Fortnite Alien Parasites: How they work, how to remove them & spawns

Ava Thompson-Powell
Fortnite Alien Parasites

Fortnite‘s alien-themed Season 7 is in full swing, and the recent v17.10 update has brought new Alien Parasites to the battle royale map. Here’s a complete overview of how they will work.

Aliens have well and truly taken over in Fortnite Season 7 aptly titled ‘Invasion’. From pilotable UFOs to other-worldly weapons, cosmic chests, and new NPCs, their impact can be felt through the entire game as players to try level up fast through the Battle Pass.

One of the biggest new additions, however, are Alien Parasites. While they may appear terrifying at first, these critters will actually come with some unique gameplay boosts. They might not be ideal for every scenario, but coming across a swarm of Parasites may help in a sticky situation.

Here’s what they do and how you can use them to your advantage now that they’ve arrived in the game during Chapter 2, Season 7.


Fortnite Alien Parasite gameplay
Alien Parasites could be useful in certain situations throughout Season 7.

How Alien Parasites work in Fortnite Season 7

Alien Parasites are AI-controlled creatures on the Season 7 map. They’re tiny but appear in rather large swarms, with more than a dozen often appearing at any given moment.

At first, they appear inside of green eggs littered throughout certain locations. Upon getting close, these eggs will hatch and the purple Alien Parasites will try to latch on. They do this by jumping on your head and refusing to let go.

While your character may struggle at first, you’ll still be in full control. You can still fire weapons and move around the map freely with a Parasite now glued to your head. In fact, you may even want to do so considering their unique buff.

Having a Parasite on you means you’ll move faster, jump higher, and even be protected against headshots. This boost does come with a tradeoff, as the Alien Parasite will zap you down to 60 HP. Shield remains unaffected, though.

All Alien Parasite stats in Fortnite Season 7

We’ve listed everything that we know so far about parasites, and how they’ll impact gameplay:

  • Each parasite will have 75 health, whereas their eggs will have 60 health.
  • The parasites are contained in green eggs that spawn across the map.
  • The eggs will only hatch when you approach them.
  • Before attaching to you, you’ll receive a warning.
  • They’re able to be picked up and thrown, too.

While you’re likely to be able to plan which best landing spots to jump into depending on if you’re looking to avoid or find the parasites, you’ll still need to watch out.

The Parasite spawn locations seem as if they’ll be relatively consistent, but it looks like there’s a 66% chance of random spawns throughout the map, too.

How to remove Alien Parasites in Fortnite Season 7

Once a Parasite is stuck to your head, it’ll be a little difficult to get rid of it. Currently, it seems like there are only three things you can do to detach the alien creature:

  1. Jump in some water.
  2. Walk through some fire.
  3. Enter a prop.

This means if you end up finding yourself stuck in the middle of the map with no water nearby, you could have the Parasite attached for quite a while. Finding a vehicle could certainly help, but if not, starting a fire definitely could.

Where do Alien Parasites spawn in Fortnite Season 7?

Alien Parasites are set to appear across the entire map. Early rumors point towards their green eggs spreading throughout purple mutated zones in the Season 7 update.

These eggs will be in noticeable clusters, rather than individual pods spaced out across a POI. Parasites can also attach to wildlife like boars and wolves, and eliminating them will transfer the Parasites to you.

When are Alien Parasites coming to Fortnite Season 7?

Details about the Alien Parasites were leaked at the start of Season 7, and following the v17.10 update, they’ve finally arrived on the Island. Good luck dealing with them!

So, there you have it. Everything we know about Alien Parasites in Fortnite Season 7 so far. Want to make sure you claim those Victory Royales? Check out all our Season 7 guides for all the best tips:

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