How to swap weapons in Diablo 4

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Diablo 4 is one of 2023’s biggest games being helmed by the behemoth that is Blizzard Entertainment. One of the key elements to mastering the looter is understanding its intricate weapon management system, and our guide provides an insightful, step-by-step process for swapping weapons.

In Diablo 4, weapon swapping is a game-changer. It allows you to adapt to different combat situations quickly, enhancing your survival chances against the game’s numerous, nefarious demons. Utilizing the weapon swap feature lets you take advantage of diverse weapon effects, increasing damage output and bolstering your defensive capabilities.

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Understanding when to swap weapons can turn the tide in Diablo 4’s intense combat. For instance, a heavy axe might be your go-to choice for hordes of low-level demons, but against a powerful boss, a ranged crossbow might be more beneficial. As you progress you’ll learn to swap weapons strategically and maximize your combat potential, and we’ll show you how.

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Swapping weapons in Diablo 4 explained

To clarify, you will never manually switch your weapon in Diablo 4, the game will automatically do it for you. Allow us to explain, each class has certain weapons they wield by default. It’s actually the skills you use that determine which weapons your character will produce in a skirmish.

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It’s a fairly simple concept that you’ll get to grips with. On the other hand, you can change the weapons you’re using thanks to the skill system. If you want to do this, check out our instructions:

  1. You’ll first need to access the game’s Skills menu using your format’s default prompt.
  2. Now, select the class skill that you want to tinker with.
  3. Depending on your class, you should now be able to choose from the weapons available.
  4. Select the best one for your playstyle, and get stuck into Diablo 4’s combat!

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