Best Gepard Honkai Star Rail build: Relics, Light Cones, Eidolons & Abilities

Rishov Mukherjee
A screenshot of Gepard from Honkai Star Rail

Gepard is one of the strongest characters in Honkai Star Rail and is widely regarded as the best tank in the game, especially with the right build. He is very similar to Zhongli from Genshin Impact in some regards, which means that getting the right Light Cones and Relics will be absolutely crucial.

One of the most fascinating aspects about Gepard is that he can work in almost any team within the game. Being a tank, his main duty is to ensure that the DPS characters stay alive as long as possible, and Gepard performs that task marvelously.

Hence, if you managed to obtain Gepard, then you should be very happy as he can greatly increase your team’s survivability.

Here’s a detailed breakdown of the best build for Gepard in Honkai Star Rail, including Relics, Light Cones, Eidolons, and Abilities.

Gepard Abilities in Honkai Star Rail

A screenshot of Gepard's Abilities in Honkai Star Rail
Gepard’s Abilities constitute of both defensive and offensive abilities

Basic Attack: Fist of Conviction

Gepard will deal Ice DMG equivalent to 50%-140% of his ATK stats to a single enemy

Skill Attack: Daunting Smite

Gepard will deal Ice DMG equivalent to 100%-250% of his ATK stats to a single enemy. This attack has a 65% chance to inflict Freeze on the enemy for 1 turn. If the enemy is Frozen then they will be unable to take action and will also take Additional Ice DMG equivalent to 30%-75% of Gepard’s ATK stats.

Ultimate: Enduring Bulwark

Gepard applies a shield to every ally that absorbs damage equivalent to 30% +150 – 52.5%+769 of his DEF for 3 turns.

Technique: Comradery

Upon using his technique, Gepard will apply a shield to every ally that absorbs DMG equivalent to 24%+150 of his DEF at the start of the next battle for 2 turns.

Gepard Eidolons in Honkai Star Rail

A screenshot of Gepard's Eidolons in Honkai Star Rail
Gepard’s Eidolons make him an unbreakable wall in the game

Level 1- Due Diligence: Gepard’s chance to Freeze enemies upon using his skill is increased by 35%.

Level 2- Lingering Cold: Once an enemy that was Frozen by Gepard’s skill is unfrozen, the former’s SPD is reduced by 20% for 1 turn.

Level 3- Never Surrender: Ultimate and Talent levels are increased by +2, up to a maximum of Level 15.

Level 4- Faith Moves Mountains: Gepard increases the effective RES of all allies by 20% whenever he is in battle.

Level 5- Cold Iron Fist: Skill level is increased by +2, up to a maximum of level 15 and Basic ATK is increased by +1, up to a maximum of level 10.

Level 6- Unyielding Resolve: Upon triggering Gepard’s talent, he gains Advanced Action by 100%. He also restores HP equivalent to 50% of his maximum health.

Best Light Cones for Gepard in Honkai Star Rail

A screenshot of Gepard's Light Cone in Honkai Star Rail
Moment of Victory is a must-have Light Cone for Gepard in the game

The best Light Cone for Gepard’s build in Honkai Star Rail is Moment of Victory. It is a 5-star Preservation Light Cone that grants the wielder 24%-40% DEF and increases their Effect Hit Rate by the same value. It also increases the chance for the user to be attacked by the enemy.

Once the wearer is attacked, they gain 24%-40% additional DEF until the end of the turn. You can obtain this Light Cone from the Starlight Exchange shop for 600 Undying Starlight. You can also get it from the Standard or Light Cone banner, though that will depend upon how lucky you end up getting on a given day.

Gepard also has a second 5-star option for a Light Cone in Texture of Memories. This Light Cone increases the wearer’s effective RES by 8%-16%. If the user gets attacked in the absence of a shield, then they end up gaining one equivalent to 16%-32% of their maximum HP.

However, in case the wearer has a shield, then the DMG they receive is reduced by 12%-24%. This weapon is accessible to anyone, including free-to-play players, as it can be bought from Herta’s Store through the Simulated Universe.

Lastly, Gepard also has a good 4-star option called Landau’s Choice. This makes Gepard more likely to be attacked, but DMG taken is reduced by 16%.

Best Gepard Relics

The best Relic set for Gepard’s build in the game is Knight of Purity Palace. This relic set provides increased DEF and also enhances the damage absorbed by a shield on any unit. The set bonuses that you can obtain from this Relic set are provided below:

2-piece bonus: Increases DEF by 15%

4-piece bonus: Enhances the maximum DMG that a shield can absorb by 20%.

The best Planar Ornament set for Gepard is Belobog of the Architects. This will increase his DEF by 15%, and when Gepard’s Effect Hit Rate is 50% or higher, he will gain an extra 15% DEF.

Best Gepard Team Comp in Honkai Star Rail

A screenshot of Gepard from Honkai Star Rail
Gepard can function in any team comp since he is the best tank in the game

Gepard is a versatile character, and he can function in a multitude of teams. However, his best partners right now will be Seele, Natasha, and Welt. This is because Seele and Welt will help you with DPS and ensure that enemies go down as fast as possible.

Natasha will keep the team healthy and also help to cleanse Gepard from various debuffs. You may have noticed that a lot of enemies inflict status effects like Bleed, Fire DMG, and many more. These status effects can be annoying as they eat away Gepard’s shield.

Natasha can help remove these effects and keep Gepard’s shield healthy, which in turn will protect you from the enemy’s powerful attacks. Therefore, Natasha is a must-pair with Gepard as of right now.

However, if you want, Welt can easily be replaced by Bronya, who will function as a party-wide buffer and further enhance Seele’s damage. You can also replace Seele with Sushang, Clara, or Yanqing as the primary damage dealers.

Gepard trailer in Honkai Star Rail

On April 17, 2023, HoYoverse released the official trailer for Gepard on their YouTube channel. In case you missed it, you can check it out here:

That completes our detailed guide for the best Gepard build in Honkai Star Rail including his Relics, Light Cones, and Abilities. If you found it informative, then you can check out more of our guides below:

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