Diablo 4: Who is the Angel Inarius?

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The Angel Inarius looks to be making his debut in Diablo 4, but will he be a friend or a foe to the player character? Here’s why he’s so important.

Inarius is a key player in the creation of the world in the Diablo series and Diablo 4 looks to bring this character on-screen for the first time. The question is, will Inarius be hostile to the hero of the game, or will he serve as an ally? The fallen Angel is likely to have his own agenda, especially now his demonic bride Lilith has returned to Sanctuary.

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Not only is Inarius set to be an important character in Diablo 4, but he and Lilith are also essentially the Diablo series’ Romeo and Juliet, with a sprinkle of Adam and Eve thrown in. The only difference is, one’s a Heavenly Angel and one’s a Demonic Princess of Hell.

Here’s why Inarius will feature so prominently in the story and gameplay of Diablo 4.

Inarius Diablo 4Blizzard Entertainment
Inarius was a legendary demon slayer before his fall.

Who is Inarius in Diablo 4?

To understand Inarius in Diablo 4 we need to go back to the very beginning of the Diablo series – before humans or the world they inhabit, known as Sanctuary, even existed. Inarius was a powerful Angel who led the forces of the High Heavens against the Prime Evils of Hell. Inarius battled Diablo, Baal, and Mephisto before being overwhelmed and captured by the Lords of Hell.

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Inarius was held as a prisoner of Hell for millennia, tortured, and without any rescue efforts being made by his Angelic brethren. The Angel became bitter towards his former allies and also noticed there was dissension in the ranks of Hell too. Some of the Demon lords were tired of the Eternal Conflict against Heaven and longed for an end to it.

Inarius would eventually be freed by Lilith, the daughter of Mephisto, the Lord of Hatred and Diablo’s brother. Lilith was planning a rebellion against the forces of Hell and encouraged Inarius to rebel against Heaven. Captivated by her, he did so, and the two formed an alliance against their former masters as well starting a romantic relationship that resulted in Demonic/Angel halfbreeds called Nephalem.

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Inarius in HellBlizzard Entertainment
Inarius is held prisoner in Hell.

Building Sanctuary

Inarius and Lilith created a new world for themselves, their children, and any other Demons or Angels who wanted to be free of the Eternal Conflict. However, their union and offspring were considered abominations by both Heaven and Hell, and the forces of both invaded Sanctuary and began destroying everything the couple had built, including their children.

Lilith realized that her Nephalem children were potentially more powerful than the Prime Evils and the Aegis Council combined, so began using them as weapons against both. Lilith grew more and more tyrannical and ruthless, threatening all of creation itself, causing Inarius to betray her and cast her into an abyss for all eternity.

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Heaven and Hell would eventually call off their forces and continue their own conflict, although, Sanctuary would later become their primary battleground as each tried to exert their own influence and will over this new world. The Nephalem would later evolve into humans, but some would exhibit signs of their ancient power and would become champions, defending Sanctuary from Diablo and his minions – such as in each of the Diablo games.

Diablo 4 Lilith daughter oBlizzard Entertainment
Lilith awakens from her slumber.

Inarius in Diablo 4

Inarius, a betrayer twice over, would disappear from sight but would remain in Sanctuary to exert his own influence over humanity from the shadows. He would begin by building a religion around himself and reframing events to make himself look heroic and a savior/father of all mankind. As the forces of Heaven were often hostile to humans, this became the dominant religion in Sanctuary.

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In Diablo 3, Diablo himself invades the High Heavens, forcing Angels, humans, and Nephalem to join forces and battle him. However, Diablo’s assault also decimates the Aegis Council and acts as a catalyst for Malpheal’s (The Angel of Death) own rebellion against Heaven and assault on Sanctuary.

With the influence of Heaven and Hell diminished, humans (with Nephalem as their champions) become the dominant power at the end of Diablo 3. However, this is all part of a prophecy that foretells Lilith’s return. The moment she does, she begins tearing down the religion Inarius has built, possibly to flush him out into the open for a confrontation with her.

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Mommy is very angry with Dad for banishing her into a dark oblivion and is back to reclaim her world. Their conflict will underpin the events of Diablo 4.

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