10 Characters that could return in Diablo 4: Deckard Cain, Baal, & more

lilith in diablo 4 cut sceneBlizzard Entertainment

Diablo 4 will likely continue the story from previous games, but which characters could we see make a comeback? Here are ten characters who could return in Diablo 4.

The story of Diablo 4 looks to be a fresh start in many ways, featuring new villains in Inarius and Lilith, new heroes, and new supporting characters. However, the demonic tendrils of the past are likely to come creeping in at some point, and there are various storylines from earlier Diablo games that still need resolving.

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The game‘s story is likely to collide with some of these earlier plot points, especially when some characters return to either battle or spread evil once more. Below, we’ve featured ten characters who could return in Diablo 4, and how that could come about.

Warning, spoilers for Diablo 1, 2, 3, and Immortal below.


Leah DiabloBlizzard Entertainment
Leah was transformed into Diablo in D3, but is she gone forever?

Leah plays a pivotal and tragic role in Diablo 3, serving as a conduit for the Lord of Terror’s resurrection in Sanctuary. Leah is the daughter of Adria the Witch and Prince Aiden of Tristram, while he was possessed by Diablo in his ‘Dark Wanderer’ persona. Pregnant with Leah, Adria secretly schemed to use her as a backup vessel for Diablo, which was needed after his defeat in Diablo 2. 

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Raised by Deckard Cain as his adopted niece, Leah is a key ally of the Nephalem in Diablo 3 until she’s ultimately killed and possessed by Diablo. Once Diablo is destroyed, Covetus Shen confirms that Leah’s spirit is ‘gone forever’, but is it?

While Leah’s dark ending is on brand for the Diablo series, such an important character could return in some other guise. Before her death, Leah was the heir to the throne of Westmarch which could provide her with some supernatural means to return, especially if Diablo is able to also return in a new vessel. Although, Price Aiden never came back after his possession, nor did his brother in Diablo 1.

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Deckard Cain

Diablo 2 cainBlizzard
Cain was killed in Diablo 3, but his influence could be felt in Diablo 4.

Stay a while and listen, we know Cain was killed off in Diablo 3 after serving as a mentor throughout that game, Diablo 1 and 2, but can you really imagine Diablo without Cain? Diablo Immortal was set before Diablo 3, which gave the devs the opportunity to use the character again, yet by Diablo 4 the character is long dead.

However, characters return from death in Diablo all the time, or as ghosts, so we can envision a quest in Diablo 4 where the player needs to speak to Cain’s soul to obtain some vital information on how to defeat Lilith. Or we could locate some old diary of Cain’s that he narrates. 

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By the time the credits roll in Diablo 4, we’d bet a hefty stash of gold that we’ll hear the comforting tones of ‘stay a while and listen’ from the wise sage in some form.


Tyrael Diablo 4Blizzard Entertainment
Tyrael is likely to still be in his human form at the start of Diablo 4.

At the end of Diablo 3, once Malthael, The Angel of Death, has been defeated, and the High Heavens need to rebuild after Diablo’s rampage, Tyrael is promoted to the Aspect of Wisdom. Although, the angel chooses to stay in his human form on Sanctuary helping the Nephalem and his pals battle future evil threats.

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Tyrael is bound to have a connection to fellow fallen angel Inarius, who looks to have a pivotal role in Diablo 4. Therefore, we expect humanity’s greatest ally will be suiting up again for the next adventure, especially if Diablo tries to take advantage of the chaos to return from death – again. 

Mephisto & Baal

Baal & MephistoBlizzard Entertainment
Baal and Mephisto could be plotting their own comebacks.

Diablo’s brothers who with him collectively make up The Prime Evils, were defeated in Diablo 2 with their souls being trapped in their Soulstones, which were then destroyed at the Hellforge. They were then absorbed by Diablo in D3, along with all the souls of the ‘Lesser Evils’ turning Diablo into the ultimate ‘Prime Evil’. 

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Upgraded by all these souls, the now uber-Diablo then went to the High Heavens and started slaughtering angels left and right until the heroes put him down. This creates an interesting situation where the souls Diablo consumed could be free again, meaning Mephisto, the Lord of Hatred, and Baal, the Lord of Destruction could once again pursue their own agenda. 

After all, Diablo, Baal, and Mephisto can never be truly killed, only ever contained until they rise again to cause havoc in Sanctuary. Mephisto is also Lilith’s father, which only strengthens the theory that he could return, especially considering his daughter betrayed him and the forces of Hell before she was imprisoned. Unlike Baal and Diablo, Mephisto has never really had his chance to shine, so this could be an opportunity for him to make his mark as a villain.

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Imperius diabloBlizzard Entertainment
Imperius may have a change of attitude in Diablo 4.

Imperious is the Archangel of Valor and resides in the High Heavens, where after Diablo 3, he’s likely to be eating a huge portion of humble pie. Not only did Imperius get tricked by Diablo which resulted in scores of his angelic friends getting killed, but he was also wrong about humanity and the Nephalem being the key to defeating The Prime Evils.

Even worse, he’s spent centuries belittling Tyrael when he should have been keeping a closer eye on Malthael, the Angel of Death. A more chastened Imperius is likely to return in Diablo 4, as he will need to not only deal with Lilith but a rogue angel in the form of Inarius. Let’s hope he can put aside his prejudice this time and work with humans to save and protect both realms. 

