When’s the next Disney Dreamlight Valley update? Release window, roadmap, more

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Disney Dreamlight Valley’s The Remembering update is on its way, bringing new characters, quests, realms, and more – but do we know when it’s coming out? Let’s find out.

Disney Dreamlight Valley has plenty of updates on the way, with update five arriving in June. We already know the next update will contain new Star Paths, characters, and potential recipes but there’s so much more on the way for this wonderful cozy game.

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Thankfully, due to the 2023 roadmap, we know exactly what to expect as well as a small hint regarding when we can expect it. So, with that in mind, here’s everything we know about the next Disney Dreamlight Valley update, as well as what will be introduced into this popular cozy game.

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When is Disney Dreamlight Valley’s next update?

The next Disney Dreamlight Valley update, otherwise known as The Remembering is releasing on June 7 2023.

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As for what content will be included in The Remembering update, the official roadmap has teased that players will be able to “unveil the secret to The Forgetting” and that a princess will “race into the Valley”, on top of this, the promotional image shows that The Fairy Godmother will be joining the Valley, as well as showing off a few hints with a treehouse and the mysterious pumpkin house.

Disney Dreamlight Valley early access roadmap

Disney Dreamlight Valley 2023 roadmapGameloft
The roadmap contains some beloved new characters, realms, and a future of multiplayer.

On January 25, 2023, a roadmap was announced for the beginning of 2023. It contains new characters like Mirabel from Encanto, Simba from The Lion King, new realms, and more.

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The first update landed in February with Mirabel and Olaf. The second update landed in April with Simba and Nala, as well as the Pride Lands realm. The next update is scheduled for some point in early summer.

Everything we know about upcoming Disney Dreamlight Valley updates

In early summer the mystery of the pumpkin will finally be solved thanks to the teaser photo and a “princess races into the valley”. We have a feeling this could be Cinderella or Vanellope von Schweetz.

On top of this, we know that Umbrellas and mannequins will be included in the upcoming update, thanks to a few teaser Tweets. On top of this, players will soon be able to customize furniture and enjoy artisanal benches, also hinting at a potential new character.

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Beyond this, it’s been teased that multiplayer will be added to Disney Dreamlight Valley alongside new characters, realms, clothing, motifs, and furniture throughout the rest of 2023.

A teaser image in the 2023 roadmap also features Belle from Beauty and the Beast. She’s been featured heavily in promotional images for the game since it launched, so she could be arriving soon.

That’s everything you need to know about the upcoming update. While waiting for it to release, take a look at some of our other Disney Dreamlight Valley guides:

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