Best way to farm Legendary items in Diablo 4

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Legendary items in Diablo 4 are some of the highest-tier gear that you can obtain. Therefore, knowing where to find and farm Legendary gear is crucial to surviving the endgame of Diablo 4.

Diablo 4 has multiple item rarities including, Magic, Rare, and Legendary. Normal is classed as the lowest and Unique is considered the highest and most valued loot. In the case of Unique, only one version of that item can ever be equipped at one time, which makes them extremely sought after, not to mention powerful.

However, Legendary gear is also highly valuable and doesn’t truly come into its own until Endgame. Below, we’ll explain how to find and farm Legendary gear in Diablo 4, so that you can take your build to the next level in the game.

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Legendary gear farming is an essential end-game activity in Diablo 4

Guide to farming Legendary items in Diablo 4

The good news is that Legendary items will spawn naturally when playing Diablo 4, however, there are activities you can engage in that will increase your chances of finding or farming it.

World Tiers

Want better loot such as Legendary or Unique gear? Then ramp up the difficulty. Playing Diablo on World Tier 3 and 4, or Nightmare and Torment will yield better loot drops. The higher the difficulty, the better the gear will be.

So to increase your chances of Legendary gear spawning, consider playing the game (and the below events) on Torment difficulty. Be aware, you’ll need to have completed the relevant Capstone Dungeon to unlock each World Tier.

Helltide Events Diablo 4

Helltide events unlock once you reach World Tier 3: Nightmare. These events spawn in random locations and last an hour. In that time you’ll need to defeat waves of enemies and even face off against the fearsome Butcher, but after surviving them you’ll be rewarded with a chest that could potentially contain Legendary gear. You’ll also have a higher chance of it spawning during the event over just exploring the world as normal.

Special Dungeons

There are several dungeons in Diablo 4 that spawn a high number of special Elite enemies who are notorious for their high-level loot drops. These dungeons include Aldurwood, Maulwood, the Dark Ravine, and the Sirocco Caverns. Completing these dungeons and defeating the enemies have an increased chance of obtaining Legendary gear – especially when playing each one on Torment.

Of course, this could always be patched, or other dungeons could become known for their high-level loot drops, but in the current meta, these are reliable locations.

A screenshot from Diablo 4
Farming Helltide events is a useful method to obtain Legendary gear in Diablo 4

Radiance Field Cemetery & World Events

The World Event in Radiance Field Cemetery is one of the best locations to farm Legendary gear and obtain Obols. You can further gamble these Obols at the Purveyor of Curiosities to stand a chance of obtaining specific Legendary gear, but the events themselves are also pretty reliable for drops – after all, the Purveyor is a gamble at the best of times.

Taking part in other radiant World Events is also a reliable way to farm great loot. Remember, successfully completing each event will reward you with a chest, and World Events can be farmed endlessly. This is always a more reliable method than simply playing through random dungeons or completing quests.

Bosses & Elites

Like every other Diablo game before it, killing bosses and elites is a tried and tested way to unlock quality gear. Sadly, most bosses in the story can only be fought once (for now). But World Bosses and other powerful elite/boss enemies can be fought to spawn some tasty loot.

The good news is, these can respawn and be endlessly farmed. It may take a while to yield a Legendary item, but the chances of something delicious spawning are high, especially on the Torment World Tier.

This completes our guide for Legendary gear farm in Diablo 4. If you found it informative, please look into some of our other guides at Dexerto.

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