Diablo 4: Fastest ways to get XP & level up

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XP is an essential resource in Diablo 4 if you want to level up and take on the game’s toughest challenges, so we’ve got you covered with a comprehensive guide on how to gain XP and level up fast.

If you’re eager to get to Diablo 4’s most difficult content quickly you’ll need to level up as much as you can. Whether you’re a veteran or are completely new to the franchise, knowing how to get some easy XP can be pretty helpful for leveling up quickly.

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Foes like the Prime Evils may be daunting but with the right level and a good build, you can take on any battle in Diablo 4, and to help we’ve got some tips on how to gain XP and level up fast in the game.

So, here are the fastest ways to level up in Diablo 4.

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Diablo 4 easy XP methods

Kill all enemies

Every enemy you slay in Diablo 4 grants you XP, it’s as simple as that. So if you’re just out and about in the Sanctuary strolling through a mountain, take care of any wolves, skeletons, or any other foe you come across as every little helps! Of course, there will be times when you ignore enemies or rush past them on your mount, but always bear in mind you’ll need to slay demons if you’re to grow in power.

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It also pays to take part in the random World Events you find scattered around Sanctuary. These are identifiable by a red circle on the map and involve slaying a bunch of enemies or some other task. Such events provide some high-level gear as a reward, not to mention a boatload of XP!

Thanks to dedicated Reddit user ThatJumpyJumpS, we have a full breakdown of how experience works in certain aspects of Diablo 4 and how you might want to prioritize your efforts.

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This is how enemy scaling works in relation to weaker foes in D4:

  • Enemy is 1 level below yours: -10% XP boost
  • Enemy is 2 levels below yours: -20% XP boost
  • Enemy is 3 or more levels below yours: -30% XP boost

Here’s the amount of extra XP you can earn from stronger opponents:

  • Enemy is 1 level above yours: 15% XP boost
  • Enemy is 2 levels above yours: 20% XP boost
  • Enemy is 3 or more levels above yours: 25% XP boost

Choose the right Difficulty Level

The World Tier system in Diablo 4 directly impacts the amount of XP you receive. Playing on higher difficulties yields more XP per enemy, but remember – the demons will be much more formidable. Balance your skill level with the challenge, and if you’re comfortable, always try to push for a tougher challenge if you feel comfortable enough.

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In time, you’ll naturally outgrow the first World Tier, maybe before you’ve even completed the game. If that happens and you feel like more of a challenge, approach the Inarius statue and select a higher World Tier. Be aware, that the game dynamically levels with you, so enemies will always be at a similar level to you and other players in your session.

For World Tiers, here’s how the difficulty affects XP:

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  • World Tier I: Normal XP
  • World Tier II: 20% XP boost
  • World Tier III: 100% XP boost
  • World Tier IV: 200% XP boost

Descend into Dungeons

Dungeons are a central feature in Diablo 4, filled with powerful enemies and even more potent rewards. Clearing dungeons not only rewards you with XP but also provides you with high-tier loot, making yourself a more fearsome proposition for all those who lie in wait.

Many of the dungeons around the map offer permanent rewards, some unique to the character class. It pays to complete as many as possible, but prioritize the ones that suit your build and playstyle. Some will offer rewards that make grinding levels much easier.

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players fighting enemies in diablo 4Blizzard Entertainment

Complete all Quests

Quests in Diablo 4 are another excellent method for accumulating XP. Main quests, side quests, and even bounty quests – all offer generous XP rewards. In truth, completing quests is the best way to grind levels in Diablo 4. As you level up, the level requirement of quests increases too, meaning you’re always guaranteed a decent chunk of XP at the end.

Pay attention to the quest givers scattered throughout Sanctuary and make sure to complete every quest you come across to maximize your XP gains. These are usually found in towns and settlements marked by a (!) sign. Side quests are optional, but represent the best way to level up your character and acquire some high-end loot.

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Group Up with Other Players

Join forces with other players in Diablo 4’s multiplayer mode. Teaming up with other adventurers not only helps you take down tougher enemies but will offer an additional Party XP bonus – which is a nice little cherry on top.

Even if you’re not knee-deep in demons with your allies, everyone benefits from XP when party members complete a quest or kill enemies, so it’s a great way to earn some passive levels. Just be sure to pull your weight in battle!

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Here’s a more accurate breakdown of XP gains from being around additional D4 players:

  • If at least one player is nearby you when you earn XP: 5% XP boost
  • If at least one party member is nearby you when you earn XP: 10% XP boost

Consume Elixirs

Another simple one, but using Elixirs gives players a small XP boost for half an hour. They’re especially handy if you’re in a Dungeon or Stronghold and have tons of enemies to kill to maximize your efforts. it also doesn’t matter which variation of Elixir you use either, they all boost XP.

Use XP Boosts

Last but not least, keep an eye out for any XP boosts in Diablo 4. It’s been confirmed by Blizzard that they will feature and these boosts will increase the XP you can obtain for a limited period of time.

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These can usually be found in the form of Shrines boost XP for a few minutes, when you activate one, kill as many enemies as possible to maximize the benefit of the buff.

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