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Kormac, Eirena, & Lyndon

followers in diablo 3Blizzard Entertainment
The Enchantress, Templar, and Scoundrel are all helpful followers in Diablo 3.

Okay, we’re cheating a bit by using three characters in one slot, but there’s a reason. This trio of recruitable followers in Diablo 3 was a highlight of the game, especially their interactions and banter with each other and the player character. An unlikely friendship forms between the group as well as a love triangle, with Kormac, a righteous Templar, and Lyndon, a self-confessed Scoundrel, both competing for the affections of Eirena, a time-displaced Enchantress.

All three characters change up the gameplay and their dialog also encourages repeated playthroughs, not just to see how each follower comments on any given situation, but how their relationship with each character class develops. Some classes such, as the Crusader, will naturally take to the equally devout Templar while initially mistrusting the Scoundrel. While the Demon Hunter turns a blind eye to Lyndon’s rogueish ways and finds Kormac to be a bore. 

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No matter the character class or follower, the Nephelem always ends up bonding with their followers, but it’s the journey to friendship that makes having a follower so much fun in Diablo 3. They also provide comic relief with their unique observations.

With Diablo 4 looking to increase replayability, more dialog between followers would be a tried and tested way to do so. It would be great to see these characters return in Diablo 4, or for the follower roster to be increased with new additions. Even if they are replaced or don’t return as followers, it would be fun to check in on these three fan favorites. 

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Adria the Witch

Adria the witch in diablo 1Blizzard Entertainment
Adria the Witch in her shack from Diablo 1.

Adria was defeated by the heroes in Diablo 3 after revealing her allegiance to The Lord of Terror and using her own daughter, Leah, as the vessel of his return. If Adria survived this battle, she has a lot of explaining to do. Her schemes ultimately failed, meaning she murdered her own daughter for nothing.

It would be interesting to see how Adria feels about this and if she wishes to atone, or side with Lillith or Inarius instead. Bringing her back could make for some interesting storytelling, Blizzard could also leave her dead. But who else can will we buy overpriced spells from?

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Marius in Diablo 2Blizzard Entertainment
Marius could come back if Blizzard wants to expand his character arc.

Marius is the narrator of Diablo 2 and the traveling companion of The Dark Wanderer – or Diablo inhabiting Prince Aiden’s body. The character realizes he’s been aiding Diablo and soon works alongside Tyrael to fix the damage he’s caused after he accidentally helps Diablo release his brothers. 

Most of Diablo 2 is told in flashbacks with Marius telling Tyrael what happened, although, the twist at the end reveals that he’s been talking to Baal the whole time, who has been mimicking Tyrael. Baal then kills Marius after obtaining the information he needed during the ruse.

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Like most deceased characters in the Diablo series, Marius receives an ignominious end, but the character could return to redeem himself. We find it more unlikely than others on this list, but the tale of Marius was retold in Diablo 2: Resurrected, so there could be more story to tell. 

Zoltun Kulle

Zoltun KulleBlizzard Entertainment
Zoltun Kulle is a bad guy, but he’s a useful one in the fight against Diablo.

Kulle is an ancient wizard of the Horadrim who turned to dark magic to obtain immortality before going on a rampage to take over Sanctuary. He was defeated by having his body parts severed and his soul separated from his body until his head is found in Diablo 3.

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As Kulle is the only one who knows the location of the Black Soulstone, Tyrael and Cain agree to revive him – uniting him with his body parts, in exchange for the information. He helps the heroes, but once he’s revived he tries to form an alliance with the Nephalem and encourages them to betray Tyrael. The heroes refuse and are forced to destroy Kulle again.

Kulle then returns to his spirit form where he serves as a disgruntled side character and artisan. He’ll often taunt the player and is bitter about his defeat, but will still help the heroes with Kanai’s Cube recipes. As the character is a fan favorite (due to his hilarious insults) it would be fun to see him return in Diablo 4 as an artisan. He certainly can’t be trusted with his body! 

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diablo 2 resurrected d2r diablo in a church looks down at cameraBlizzard Entertainment
You can’t keep a good demon down.

Who else but the titular demon himself? The Lord of Terror is conspicuous by his absence in the Diablo 4 promotional materials. Lilith, and to a lesser extent Inarius, have filled the gap as the main ‘big bads’ instead of the Prime Evils. Now this could be a swerve where Diablo stays dead and Lilith does indeed take over the role as final boss – but we’re not convinced.

Lilith is a sympathetic villain in many ways, especially to those who know her backstory, where Diablo is anything but, and always has a plan in place for his return. Quite where this leaves Lilith we don’t know, but we wouldn’t be surprised if Diablo takes advantage of the chaos between her and Inarius to launch his next assault on Sanctuary.

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Diablo is the ultimate villain of the series, the titular primary antagonist, and the undisputed Prime Evil of Hell, Heaven, and Sanctuary. Like the denizens of the world he’s trying to corrupt and conquer, we’d be unwise to believe we’ve seen the last of him. No matter how defeated he is, how many times he’s killed, or had his soul banished, the return of the Lord of Terror is inevitable – but who will be his vessel this time?

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