Fortnite v17.10 patch notes: Secret Styles, new weapons, Summer event & more

Alan Bernal

The latest Fortnite v17.10 update has arrived, with Epic Games giving players a heads up of a reset to Arena Hype Points as well as other things we can expect in the next patch.

With Season 7 in full swing, players are seeing what the Invasion update has in store. But the studio is following that up with a few “surprises” going into the new patch, including a look inside the Mothership.

Players can also expect the new Cosmic Summer (14 Days of Summer) event to kick off shortly after the update arrives. This will bring with it new challenges, rewards, and items for everyone to enjoy.

Take a look below at everything new in the popular battle royale following the v17.10 update, including when the Fortnite servers should be down before the next patch.

Fortnite Season 7 Aliens
Fortnite’s v17.10 update has arrived.

Going inside the Mothership

The next patch isn’t only going to mark the end of the competitive season, it’s also going to advance the current Invasion story in the game. Epic teased the next big development in the Alien storyline by giving people a way to possibly make their way through the ship.

“A new surprise descends. A way inside the Mothership?” Epic hinted. The ship will likely be a big point of contention for players to explore and find clues to the next piece of story.

New weapons and items

A new Mythic weapon has arrived with the v17.10 update. It’s called Zyg and Choppy’s Ray Gun, and seems to be a more powerful IO Tech weapon that you’ll get for beating a new Boss fight.

Perhaps most interesting, though, is a new item known as the Inflate-A-Bull (or Cowinator). It seems this wearable suit gives you the ability to roll down hills, bounce of cliffs, and take no damage from fire.

Cosmic Summer event

Epic Games have been teasing a ‘welcome party’ for the aliens, and it’s finally here. This coincides with the Cosmic Summer (14 Days of Summer) event, which begins Tuesday, June 22, at 9AM ET (2PM BST).

While it’s been confirmed that this won’t be a live event, there will be free rewards, challenges, and items for players to enjoy.

Fortnite Cosmic Summer

Summer-themed skins arrive

To celebrate the Cosmic Summer event, Epic will be releasing a bunch of summer-themed skins in the Item Shop so players can feel that beach party fantasy.

Perhaps most exciting is the arrival of a Summer Midas bundle. Midas has always been one of the most popular original Fortnite characters, so a new alternative skin is always welcome.

You can check out all of the leaked v17.10 skins & cosmetics here.

Super Styles are here

Every season, the Battle Pass features three special styles that can be unlocked for each skin when players reach a certain level – usually well over 100.

These three Super Styles are Silver, Golden, and Prismatic.

Recon Scanner nerfed

This is a small update, but one that players should definitely take note of: The Recon Scanner, one of the new IO Tech weapons that reveals nearby enemies and chests, has been nerfed.

According to leaker HYPEX, the Recon Scanner will now reveal nearby enemies for 10 seconds instead of 15 seconds, and it will take 20 seconds to recharge instead of 15 seconds.

Fortnite Arena Hype Points reset

Now that we’re heading into the next season of competitive Fortnite, players should be aware that their Arena Hype Points will be reset.

This change will affect everyone once the update arrives, so you’ll have to start from scratch.

The next Fortnite patch will reset Arena Hype Points as we get into the next competitive season.

Fortnite patch v17.10 bug fixes

There’s a few problems that the next Fortnite patch will address, seeing as Epic has made strides in repairing some of the burgeoning problems in the game.

This week’s patch will have loads of fixes for both the main battle royale as well as their other modes.


  • Item Shop update notice not clearing

Battle Royale

  • Taking damage through cars while in motion.
  • Ability to change loot pools in Battle Lab temporarily disabled.
  • Character Collection Book incompletable due to missing entries.
  • Saucers may become inoperable if a beamed-up object falls on it.
  • Bunnywolf and LLion Sets temporarily disabled.
  • One-handed Pickaxes continue to perform extra swings.


  • Rounds not reporting correct placements.
  • Hud Controller Device join in progress
  • Images are cut off in the Discover tab.
  • Player can encounter infinite loading screen when flying out of Island.

Save the World

  • Melee hits aren’t registering on Melee Weapons for PC.
  • Saurian Vigor perk stops working after respawn.


  • No indicator on mobile/Nintendo Switch for the Saucer boost cooldown and charges.
  • Nintendo Switch players unable to gift cosmetics, Bundles, or Battle Pass on controller.

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