Diablo 2 Resurrected Bosses: How to beat Diablo, Baal and Mephisto


Diablo himself isn’t the only monstrosity in Diablo 2 Resurrected. Some of his minions are just as formidable. Here’s how to beat every boss in his demonic army. 

Diablo 2 Resurrected combines the original four Acts from Diablo 2 and the fifth and final Act from its expansion, Diablo 2: The Lord of Destruction. Each Act concludes with an epic boss battle against an extra-large, double-tough foe.

None of these battles are to be taken lightly. Every player’s strategy will be different depending on their build and class, but there are some universal strategies to employ when it comes to felling Diablo and his lieutenants.

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Diablo 2 Resurrected boss: Andariel

Diablo-2-Resurrected-boss-AndarielAndariel confronts the player at the bottom of the Act 1 Cathedral.

Andariel strikes an imposing figure when we first see her. She’s the biggest and most fearsome monster the game has thrown at us so far – so most players wouldn’t be judged if they turned and ran!

Despite her status as a ‘Lesser Evil’, Andariel’s difficulty at this stage of the game is not to be underestimated. She can be found at the very end of the Rogue Monastery in the Catacombs fourth level. The good news is that there’s a Waypoint nearby, so the player and heal and tool up before the battle.

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How to beat Andariel

  • To beat her, equip as many poison-resistant items and enchantments as you can. Her poison attacks do massive damage and without them, she’s relatively de-toothed. Make sure you equip your mercenary with this too or they’ll likely die from the poison damage.
  • Use the terrain to your advantage, there’s a pool of blood and bodies that you can lead her on a merry chase around. This gives you chance to heal and fight her on your own terms.
  • Andariel is weak against fire. Therefore, any attacks or enchantments that you have that make use of this should be employed during the fight. This will certainly be the Sorceress’s time to shine for players who selected her.

Diablo 2 Resurrected boss: Duriel

Diablo-2-Resurrected-boss-DurielThe grotesque Duriel, ‘The Maggot King.’

Duriel the ‘Maggot King’ is the boss of the second Act. Don’t be fooled by his sluggish looks, this guy can move quickly and deliver savage blows when he gets close. He is Andariel’s brother and also a Lesser Evil. Although he’s likely to be the toughest fight yet.

He can be found in Tal Rasha’s chamber, the final room in Tal Rasha’s Tomb. Once you start the quest The Seven Tombs and locate the right one, be ready for a tough battle at the end.

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How to beat Duriel

  • Duriel has an aura around him that can freeze the player (and their party) on contact, so any buffs that protect against cold are advised. Thawing potions will also come in handy. Remember Duriel is also highly resistant to cold damage, so Paladin players need to bear this in mind.
  • Have a town portal ready in case you need to make a quick getaway. There’s nowhere to run or hide in his lair.
  • Duriel can quickly sweep in for the kill meaning non-melee characters need to keep moving. Having a mercenary or minions can be a big help. Necromancers often fair well against Duriel due to their minions and the ability to trap him in bone prisons/walls.

Diablo 2 Resurrected boss: Mephisto

Diablo-2-Resurrected-boss-MephistoMephisto is the first of Diablo’s brothers to battle the player.

Now things are starting to get serious. Mephisto is a Prime Evil, the Lord of Hatred, and one of Diablo’s two brothers. Putting him down will sabotage Diablo’s plans in a big way.

Mephisto is the final boss battle of the Third Act. He can be found at the bottom of the Durance of Hate underneath Tavincal during the quest, The Guardian. Once this quest begins, be prepared for a boss fight at the end.

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How to beat Mephisto

  • Mephisto can actually be easier than the previous two bosses. You have plenty of space to maneuver, escape and heal, so use this. You can also hit him with ranged attacks without too much fuss. Although Mephisto can do the same with a variety of spells
  • Melee characters will need to get up close to Mephisto, which can make the fight tricky for them. However, he happens to have no resistance to physical damage, so characters like the Barbarian and Amazon may be able to pummel him to mush once they get close.
  • You can also use cold, fire, poison, and light magic for an advantage. But avoid lightning as he’s resistant to this. It’s also wise to equip some lightning-resistant items as this is Mephisto’s element of choice.

Diablo 2 Resurrected boss: Diablo

Diablo-2-Resurrected-boss-DiabloDiablo battles the player in the Burning Hells.

The final boss of Act 4 (and the base game of Diablo 2) is the Lord of Terror himself – Diablo. Diablo is easily the toughest enemy the player will have faced so far, so bring your best gear and plenty of potions.

Diablo can be found in the Chaos Sanctuary in the depths of Hell. He only appears once three seals have been activated by the player. Once this happens the ground will shake and all enemies will disappear.

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Diablo will likely make his presence felt by firing a spell at you before you even see him. He spawns in the middle of a pentagram that appears on the floor, but he’ll gallop to another point almost as soon as he arrives.

How to beat Diablo

  • Diablo uses a variety of spells and abilities that the player character uses. Those playing as a Sorceress or Necromancer will recognize these straight away. Although his favorite attack is his red lightning, so stay mobile.
  • Naturally, Diablo also likes fire attacks. So, bring as much fire-resistant gear/enchantments as you can.
  • You have plenty of space in this battle so take advantage of portals and hiding spots to heal. Although remember, Diablo is fast and can be upon you within moments.
  • Diablo will take you on alone, without backup from his minions. Therefore, having followers is a big help. Not only will they draw Diablo’s attention, but you’ll also be able to crowd him and bring him down together. He’s likely to try and escape the moment this happens though. He’s also capable of killing most followers if they engage him alone.

Diablo 2 Resurrected boss: Baal

Diablo-2-Resurrected-boss-BaalBaal enters the Worldstone chamber to become The Prime Evil

With Diablo defeated, his only surviving brother will now step up to the plate to assume his mantle as the Ultimate Prime Evil. Baal is the Lord of Destruction and the final boss of the game. He was originally added as part of the game’s expansion, but Diablo 2 Resurrected incorporates this as its fifth and final Act.

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Baal can be found in the Throne of Destruction within Mount Arreat in the game’s final quest the Eve of Destruction. Once multiple waves of his minions are defeated Baal will enter combat with the player.

How to beat Baal

  • Baal will summon tentacles from the ground to attack the player from a distance. He can also teleport around the map and summon duplicates of himself to confuse and attack the player.
  • Most of Baal’s attacks are unique to him and he can generally be avoided from a distance. He’s most deadly up close, but many of his attacks knock the player back. This can be advantageous as it allows the player to heal and engage again.
  • Baal is resistant to most elemental damage but will eventually fall if the player barrages him from a distance. Getting in close and hitting him with physical attacks works well when guerrilla tactics are used. Although Baal will often flee by teleporting away.
  • Powerful ranged physical attacks are an excellent way to defeat Baal, this makes the Amazon and a Rogue mercenary an ideal combination.

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