Diablo 4: Who is Tyrael?

Sam Smith
Tyrael Diablo 4

Tyrael is an Angel in the Diablo universe who has served as a friend to the player characters in multiple games. Here’s everything there is to know about this Angelic ally in Diablo 4.

While not seen in the original Diablo game, The Archangel Tyrael is a high-ranking member of the Aegis Council of the High Heavens where he was originally considered the Aspect of Justice before becoming an outcast. Unlike his angelic peers, who are often ambivalent and even hostile to humans, Tyrael sees the good in them and has put his life and immortality on the line many times to defend them.

In Diablo lore, Heaven is at war with the Burning Hells and this conflict often spills out into Sanctuary, the plane of existence where humans reside. In this universe, the origin of humanity is closely connected to Demons thanks to Lilith, leading most Angels to despise humanity. However, Tyrael believes that humanity is the key to ending the Eternal Conflict between Heaven and Hell.

Diablo 4 character
Tyrael will return in Diablo 4.

Who is Tyrael?

Tyrael is a member of the Aegis Council of the High Heavens and holds the title of Aspect of Justice and has been fighting Diablo and his demonic minions since the dawn of creation. When Lilith and Inarius fell in love, created Sanctuary, and their Nephalem offspring, Tyrael and the other Angels went to war with them. However, they failed to eradicate them completely, and eventually, humanity evolved from the Nephalem.

Tyrael soon became disillusioned with the Eternal Conflict and started to see the potential of humanity and viewed them as innocent and swore to defend them – even against his own kind. However, his views were seen as heresy by his Angelic counterparts. When Prince Aiden and his allies defeated Diablo in the first game, Tyrael realized that he was right about humanity.

After trying to contain Diablo in his own body, Aiden was soon corrupted by the Lord of Terror’s influence and began traveling Sanctuary as the Dark Wanderer with a companion called Marius, trying to free his brothers Mephisto and Baal. Tyrael tried to intervene and prevent Baal from being released but was himself captured and imprisoned by Diablo. Although he was able to secure the escape of Marius.

Tyrael is later rescued by the heroes of Diablo 2 and helps them on their journey to defeat the three Prime Evils. Tyrael brings the player to the High Heavens and they plan their assault on Diablo in Hell, although Tyrael is banned from taking part personally by the rest of the Aegis Council. Once Baal is also defeated, Tyrael destroys something called the World Stone to prevent it from being corrupted by Demons.

Tyrael Diablo 2
Tyrael is rescued in Diablo 2.

Tyrael in Diablo 3

In Diablo 3, Tyrael takes on a much larger role and is cast out of the Aegis Council for helping humanity in Diablo 2 and demanding that Angels do more. He falls to Sanctuary in human form with amnesia but soon remembers who he is with help from the Nephalem, the hero of Diablo 3. Now free from the rules of the Aegis Council, he joins the hero on their quest to battle Diablo.

While the Angels bicker amongst themselves about whether or not to help humanity, Diablo’s forces attack the High Heavens and kill many of them. This forces the Angels to fight alongside humans against the demons, and together, they push Diablo’s army back and the Nephalem kills Diablo. Later, Malthael, the Angel of Death goes rogue and attacks humanity. The Aegis Council once again decides not to intervene but gives the Nephalem their blessing to slay Malthael.

Tyrael is given the chance to become an Angel once again and return to the Aegis Council, however, he declines the offer and decides to stay human and remain in Sanctuary to help defend it from future threats. He also decides to no longer be the Aspect of Justice and instead adopts the title, the Aspect of Wisdom. Tyrael is also set to return in Diablo 4, where he’ll likely play a pivotal role in the battle against Lilith.

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