Mobile Legends: Adventure Hero tier list – Best heroes for every faction in 2024

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Are you having trouble choosing a hero for Mobile Legends: Adventure? Our tier list is your best bet for overcoming any challenges in the game and emerging victorious.

Mobile Legends: Adventure, the idle RPG that minimizes grinding, still poses the challenge of choosing the best heroes from its extensive roster, which includes many characters from Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. Make informed decisions for your combat party’s composition with our tier list.

Nevertheless, we have you covered with a detailed tier list for all the available heroes across all the various factions in Mobile Legends: Adventure. With that being said, let’s dive in and check out everything you need to know about the hero tier list for the RPG.

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Updated February 23, 2024, to shuffle tier rankings according to the current in-game meta.


Miya's appearance in Mobile legends adventure
Pick the best heroes for your combat party in Mobile Legends: Adventure with our tier list.

Mobile Legends: Adventure factions

As already mentioned, heroes in Mobile Legends: Adventure are categorized by the faction they belong to. With that in mind, there is a total of seven different factions in the game:

  • Light
  • Dark
  • Elemental
  • Tech
  • Martial
  • Order
  • Chaos

Because the strength of a particular hero relies on specific scenarios that they’re in – from the synergy between the heroes in a party to how an enemy counters them – we’ve broken down our Mobile Legends: Adventure tier list, faction by faction:

Mobile Legends: Adventure hero tier list


Heroes belonging to this faction are usually great at providing buffs and additional perks to other heroes in a combat party. Additionally, these heroes are also capable of dishing out moderate bursts of damage when the situation calls for it.

Tier Heroes
A Odette, Gatotkaca, Mecha Layla
B Kagura, Uranus, Kimmy, Guinevere, Silvanna
C Minsitthar, Fanny, Chang’e, Gusion
D Rafaela, Freya, Kaja, Tigreal


These heroes are specifically known for their crowd-controlling abilities. Apart from that, some of them are also equipped with abilities that can turn the enemy’s strength against them in the field of battle.

Tier Heroes
A Argus, Pharsa, Vexana
B Selena, Alice, Thamuz, Helcurt
C Moskov, Hanzo, Aldous, Karina
D Balmond, Bane, Granger


Heroes from this faction usually depend on elements like ice, fire, earth, and others to cast their abilities. The heroes listed below feature various abilities that allow them to fulfill a high-utility role in combat parties.

Tier Heroes
A Harley, Belerick, Nimbus Eudora
B Hylos, Estes, Aurora
C Esmeralda, Valir, Gord
D Kadita, Grock, Badang, Cyclops, Miya, Eudora
art featuring mecha layla from mobile legends adventure
With seven factions, each character in Mobile Legends: Adventure brings something different to the table.


Tech heroes are brilliantly suited to come up with their own brilliant inventions and mecha-builds that can turn the entire course of a battle. Most of the abilities featured by these heroes are used to grant buffs to other members present in the party.

Tier Heroes
A Atlas, Angela, Mecha Layla
B Claude, Karrie, Natan, Lolita
C Lesley, Saber, X.Borg, Alpha
D Diggie, Bruno, Layla, Jawhead


Heroes belonging to this faction are known for their physical prowess and their capability of dealing massive physical damage to enemy heroes. Apart from that, most of these heroes are also equipped with crowd-controlling abilities, making them one of the most aggressive factions in Mobile Legends: Adventure.

Tier Heroes
A Nimbus Eudora, Irithel
B Akai, Clint, Hanabi, Miracle Clara, Nana, Yi Sun-Shin, Hayabusa
C Lapu-Lapu, Zilong, Masha, Lancelot, Wanwan
D Alucard, Franco, Hilda


Order heroes can are one of the strongest factions in the game. On top of being able to provide buffs to their allies, they are also capable of inflicting massive bursts of damage to the enemy. When combined with a balanced party, these Mobile Legends: Adventure heroes can become exceptional fighters.

Tier Heroes
A Lunox, Oberon
B Akashic, Amaterasu
C Hwang Jini, Tia, Xeno
D Gavana, Karihmet


Undoubtedly the scariest faction in the game, Chaos heroes are capable of massive crowd-controlling effects. This makes these heroes a perfect addition to any combat party – after all, crowd-controlling the enemy in an RPG is one of the most effective ways to keep your foes at bay.

Tier Heroes
A Shah Torre, Shar, Tokinibara
B Anna
C Apostae, Martis, Rista
D Zhask, Yu Zhong

Heroes that feature in the A and B tiers are the ones that you should be looking to use in your combat party. However, it is important to ensure that you have selected the proper faction of heroes that you are going to need for the specific quest that you’re about to start.

So, there you have it – that’s our Mobile Legends: Adventure hero tier list for 2024. Make sure to check back in the future for any changes. For more mobile gaming tips and tricks, make sure to check out our guides:

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