How to complete Adventure Week 2023 Collection Challenge in Pokemon Go

Cassidy Stephenson
Aerodactyl in the Pokemon Go Fossil Cup

Pokemon Go has published its Collection Challenge for Adventure Week 2023. Here’s to complete it.

From Thursday, July 27, 2023, at 10:00 a.m. to Wednesday, August 2, 2023, at 8:00 p.m. local time, Pokemon Go is holding another Adventure Week.

The event will focus on several Fossil creatures like Kabutops and Omastar. Additionally, it will mark the debut of Mega Tyranitar and the Shiny versions of Tyrunt and Amaura. Players can also participate in Regidrago’s 5-star Raid.

During Adventure Week 2023, trainers can take part in Field and Timed Research plus the event’s Collection Challenges. Here’s what creatures you’ll need to complete the latter feature.

Pokemon Go Adventure Week 2023 Collection Challenge explained

Pokemon Go has a fossil-centered Adventure Week

Thanks to Serebii, we have the information on the required Pokemon for the event’s Collection Challenge.

Here are the Pokemon you need to catch for the Dome and Helix Challenge:

PokemonHow to catch itSprite
Kabuto As a wild spawn Kabuto
Kabutops Evolve a Kabuto with 50 Candysprite of Kabutops
OmanyteAs a wild spawnOmanyte
OmastarEvolve an Omanyte with 50 Candy Omastar, one of the counters to use for Cliff's Charizard in Pokemon Go

For completing this Collection Challenge, you’ll receive 1000 Stardust and a Tyrunt Encounter.

Here are the Pokemon you need to catch for the Root and Claw Challenge:

Pokemon How to catch it Sprite
AnorithAs a wild spawn
Armaldo Evolve an Anorith with 50 Candy
Lileep As a wild spawn
CradilyEvolve a Lileep with 50 CandyCradily New Pokemon Snap Dex

After finishing this Collection Challenge, you’ll earn 1000 Stardust and an Amaura encounter.

Next, here are the Pokemon you need to acquire for the Skull and Armor Challenge:

PokemonHow to catch itSprite
ShieldonAs a wild spawn
BastiodonEvolve a Shieldon with 50 CandyPokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl Bastiodon profile image
CranidosAs a wild spawnCranidos
RampardosEvolve a Cranidos with 50 Candy

The rewards for this challenge are 2000 Stardust and another Tyrunt encounter.

Finally, here are the Pokemon needed to complete the Cover and Plume Challenge:

PokemonHow to catch itSprite
ArchenAs a wild spawn or hatch from an Egg
ArcheopsEvolve an Archen with 50 Candy
TirtougaAs a wild spawn or hatch from an Egg
CarracostaEvolve a Tirtouga with 50 Candy

You’ll gain 2000 Stardust and another Amaura encounter for finishing the fourth and final Collection Challenge.

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