Cookie Run Kingdom character tier list: Best Cookies, from Healer to Magic (2023)

Cookie run kingdom healersDevsisters

With so many Cookies to choose from in Cookie Run: Kingdom, finding the best for your team can be tough. So, here’s the best Cookie Run Kingdom tier list to ensure you have the strongest team in the kingdom.

When it comes to Cookie Run: Kingdom, no effective team is successful without a series of well-balanced and powerful members. They allow you to take down the enemy with ease and make any battle swift and effective.

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There are currently tons of Cookies to choose from in Cookie Run: Kingdom and due to it being a gacha game, you’re not guaranteed to get the best in one go. Therefore, it’s helpful to refer to a Cookie tier list so you know what power your current Cookies hold and know which ones are worth equipping, or avoiding at all costs.

We’ve compiled a tier list of all the available Cookies and found the ones worth using. Here are the best Cookies in Cookie Run: Kingdom.

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We have separated our character tier list for Cookie Run: Kingdom into four separate tiers. Before reading any further, however, it’s important to note that all characters in the game have specific rarities, positions, and types that further indicate their impact and effectiveness in battle.

Cookies listed in the A Tier are the ones that you should be looking to train and upgrade as you progress through the game, whereas characters and weapons appearing in the D Tier should be avoided as much as possible.

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  • A Tier: Cookies in this tier are undoubtedly the best ones to use in the current meta.
  • B Tier: Although not the strongest cookies, they can still be devastating in multiple scenarios to help change the course of specific quests.
  • C Tier: While these cookies can be overlooked in most situations, they are still capable of doing a decent job in specific scenarios.
  • D Tier: These cookies should be avoided as much as you can. On top of being quite ineffective in battle, they also waste a notable amount of resources to train and upgrade.

With that being said, let’s check out which characters you should be looking to use to progress rapidly through Cookie Run: Kingdom.

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Sparkling Cookie and Pure Vanilla CookieDevsisters
These are the strongest healer cookies in Cookie Run: Kingdom.

If you’re looking to find the best Healer for your party, look no further than some of these cute Cookies.

TierHealer Cookie
ACream Unicorn Cookie, Herb Cookie, Pure Vanilla Cookie, Sparkling Cookie
BCustard Cookie III, Carol Cookie
DAngel Cookie
TierCharge Cookie
ACrunchy Chip Cookie, Dark Cacao Cookie
BDark Choco Cookie, Kumiho Cookie, Milky Way Cookie, Princess Cookie, Schwarzwalder, Werewolf Cookie
CMala Sauce Cookie, Purple Yam Cookie, Raspberry Cookie, Red Velvet Cookie, Tea Knight Cookie
DGingerBrave, Muscle Cookie
TierDefense Cookie
ACocoa Cookie, Financier Cookie, Hollyberry Cookie
BMoon Rabbit Cookie, Wildberry Cookie
CMadeleine Cookie, Strawberry Cookie, Strawberry Crepe Cookie
DAvocado Cookie, Knight Cookie, Milk Cookie
Cookie Run Kingdom Blueberry Pie CookieDevsisters
Magic Cookies are fantastically versatile.
TierMagic Cookie
ABlueberry Pie Cookie, Clotted Cream Cookie, Frost Queen Cookie, Moonlight Cookie, Snow Sugar Cookie
BDevil Cookie, Latte Cookie, Licorice Cookie, Squid Ink Cookie
CMacaron Cookie, Mango Cookie
DBlackberry Cookie, Espresso Cookie, Pumpkin Pie Cookie, Wizard Cookie
TierRanged Cookie
ACaramel Arrow Cookie, Golden Cheese Cookie, Pastry Cookie, Sherbet Cookie
CBeet Cookie, Twizzly Gummy Cookie
DRye Cookie, Tiger Lily Cookie
TierAmbush Cookie
ABlack Raisin Cookie, Black Pearl Cookie, Chili Pepper Cookie, Ninja Cookie, Sonic Cookie, Tails Cookie, Vampire Cookie
BAdventurer Cookie, Cherry Blossom Cookie
DPancake Cookie, Sorbet Shark Cookie
Cookie Run Kingdom Affogato CookieDevsisters
Bomber Cookies can deal some impressive damage.
TierBomber Cookie
AAffogato Cookie, Captain Caviar Cookie, Sea Fairy Cookie
BAlchemist Cookie, Cherry Cookie
CGumball Cookie, Pinecone Cookie
DPoison Mushroom Cookie
TierSupport Cookie
AAlmond Cookie, Candy Diver Cookie, Cotton Cookie, Oyster Cookie, Parfait Cookie, White Lily Cookie, Eclair Cookie
BCarrot Cookie, Lilac Cookie, Mint Choco Cookie, Prophet Cookie
CCream Puff Cookie
DClover Cookie, Fig Cookie, Onion Cookie, Pomegranate Cookie

Best team and characters in Cookie Run: Kingdom

Screenshot featuring Legendary characters in Cookie Run: KingdomA great team has the strongest members but also the easiest Cookies to unlock.

Deciding which characters are best to use in Cookie Run: Kingdom can be overwhelming at first. With over 70 unique characters to choose from, even the tiniest bit of reconsideration can alter the entire experience.

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With that being said, there are some primary factors to take into account when deciding who to take with you into your next match in Cookie Run: Kingdom. These include:

  • Rarity level
  • Positioning preference
  • Cookie type

Some of the strongest characters in the game are the ones belonging to the list of Legendary and Ancient cookies. However, unlocking overpowered cookies like HollyberryWhite Lily, or Sea Fairy can be extremely difficult to accomplish.

Therefore, players are highly recommended to invest in upgrades for Epic-rated cookies such as AlmondPastrySnow SugarWerewolfVampireHerbEclairCotton, or even Cocoa cookies instead of trying to save up unrealistic amounts of resources for one of the strongest cookies in the game.

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