How to craft Fortnite weapons: Nuts and Bolts crafting material explained

Nick Farrell
Fortnite weapons

Crafting was a beloved feature added into Fortnite during Season 6, and in Season 7 they have changed it up a little bit. Here’s how crafting Fortnite weapons works now and all the weapons you can make within the game! 

The release of Fortnite Season 7 has brought an ample amount of changes into the game that fans are overjoyed with, features such as the new battle pass and the alien takeover are just to name a few.

Gameplay-wise, there are certain mechanics that Epic implemented last season and are going to continue to use in Season 7. Crafting was the whole premise around the Primal theme of Season 6, but now it has a more modern-day look to it.

nuts and bolts
Nuts and Bolts are this seasons material used for crafting

Fortnite Season 7 crafting guide

Before we jump into all the new weapons and features crafting brings in Season 7, it is always good to take a quick refresher into what crafting is within Fortnite.

Basically, players will be able to find materials around the map by destroying materials, and eliminating. These materials are used for creating new and powerful weapons during a Fortnite match. Last season, Animal Bones and Mechanical Parts were the materials players need to craft items; but this time around we are centered on Nuts and Bolts.

Epic has made the crafting itself relatively simple, here’s exactly how to do it:

  1. Pick up a craftable weapon.
  2. Collect Nuts and Bolts from around the map
  3. Open your inventory and head to the crafting tab
  4. Select the weapon you would like to upgrade at the bottom of the tab
  5. Choose the weapon you want to craft
  6. Wait three seconds and your weapon is ready to go!
crafting guide
Epic have made crafting a lot easier this season!

What weapons can I craft?

This time around there are no Primal or Makeshift weapons for players to craft, but some fan-favorite weapons have made a return and are going to be ready to craft when you find these Nuts and Bolts.

Players will be able to craft the following weapons.

  • Burst Assault Rifle’s and AUGS
  • Lever Action Shotgun
  • Rapid Fire SMG

It appears that all of these weapons will only take one Nut and Bolt to craft at the time, and this might be due to the fact that these weapons are not overly powerful compared to a Pump Shotgun for example.

Nevertheless, crafting is still a unique feature within Fortnite that we are excited to use once again!

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