Who is Lilith in Diablo 4? Story explained

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Diablo 4 arrives over a decade after the third entry and Lilith is set to feature prominently in the game. For newcomers to the franchise, here’s a quick explainer of who she is and how she figures in the overarching nature of the series.

Diablo 4 will be one of 2023’s biggest games as the franchise continues to be unbelievably popular – despite Diablo: Immortal’s controversy when it was first released. Heralded as the unholy Lord of hack-and-slash loot-driven games, Diablo has sold millions of copies worldwide and is one of Blizzard’s top franchises.

Long-time fans have become familiar with the game’s story, characters, and general lore. The character Lilith is a key figure in the origin of humanity throughout the series and is poised to become the main villain in Diablo 4.

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To explain her role in the story leading up to Diablo 4, we’ve put together a helpful explainer to bring you up to speed with her character arc so far.


lilith in cut scene in diabloBlizzard Entertainment
The sinister shadow of Lilith has always been hanging over the Diablo series.

Lilith makes her debut in Diablo 4 as the main antagonist. However, a character model for the Andariel boss in Diablo 2 used her name as an easter egg for fans. This is not considered a canonical appearance though, as the real Lilith was still slumbering at this point in the story.

In Diablo lore, Lilith is the daughter of one of the universe’s most powerful entities – Mephisto, Lord of Hatred – and in some circles is considered to possibly be the daughter of Auriel, Sister of Lucion. Lilith has also been strongly aligned and romantically linked to Inarius – a former Archangel, a relationship that would lead to the creation of humanity and the Nephalem.

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Lilith’s story in Diablo

Diablo’s Lilith, known more commonly as The Queen of the Succubi, is at heart, a demon who is caught in the endless war between the Burning Hells and High Heavens, Lilith sought to forge a new realm between the two that would provide an escape from the toils of ceaseless war – a sanctuary, if you will.

Lilith fell in love with the Archangel Inarius and together, they created the human world of Sanctuary as a place for their offspring to live in peace without the interference of Angels or Demons. As their offspring were half Demon and Angels, they became a new race known as the Nephalem. However, their union and the creation of this new race was seen as an abomination in both Hell and Heaven.

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The Nephalem race started to become powerful, so powerful in fact, that their existence was seen as a threat by their respective former allies. This led to both the forces of the High Heavens and the Burning Hells turning their attention to Sanctuary, invading and slaughtering many of the Nephalem before they could grow too strong.

In her despair, Lilith went mad and became a malevolent force who went far beyond simply protecting her family, deciding that the only way to live in peace was to conquer or destroy Heaven and Hell, and waged war on both. Seeing no other choice, Inarius then exiled the now tyrannical Lilith to the Void – as he couldn’t bring himself to kill her.

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The Nephalem eventually evolved into what we know as humanity and became so plentiful that identifying who was human and who was Nephalem became near impossible. The events between Diablo 3 and 4 will see Lilith return. As we saw in the Diablo 4 trailer, there is a cult on Sanctuary dedicated to her, and it looks as though they’ve been able to restore her now that the Prime Evils and Aegis Council have been decimated by the events of Diablo 3.

Diablo 4 Lilith daughter oBlizzard Entertainment
Lilith awakens from her slumber.

How does Lilith tie into Diablo 4?

Lilith will be a central character in Diablo 4 as she has been summoned with Sanctuary being mostly rid of Angels and Demons and an opening available to build a new army.

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Players will have Lilith in their sights and are the game’s main antagonist. Chances are that Inarius will factor into the story as becomes enveloped with his former love and the mother of the Nephalem race.

Lilith may try to recruit the player characters to her cause, as they are likely to be Nephalem themselves. While Lilith is certainly a more sympathetic villain than Diablo, will her plans be too ruinous to justify?

That wraps up everything we know about Lilith and her past and present in the Diablo franchise. For more handy guides for the game, check out these articles:

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