Diablo 4 mounts: How to get a horse

decaying steed mount in diablo 4Blizzard Entertainment

Diablo 4 gives fans a chance to return to the dark fantasy world of Sanctuary, with some brand-new additions including the inclusion of Mounts for the first time. Here’s everything you need to know about how to get a trusty horse in the ARPG.

The long-awaited Diablo 4 was released in June, and there’s plenty of content for fans to dive into including the main campaign, and the recently released Season 1.

Alongside the classic demon slaying and loot-collecting gameplay loop, this entry in the franchise has a couple of series firsts for players to enjoy including Mounts! Your character can now traverse the dangerous environments on horseback which makes the exploration experience much faster.

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If you’re wondering how to acquire a trusty steed in the game, here’s everything you need to know including how to get the standard horse, and different unlockable Mounts.

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How to get a horse mount in Diablo 4

In order to get a mount in Diablo 4, you need to complete the Donan’s Favor quest. You can get this quest in Kyovashad early on in the game. However, you won’t actually be able to complete this until a decent way into the game. In fact, you will have to wait until Act 4 to complete, where you will meet Donan in a cathedral.

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Once you’ve done this quest though, speak to the Stable Master at any stable in the game. This will give you the option to buy mounts, upgrade their stats, and customize them to your heart’s content.

Mounts were sadly locked in the Diablo 4 beta with players being greeted by this prompt: “Progress the campaign and complete Mount: Donan’s Favor to gain access to mounts.”

However, this is different for the full release, and once you’ve met the outlined criteria, mounts will become another useful tool in your kit.

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How to get different mounts

Cosemetic horse armor in the Diablo 4 shopBlizzard Entertainment

There are a couple of ways to get different mounts in Diablo 4. If you want to garner an aesthetic with the look of your hero, that should extend to your horse too right?

In-world, it seems you can receive different horses for different quests and events. For example, completing the Gathering Legion World Event in Kor Dragan will net you the spooky-looking Spectral Charger mount.

However, and you likely won’t love this, the easiest way to get amazing-looking mounts is going to be to open your wallet. The in-game store has a mount section, and you can choose to purchase them. These are priced anywhere from 800 – 1600 platinum – the game’s microtransaction currency.

Another, alternate way to spend money to get a mount, is to get the Ultimate edition of the game, which comes with the Temptation mount.

Hopefully, more ways to earn these mounts will open up from in-game play. However, for now, it seems the best way to get a cool mount is to pay up.

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That wraps up our Diablo 4 mount guide! If you’re seeking even more secrets and tips in Sanctuary, then check out even more of our devilish guides:

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