Disney Dreamlight Valley 2023 roadmap: Updates, new content & character debuts

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Disney Dreamlight Valley is constantly bringing exciting updates, welcoming new characters, quests, and cosmetics – but what is the next Disney Dreamlight Valley update date? We’ve got everything we know about the upcoming Disney Dreamlight Valley February update.

Disney Dreamlight Valley is filled with exciting regular updates containing new Star paths, characters, and so much more, making your experience neverending. However, there are still a few bugs in the game and plenty of characters we are yet to meet, meaning the next Disney Dreamlight Update is highly anticipated.

Thankfully, such fixes and additions are on their way, with updates on the horizon and bugs being fixed regularly. With that, here’s when to expect Disney Dreamlight Valleys’ next major update as well as what will be introduced to the game.

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Does the Disney Dreamlight Valley February update have a release date?

Currently, there is no confirmation regarding a time or date for the Disney Dreamlight Valley February update. However, due to the timeliness of the Star Path and the teasing from the Disney Dreamlight Valley Twitter, we predict that the update will be around the beginning of February, likely happening before Valentine’s Day.

This prediction is further solidified by Disney Dreamlight Valley’s Twitter in which they mentioned that “launch day draws near” on January 31, 2023.

When a release date is announced we will be updating this article so be sure to check back soon.

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Disney Dreamlight Valley early access roadmap

Disney Dreamlight Valley 2023 roadmapGameloft
The roadmap contains some beloved new characters, realms, and a future of multiplayer.

On January 25, 2023 the roadmap was announced for the beginning of 2023. It contains new characters like Mirabel from Encanto, Simba, and a teasing of new realms and more.

The roadmap states that in February we will be seeing an “unexceptional new villager and a special snowman” proving we will likely have Mirabel and Olaf as the next characters to join the Valley. It also highlights there are “secrets of the Frosted Heights Biome” perhaps hinting at a new quest.

Then, in April we will be seeing a new realm along with new characters with Simba being the photo, perhaps suggesting we will be seeing Simba, Timone, and Pumbaa soon.

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In early summer the mystery of the pumpkin will finally be solved thanks to the teaser photo and a “princess races into the valley” perhaps hinting at Vanellope von schweetz’s imminent arrival.

Lastly, teased for the rest of 2023 is multiplayer, new characters, more realms, clothing, motifs, and furniture.

That’s everything you need to know about the upcoming update. While waiting for it to release, take a look at some of our other Disney Dreamlight Valley guides:

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