Call of Duty Mobile rank guide: Points breakdown, rank reset, & more

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In Call of Duty Mobile, mastering the seven-tier rank system is key to dominating the leaderboards. Our comprehensive guide delves into the nuances of CODM rankings, providing the insights you need for the climb.

Just like in PUBG Mobile and Free Fire, CODM’s ranking is competitive in both multiplayer and battle royale modes, with consistent performance in ranked matches being your fastest ticket to a top-season finish.

The more matches you win in CODM ranked mode, the sooner you will be able to level up your rank. Our Call of Duty Mobile rank guide will help you get a clear understanding of everything that you need to know about it.

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Having said that, let’s dive in and check out everything there is to know about the different ranks in Call of Duty Mobile.

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CODM’s fast-paced shooter is a unique experience on mobile devices.

What are the different ranks in Call of Duty Mobile?

CODM features a total of seven different ranks. These ranks are:

  • Rookie
  • Veteran
  • Elite
  • Pro
  • Master
  • Grandmaster
  • Legendary

However, you should note that Rookie, Veteran, Elite, and Pro, feature five individual tiers of their own in the Call of Duty Mobile rank system. This further means that you will have to cross all five tiers in Rookie before you can achieve the rank of Veteran.

Rank Divisions

Rank Required Points
Rookie I 0-200
Rookie II 201-400
Rookie III 401-600
Rookie IV 601-800
Rookie V 801-1000
Veteran I 1001-1200
Veteran II 1201-1400
Veteran III 1401-1600
Veteran IV 1601-1800
Veteran V 1801-2000
Elite I 2001-2200
Elite II 2201-2400
Elite III 2401-2600
Elite IV 2601-2800
Elite V 2801-3000
Pro I 3001-3300
Pro II 3301-3600
Pro III 3601-3900
Pro IV 3901-4200
Pro V 4201-4500
Master 4501-6000
Grandmaster 6001-8000
Legend 8000+

Rewards for Ranking Up

At the end of every season in Call of Duty Mobile, you will receive rewards based on the rank at which you are ending the respective season. Rewards for specific ranks always differ with every season, however, it goes without saying that the higher your rank, the better rewards you will receive.

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As already mentioned, the rank system available in CODM is highly incentivized, which makes the game an extremely rewarding experience. Nevertheless, you should note that after the end of every season, your rank will be reset to a lower point. Here’s a table that’ll help you understand how rank reset works in the game.

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Grind through the ranks in CODM to reach Legend before the season runs out.

How does Call of Duty Mobile rank reset work?

Rank at which you ended the previous Season Rank which you received at the beginning of the next Season
Legendary/Grandmaster/Master Pro I
Pro V Veteran V
Pro III and IV Veteran IV
Pro I and II Veteran III
Veteran I and II Rookie II
Elite II and III Veteran I
Elite I and Veteran V Rookie V
Veteran III and IV Rookie III
Elite IV and V Veteran II
Rookie I-V Rookie I

Although dropping a few ranks at the beginning of each season might come as a disappointment, the thrill and fun of achieving a higher rank than you did in the previous season make the experience highly enjoyable.

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How to rank up fast in Call of Duty Mobile

There are several ways for players to rank up faster in CODM that involve obtaining bonus XP in the game.

The Multi-Select Bonus is perhaps the easiest way to obtain more XP, as it simply involves selecting multiple modes in the standard multiplayer game. The more modes you select, the more additional XP you’ll receive.

The Daily First Win Bonus is another way to get bonus XP. This bonus changes every day and after completing the daily requirements you’ll be rewarded with bonus XP.

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Finally, joining a clan in CODM will reward players with a Clan Bonus which awards players with extra bonuses whenever they play a match with their fellow clan members.

So, there you have it – that’s everything you need to about the ranks in Call of Duty mobile.

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