Pokemon

When coming up against Ghost-types, Pokemon like Darkrai, Umbreon, Absol, or Gen 9’s Mabosstiff are reliable options. These are pure Dark-types and can do a lot of damage while taking little in return.

Always bear in mind a Pokemon’s secondary type when selecting your counter Pokemon and moves. While the above three examples are effective against Ghost-types, the opposing Pokemon may have resistances based on their primary/secondary type.

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Specifically, Pokemon like Sableye and Spiritomb can be tricky to fight against thanks to their secondary Dark typing. These Pokemon will be damaged normally by Ghost and Dark-type moves, with Fairy as their only weakness.

Ghastly, Haunter, and Gengar ghost-type Pokemon with weaknesses.Niantic / The Pokemon Company
Ghastly evolves into Haunter, and finally, into the powerful Gengar.

Ghost-type Pokemon strengths & resistances

As well as having weaknesses, Ghost-type Pokemon are also resistant to certain other types and moves. When going up against a Ghost-type, avoid Bug and Poison-type Pokemon.

Pure Ghost-types are also immune to Fighting and Normal-type damage, so bear this in mind when heading into battle.

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What is a Ghost-type Pokemon?

Ghost-type Pokemon are normally pretty creepy looking, incorporate darker colors into their designs, and are often based around real-world objects, like candles, tree stumps, swords, or pumpkins.

In Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, they are often found floating around the map at nighttime and may even disappear and reappear when approached.

Some Ghost-type Pokemon can be especially easy to spot, but others are less distinguishable. If you’re confident that a Pokemon is not a Ghost-type but bears similar characteristics, then you could be looking at a Dark, Fairy, or Psychic-type Pokemon.

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So, that’s everything you need to know about Ghost-type Pokemon including their weaknesses and resistances. For more Pokemon content, check out our other type lists and guides:

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