All Diablo 4 Season 2 boss loot tables: Where to farm Uniques

Ethan Dean
Diablo 4 Boss Loot TablesBlizzard Entertainment

Diablo 4’s got a swathe of stupidly powerful Unique gear with some build-defining Aspects. We’ve created an easy guide for who’s hoarding what so you can murder them indiscriminately for magic boots.

Diablo 4’s latest seasonal update brings a new method for tracking down those hyper-limited Unique items that demonslayers crave. The addition of specific loot tables for major bosses allows targeted farming to speed up your grind.

It’s not just Season of Blood that gives you access to Diablo 4’s new boss loot though. The devs have graciously added these bosses to the Eternal Realm so all your characters can benefit.

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Each of these Diablo 4 bosses is summonable by using components rewarded for completing in-game activities. Here’s how to spawn each one and a list of their precious loot.


Diablo 4 Varshan Loot TableBlizzard Entertainment
Carshan was the big bad of Season 1 and you can vanquish him all over again.

Diablo 4 Varshan loot table

Season of the Malignant’s eldritch horror Varshan is back for more. He can be fought and re-fought in the Nightmare and Torment World Tiers. Summoning him is relatively straightforward too.

You can collect Varshan’s Malignant body parts at random by completing Whisper bounties. Once you’ve assembled all the pieces of Exodia… uh… I mean Varshan, you can summon him at the base of the Tree of Whispers.

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Here’s what you can rob from his corpse:

BarbarianFields of Crimson, 100,000 Steps, Gohr’s Devastating Grips
DruidMad Wolf’s Glee, Vasily’s Prayer, Greatstaff of the Crone
RogueCondemnation, Eyes in the Dark, Skyhunter
NecromancerBloodless Scream, Deathless Visage, Deathspeaker’s Pendant
SorcererStaff of Endless Rage, Esu’s Heirloom, Raiment of the Infinite
All ClassesFrostburn, Mother’s Embrace
Diablo 4 Grigoire Loot TableBlizzard Entertainment
Grigoire might look like shop armor for the Barbarian, but he’s actually a Lightning slinging machine.

Diablo 4 Grigoire loot table

Grigoire, the Galvanic Saint, much like Varshan, can be fought in the Nightmare and Torment World Tiers. The devs have added a new material to the game called Infernal Steel which this fellow can’t seem to get enough of.

Infernal Steel can be farmed during Diablo 4’s Helltide events and once you’ve collected enough, you can call forth Grigoire. Keep in mind he likes to use Lightning so stocking up on Elixirs that up your resistance to the element is a good idea.

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Here’s what you can get for going through the trouble of smiting him:

BarbarianRamaladni’s Magnum Opus, Rage of Harrogath, Ancients’ Oath, Battle Trance, The Butcher’s Cleaver
DruidInsatiable Fury, Hunter’s Zenith, Waxing Gibbous, The Butcher’s Cleaver
RogueWord of Hakan, Grasp of Shadow, Windforce
NecromancerBlood Artisan’s Cuirass, Howl from Below, Greaves of the Empty Tomb
SorcererStaff of Lam Esen, Iceheart Brais, Gloves of the Illuminator
All ClassesPenitent Greaves
Diablo 4 Lord Zir Loot TableBlizzard Entertainment
No, story Lord Zir doesn’t have the fancy loot table.

Diablo 4 Lord Zir loot table

Lord Zir is the fiend responsible for Season of Blood’s vampire scourge and the first of the new bosses in Diablo 4 that’s only available in the Torment World Tier. Unless you count the story fight in the seasonal campaign, but this space is for end-game enjoyers.

Lord Zir is drawn to Exquisite Blood, which can be farmed via World Bosses and Legion Events. None of that regular blood for this guy, he’s fancy.

