Illusion Connect tier list: Best heroes for every faction in 2023

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Looking for an Illusion Connect hero tier list to help you choose the characters that are best suited for your playstyle in 2023? Check out the entire tier list below to find out everything you need to make the right choices.

Illusion Connect is a mobile game that features a real-time strategy (RTS) layout combined with plenty of in-game multiplayer activities. However, with a huge pool of characters to choose from, forming your combat parties with the best heroes can be fairly confusing.

To save you from this confusion, we’ve got you covered with a detailed hero tier list for all the available factions in Illusion Connect, so let’s dive right in and check out everything you need to know for this RTS title.

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Updated February 9, 2023, to refresh the tiers according to the current meta.


character art for Illusion connect
Find out which characters to choose for your combat parties in Illusion Connect.

Illusion Connect factions

Every character in Illusion Connect belongs to a certain faction, and each of these factions specializes in a specific set of tasks during combat.

There are seven different factions in the game, and as such, it’s very important for you to know what each of them does. These are all of the factions in Illusion Connect:

  • Heal
  • Spell
  • Light
  • Summon
  • Attack
  • Sorcerer
  • Guardian

Because the strength of a particular hero relies on specific scenarios that they’re in – from the synergy between the heroes in a party to how an enemy counters them – we’ve broken down our tier list for Illusion Connect, faction by faction.

Illusion Connect tier list


Although the game doesn’t feature many healers, the developers have recently released a few new heroes for this category specifically. As the name suggests, these heroes are capable of healing their allies in the field of battle and can be extremely impactful in various scenarios.

Tier Heroes
S Hank, Meck, Campanella, Diana (Awakening, otherwise she’s A tier), Ming
A Butterfly, Emilia, Bonnie, Shane, Augustus
B Jason, Anna, Diamond
C Junko Konno
D Jasmine, Lily
E Polly


Characters belonging to the Spell faction in Illusion Connect are extremely good at crowd-controlling enemies. While these heroes are not the best at dealing damage, their ability to inflict negative status effects can be fairly crucial during combat.

Tier Heroes
S Seeger, Sophie
A Miyuki, Ginny
B Astaroth, Mysterious Maiden
C Rikia
D Sakura Minamoto
E Beatrice, Nanalie


Being one of the most versatile factions in Illusion Connect, Light heroes are a good addition for pretty much any team. Although these heroes do not make much of an impact by themselves, they are great at providing buffs, to other heroes. Be it invulnerability or combat buffs, Light heroes will have you covered during those intense fights.

Tier Heroes
S Phoebe, Averyl
A  Yoki, Vivian, Ion, Jane, Agnis
B Charlotte, Amon
C Brooke, Eileen, Cubie, Kristine
D  Alice, Okuni, Rynda
E Harto


Heroes that are capable of summoning other units into battle can be extremely lethal when combined with the right team. However, you should note that these characters are not only difficult to master but are fairly useless in PVE modes. Having said that, the real strength of heroes from the Summon faction is in PVP modes, where you can use sheer numbers to force out successful fights.

Tier Heroes
S Red Tiger – Chiyo, Annis Dora, Frankie
A Gagaku, Sonia, Ashwaya, Silhouette – Hersey
B Senkikumaru, The Enforcers, Frantiva
C Mad Hatter, Rubi
D Ann
E Flora
character art for Illusion Connect
Make sure to combine the correct factions when choosing your combat parties.


These are the heroes that you would want to use to deal massive damage to your enemies. Characters belonging to the Attack faction can fill up their Rage meter quicker than other factions, allowing them to cast their unique abilities and skills in quick succession.

Tier Heroes
S Kasumi, Silver Dragon – Rie, Saya, Kichou, Rosy – Alice
A Esma, Glaucia, Rem, Hersey, Gemmy, Maki, Kong Xinyuan, Kanata
B Asque, Muneharu, Yume
C Graye, Pan, Haruka, Ophelia, Edward
D  Gigi, Abby, Lunar
E Mei, Mia, Carol, Penny


Sorcerers used to be one of the strongest factions in Illusion Connect until recently. Having fallen out of favor with most Attack and Light faction heroes, there are still certain situations when Sorcerers can be very crucial in determining the result of a match with their spells.

Tier Heroes
S Divine Melody – Beatrice, Yuffie, Nicola, Hachi Shiki, Dawnbreak – Rikia, Twin Flora
A Chaturaji, Heidi, Fenebeth, Rotania
B Tonya, Ram, Nefir, Nina, Natata, Elena
C Mavis, Rie
D Chiyo, Mary, Emma, Ai Mizuno
E Tiffany


Guardians tend to perform as the frontline for any team that they are on. With the capability of virtually becoming unkillable, these heroes combine well with characters from the Light faction and can be absolute game-changers in certain combats.

Tier Heroes
S Angela
A Kiraya, Selena, Makoto
B Hathaway, Boris, Barinas, Camille, Grant
C Victoria, Annie, Berial, Domessa
D Sachiko, Yasmine, Shanti, Ludwig
E Bontenmaru, Loro

Heroes that feature in the A and B tiers are the ones that you should be looking to use in your combat party. However, it is important to ensure that you have selected the proper faction of heroes that you are going to need for the specific quest that you’re about to start.

So, there you have it – that’s our Illusion Connect hero tier list for February 2023. Make sure to check back in the future for any changes to the rankings.

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