Fortnite alien weapon leaks reveal Cowinator & Prop Gun coming soon

fn leaked weaponsEpic Games

While we have just begun playing Fortnite Season 7, it appears Epic are already working on some new alien weapons that will be coming to the game soon! 

Fortnite Season 7 has just released at the beginning of June, and players have been getting a chance to check out all the new features Epic have implemented into the game. The new weapons, battle pass, and map changes are among some of the best in Chapter 2, and we cannot wait to see what else is in store for us.

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Speaking of what Epic have in store for players, it seems a notable leaker within the community has managed to uncover some of the upcoming weapons that are going to release for players.

Fortnite-Alien-weaponsEpic Games
The alien weapons have been a blast to play with!

Leaked alien weapons coming soon

It is not uncommon for Epic to release a few new weapons into the game upon the season release, and add more as the season progresses.

This is also prime time for them to balance the game, and see what players are enjoying and what needs a buff/nerf. Now, it seems they are already intending on releasing some other weapons as a leak by HYPEX has indicated they are working on Cowinator and Prop Gun.

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These two weapons are rather unique, to say the least, the Cowinator appears to allude to the fact that cows may be coming to Fortnite, hence the unique name of the weapon.

While the Prop Gun is something we have seen before, Fortnite did have a Prop Hunt game mode back during Chapter 1, and a weapon to go along with it. Furthermore, one of the POIs during the wacky Season X, allowed players to transform into an object when they crouched, so it is not a concept we haven’t seen before.

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prop hunt poiEpic Games
Prop Hunt was a main component of the game during Season X

The release date of these weapons is unknown at the time of writing, and the renders HYPEX was able to uncover seem like they are not that close to being finished. So, around the middle of Season 7 is when we should expect them to release into the game.

Epic are known for mixing up their game from time to time, and the addition of these weapons aims to do just that!

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