Honkai Star Rail Tingyun Ascension & Trace level-up materials

James Busby
Tingyun with a traditional fan

Are you looking to Ascend Tingyun in Honkai Star Rail? Well, here are all the Ascension and Trace materials you’ll need to successfully level up the 4-star Lightning character. 

Tingyun is one of the best Honkai Star Rail characters in the game, thanks to her ability to drastically increase your team’s damage output. This makes the 4-star Lightning character incredibly versatile, allowing her to fit into most comps. 

While the best Tingyun build can help raise the Foxian’s damage, you’ll also need to gather her Ascension and Trace materials if you truly wish to unleash her full potential. 

So, whether you’re planning to utilize Tingyun or wish to simply trial her in your team, then our Tingyun Ascension Materials and Trace Materials guide has you covered.

Tingyun Ascension Materials in Honkai Star Rail

Tingyun laying down
Tingyun’s damage buffs are incredibly useful in Honkai Star Rail.

In order to Ascend Tingyun, Trailblazers will need to gain access to Immortal Scionette, Immortal Aeroblossom, and Immortal Lumintwig. The Immortal Scionette, Immortal Aeroblossom, and Immortal Lumintwig can be obtained from Mara-Struck Soldiers and the Simulated Universe.

You’ll also need to get Lightning Crown of the Past Shadow, which is a rare drop from Stagnant Shadow: Shape of Fulmination. As always, if you wish to cut down on your farming time, and already have other resources to convert, you can always Omni Synthesizer. 

Level 20x4 Immortal Scionette3,2001x Star Rail Pass
Level 30x8 Immortal Scionette6,400
Level 40x5 Immortal Aeroblossom, x2 Lightning Crown of the Past Shadow12,8001x Star Rail Pass
Level 50x8 Immortal Aeroblossom, x5 Lightning Crown of the Past Shadow32,000
Level 60x5 Immortal Lumintwig, x15 Lightning Crown of the Past Shadow64,0001x Star Rail Pass
Level 70x7 Immortal Lumintwig, x28 Lightning Crown of the Past Shadow128,000

Tingyun Trace level-up materials in Honkai Star Rail

All of Tingyun’s Trace Materials can be found below, so make sure you secure all of these to increase her combat effectiveness:

  • x2,400,000 Credits 
  • x28 Immortal Scionette 
  • x54 Ancestral Hymn 
  • x105 Stellaris Symphony
  • x12 Harmonic Tune 
  • x12 Destroyer’s Final Road 
  • x42 Immortal Aeroblossom 
  • x42 Immortal Lumintwig 
  • x5Tracks of Destiny 

So, there you have it, that’s all of Tingyun’s Ascension Materials and Trace Materials you need in order to fully level her up. As always, check out our Honkai Star Rail page for all the latest news and updates.

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