Geometry Dash vault codes (September 2023): Unlock free Icons, UFOs & more

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If you’re looking for Geometry Dash vault codes, our updated list has all the active codes available to redeem for The Vault, The Vault of Secrets, and The Chamber of Time in September 2023.

Often regarded as one of the most complex musical games, Geometry Dash can be a reasonably enticing experience for anyone who plays it — the Vault of Secrets and the Chamber of Time can be an incredibly daunting task. Below, our guide will help you get through all the difficulties that the game has to offer.

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Although Geometry Dash vault codes will allow you to unlock a bunch of in-game freebies, you should note that these codes can only be redeemed on the full version, meaning that those on the free version of the game (Geometry Dash Lite) are unable to get these rewards.

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Updated August 31, 2023, to check for new codes. No new codes were found.


in-game screenshot featuring the gameplay of Geometry DashRobTop Games
Redeeming Geometry Dash vault codes can grant you many in-game resources for free.

Geometry Dash vault codes (September 2023)

Below is the list of all the currently active Geometry Dash vault codes. These codes have been checked in-game as of August 31, 2023.

Although new codes haven’t been revealed in months, the popularity of Geometry Dash keeps driving new players to the game. This ensures that all the codes available in the game remain relevant.

With 11 currently available and no new releases in quite some time, it seems unlikely that more vault codes will be released anytime soon in the game. However, we will make sure to update this section as soon as there are any new developments, so make sure to check back soon if you’re looking for more:

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Code Rewards
Lenny Lenny Icon
Blockbite UFO
Spooky Shy Guy icon
Neverending UFO
Mule Ship
Ahead Wave
Gandalfpotter Trail
Sparky A secret coin and other in-game resources
Robotop Robot
(Enter Your Username) Eye
8-16-30-32-46-84(*) Illuminati Wave

Where noted by an (*), this code will require you to type each number individually and then click on the face of the Vault Keeper. For example, enter 8 and click on the Vault Keeper’s face, enter 16 and again click on the face, and so on until 84, when you will receive the reward.

The codes listed above are only available in the primary vault and not in The Chamber of Time:

Code Rewards
Volcano Wave
River Dark Green color
Silence Alternative Default Icon
Darkness Face Icon
Hunger Hungry Icon

Full list of expired Geometry Dash vault codes

Code Rewards
Octocube Octopus-shaped Icon
Brain Power Brain-shaped Icon
Seven Finn Icon
thechickenisonfire Swamp Green color
The Challenge Vault Keepers level
Gimmiethecolor Dark Red color
(The number of stars you have in your account) Random Icon

How to redeem Geometry Dash vault codes

Apart from the fact that you need the full version of the game to redeem vault codes, you will also need to unlock all three vaults in Geometry Dash: The Vault, The Vault of Secrets, and The Chamber of Time.

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To unlock all of these vaults individually, we’ve broken down everything you need to know, step-by-step, below.

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The Vault

This is by far the simplest vault to unlock in Geometry Dash. All you need to do to unlock The Vault is collect 10 Silver User Coins. These coins can be collected very quickly by playing Online Featured Levels in Geometry Dash.

Each of these levels has three Silver User Coins on offer. However, you will need to complete the entire stage without dying if you wish to collect all three coins from that level.

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  • Once you have collected the 10 Silver User Coins, click on the Cog icon at the bottom of the screen to open the Settings menu.
  • You will see a lock icon that appears to be unlocked at this point on the top right corner of your screen.
  • Click on the icon, and you can enter The Vault to redeem all the currently active codes.
visual depiction of the vault of secrets in Geometry DashRobTop Games / YouTube: Runis 26
The Vault of Secrets as seen in Geometry Dash.

The Vault of Secrets

The second vault in Geometry Dash, The Vault of Secrets, will require a total of 50 Diamonds to unlock. Considering the variety of methods from which you can claim diamonds in Geometry Dash, collecting 50 of them shouldn’t take too long. Here’s a list of all the sources from where you can get diamonds in the game:

  • Daily Chests.
  • Daily Quests.
  • Weekly Demon Chest.
  • Treasure Room Chest.
  • Playing Gauntlets levels.

Additionally, you should also note that playing at higher difficulty levels will grant you more diamonds than at lower levels.

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  • Once you’ve managed to collect 50 Diamonds, you will need to click on the Tool button, located on the right of the Play button in the Main Menu.
  • The page that opens after clicking on the Tool button will have a similar unlocked icon at the top right corner of the screen. Clicking on this icon will allow you to enter The Vault of Secrets and redeem your codes.
in-game screenshot from geometry dashRobTop Games
Complete daily activities in Geometry Dash to claim Diamonds and Mana Orbs.

The Chamber of Time

To unlock The Chamber of Time, the third vault in Geometry Dash, you’ll have to unlock a secret challenge from The Vault of Secrets using a specific code.

You will also need to have 700 Diamonds and 1,000 Mana Orbs on hand. Mana Orbs can be obtained in the same way in which you can collect Diamonds. Once you have collected the required number of resources, here are the steps you’ll need to follow to unlock The Chamber of Time:

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  1. Head to The Vault of Secrets and enter ‘The Challenge‘ in the code box.
  2. This will unlock a secret quest that leads to The Chamber of Time. From here, you’ll need to pay 200 Diamonds to progress on this quest.
  3. Next, you must enter the door underneath this level and speak with the person inside the jail.
  4. Click on all three keyholes that appear after talking to the person inside the jail.
  5. After that, head over to the Tool button available on the Main Menu and click on the door visible in the bottom right corner of the screen.
  6. After heading through the door, click Left on the first screen to make a Green Rope appear.
  7. Clicking on the green rope will open up a secret shop from where you can purchase the Master Emblem for 1,000 Mana Orbs.
  8. After that, head over to the Main Level Select page and scroll to the one that says Coming Soon. This page also features Fingerdash.
  9. Click on the blue ‘i’ on the top right corner of the screen to make a new window appear.
  10. While this window is visible, click on the ground below the text box.
  11. This will then make a door appear. This door can only be unlocked when you are in possession of the Master Emblem.
  12. Opening this door will grant you access to The Chamber of Time to redeem all your codes.

Although the entire process to unlock all three Vaults is a little complicated and time-consuming, considering all the rewards you can redeem using the Geometry Dash vault codes, it is worth all the trouble.

So, there you have everything you need to know about Geometry Dash vault codes for September 2023.

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