How to defeat Doctor Slone & get Mythic Pulse Rifle in Fortnite Season 7

Fortnite Doctor Sloane Pulse Rifle MythicEpic Games

Epic Games have launched Fortnite Season 7 with a few more Mythic weapons and one of those is the Slone Pulse Rifle, which boss Doctor Slone is holding onto. 

The game’s latest major update revealed a number of big changes in our unofficial patch notes, following an alien invasion theme that’s been building in Epic Games‘ teasers throughout the latter end of Season 6.

Now that the v17.00 update has dropped, however, fans will be sniffing around the map for new things to do – and battling Doctor Slone should be high on that list, based on the reward you’ll get for defeating her.

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Let’s take a look through everything you need to know to get the better of them and collect their powerful Mythic weapon.

Doctor Slone location in Fortnite

Fortnite Doctor Slone LocationEpic Games
Here is where you’ll find Doctor Slone in Fortnite Season 7.

If you want to take on Doctor Slone and steal her Mythic weapon, you’ll have to head to Corny Complex. This new Season 7 POI is east of the center of the map, and replaces what used to be Colossal Crops.

Don’t be deceived by this location’s rural appearance – there’s actually a hidden area underneath the central red farmhouse that’s full of technology, and this is where Doctor Slone is hanging out.

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Doctor Slone’s Mythic Pulse Rifle damage stats

The rifle is fully automatic when hip firing but slows down when aiming down sights. Below, you can see its damage stats:

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  • Damage to player – 38
  • Magazine size – 16
  • Fire rate – 4.2
  • Reload time – 2.6775 seconds

How to defeat Doctor Slone in Fortnite Season 7

Defeating NPC bosses is always tricky, but these battles are all about patience and picking your moments. Here’s how to defeat Doctor Slone:

  1. Drop from the Battle Bus into Corny Complex.
  2. Pick up a good weapon or two nearby, and make sure you have enough ammo.
  3. Head down underneath the red farmhouse to find Doctor Slone.
  4. Use the various walls and objects as shelter while aiming at her head for extra damage.
  5. If you want, you can try and draw her out into the open which might help.
  6. After dealing enough damage, you’ll take Slone down and get the Mythic weapon.

Remember that this NPC boss will have more HP than you, so don’t go in all guns blazing. This area is also swarming with IO Guards, who make their return from Season 5 after being absent last season.

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At the same time, based on the powerful weapon at Doctor Slone’s disposal, you might not be the only player trying to take them down so do keep your wits about you after landing.

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