How to open Fortnite Cosmic Chests & where to find them

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Fortnite Cosmic Chests

Fortnite‘s new season has dropped, bringing The Cube to the map. Alongside the return of Kevin the Cube and the likes of the Carnage skin in Season 8 are Cosmic Chests, which expands upon the new Fortnite mechanic introduced in the previous season

Cosmic Chests were introduced into the game back in Fornite Season 7, giving players a new lootable chest type to find around the map. In that season, players needed to work together to open them, and it’s the same in Season 8.

As more information is revealed about the chest and its locations in Season 8, we’ll update you right here.


Cosmic Chest from Fortnite
Cosmic Chests are back in Chapter 2, Season 8!

How to open Cosmic Chests

In Season 8, this chest type builds on the existing chests already in-game, and can only be found in Duos, Squads, & Trios. Cosmic chests are also only activated when the whole team is nearby.

Opening a Cosmic Chest is relatively easy to do, but it does take a little bit of time:

  1. Find a Cosmic Chest with your team members in tow.
  2. Once there, beams of light will attach themselves to one or more members of your party.
  3. Any player with the beam of light will need to attack one of the markers on the crystal.
  4. Rinse and repeat until the chest breaks open!

Cosmic Chest contents

Finding one of these chests and successfully opening it will give you some great rewards in return, which can be used towards customizing your personal Toona Fish skin.

According to leaker HYPEX, Cosmic Chests will drop a new resource called Rainbow Ink. A maximum of 250 can be collected from the chest each week, which will then go towards unlocking all of Toona Fish’s different appearances.

Where to find Cosmic Chests

As we said previously, to find Cosmic Chests, you’ll need to be in either Duos, Squads, or Trios (it’s also in Competitive mode). Though the majority of spawns for these are random, we’ll showcase below any locations we’ve found during our playtime in Season 8.

We’ve had issues with tracking these chests down consistently at these locations, but they should give you a great starting point with places to potentially look out for.

Lazy Lake

Fortnite Lazy Lake Cosmic Chest location
This Cosmic Chest was spotted just West of Lazy Lake

This chest can be found to the West of the Lazy Lake POI, slightly North of the lake itself.

Retail Row

Fortnite Cosmic Chest Lazy Lake location
One Cosmic Chest spawn location was just South-East of Retail Row.

The chest we found in Retail Row spawns just South-East of the POI – though try not to be in the Storm like we were here!

Map of all Cosmic Chest locations

The locations of all of the Cosmic Chests from Season 8 are shown below. As soon as we have enough information to provide you with more Season 8 spawn locations, we’ll update this map:

Fortnite Season 8 Cosmic Chest locations

That’s all that we know about Cosmic Chests and their locations in Fortnite in Chapter 2, Season 8. Make sure to check back, as we’ll keep this piece updated as any further info comes out.

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