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Here’s some of the sweet gear you can get for driving a stake through the heart of Lord Zir:

BarbarianRamaladni’s Magnus Opus, Rage of Harrogath, Gohr’s Devastating Grips, Overkill, The Butcher’s Cleaver
DruidMad Wolf’s Glee, Vasily’s Prayer, Greatstaff of the Crone, Fleshrender, The Butcher’s Cleaver
RogueGrasp of Shadow, Eyes in the Dark, Skyhunter, Asheara’s Khanjar
NecromancerBlood Artisan’s Cuirass, Deathless Visage, Greaves of the Empty Tomb, Lidless Wall
SorcererStaff of Endless Rage, Iceheart Brais, Raiment of the Infinite, Esadora’s Overflowing Cameo
All ClassesPenitent Greaves, Razorplate, Temerity
Diablo 4 Beast in Ice Loot TableBlizzard Entertainment
This guy does exactly what it says on the box. He’s a Beast in Ice.

Diablo 4 Beast in Ice loot table

After names like Grigoire, the Galvanic Saint, and Lord Zir, the Dark Master, Beast in Ice feels a little underwhelming. Don’t let that fool you though, Blizzard locked this guy to the Torment World Tier for a reason.

To even fight this thing, you’ll need to farm Nightmare Dungeons of Level 30 or above to collect Distilled Fear. With enough Distilled Fear, you can head to an Occultist to craft a Glacial Fissure Nightmare Sigil and enter the lair of the Beast in Ice.

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After drowning yourself in Ice resist Elixirs and shattering the Beast, here’s what you can grab:

BarbarianFields of Crimson, 100,000 Steps, Ancients’ Oath, Battle Trance, Hellhammer
DruidInsatiable Fury, Hunter’s Zenith, Waxing Gibbous, Storm’s Companion
RogueCondemnation, Word of Hakan, Windforce, Eaglehorn
NecromancerBloodless Scream, Howl from Below, Deathspeaker’s Pendant, Ring of Mendeln
SorcererStaff of Lam Esen, Esu’s Heirloom, Gloves of the Illuminator, The Oculus
All ClassesFrostburn, Mother’s Embrace, Fists of Fate, Tassets of Dawning Sky
Diablo 4 Duriel Loot TableBlizzard Entertainment
Friendship ended with Uber Lilith. Duriel is my best friend now.

Diablo 4 Duriel loot table

The literal final boss of Diablo 4 and this list is Duriel, King of Maggots. Fitting his role as a Lesser Evil, Duriel can only be fought in the Torment World Tier.

He’s a bit more complicated to spawn than Diablo 4’s other endgame bosses. This is because the Mucous Slick Eggs and Shards of Agony you need to summon Duriel can only be farmed by defeating other endgame Bosses. Specifically Varshan and Grigoire.

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To make up for the challenge of spawning him, Duriel will drop Uber Unique gear along with some other stuff. Here’s his table:

BarbarianAzurewrath, Tuskhelm of Joritz the Mighty
DruidTempest Roar, Dolmen Stone
RogueCowl of the Nameless, Scoundrel’s Leathers
NecromancerBlack River, Blood Moon Breeches
SorcererFlamescar, Blue Rose
All ClassesGodslayer Crown, Flickerstep, Tibault’s Will, X’Fal’s Corroded Signet, Soulbrand, Banished Lord’s Talisman
Uber UniquesDoombringer (Barbarian, Necromancer, Rogue), The Grandfather (Barbarian, Necromancer), Melted Heart of Selig (All Classes), Andariel’s Visage (All Classes), Harlequin Crest (All Classes), Ring of Starless Skies (All Classes), Abavarion (All Classes), Spear of Lycander (Druid, Sorcerer)

That’s all the Diablo 4 boss loot tables plus a little extra info on how to summon them. Just a glance makes this new target farming system seem pretty exciting and will hopefully pad out Diablo 4’s endgame a little.

For more help in your quest to be the savior of Sanctuary, check out our massive selection of Diablo 4 guides.

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