Diablo 4: How to upgrade healing potion

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In the demon-infested world of Diablo 4, survival is everything, and learning how to upgrade your healing potion is crucial. So let’s run through how you can go about doing this in the dangerous Dungeon looter.

Let’s say you’re on a grueling quest and suddenly, you find your health bar dropping faster than a rock in a pond. What do you do? This is where Diablo 4 and knowing how to upgrade your healing potion comes into play.

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Giving your potion an extra bit of oomph can mean the difference between victory and the tearful end of a Hardcore run in the game. Today, we’re breaking down all you need to know about enhancing those vital healing potions in Blizzard’s Diablo 4.

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Diablo 4 upgrade healing potion solution

Upgrading healing potions in Diablo 4 requires you to level up until you reach level 10, then the key quest Upgrade your potion will appear as well as a few others. You should now visit the Apothecary in Kyovashad and do your first potion upgrade.

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To upgrade your healing potion for the first time from the Weak Healing Potion you’ll just need to visit the Apothecary, but to upgrade your Tiny Healing Potion you’ll need to have gathered 2x Gallowvine.

Then, to upgrade it to the Minor Healing Potion you’ll need to have reached level 20, collected 15x Gallowvine, 5x Biteberry, and 400 gold.

For more information, check out which levels you need to reach and any ingredients and Gold required with our trusty table below.

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Level requiredType of PotionIngredients/Gold required
Level 1Weak Healing PotionN/A
Level 10Tiny Healing PotionGallowvine x2
Level 20Minor Healing PotionGallowvine x15, Biteberry x5, Gold x400
Level 30Light Healing PotionGallowvine x20, Biteberry x10, Crushed Beast Bones x5, Gold x470
Level 45Moderate Healing PotionGallowvine x20, Howler Moss x12, Demon’s Heart x5, Gold x900
Level 60Strong Healing PotionGallowvine x27, Reddamine x15, Paletongue x5, Gold x1,700
Level 70Greater Healing PotionBlightshade x36, Lifesbane x18, Grave Dust x5, Angelbreath x5, Gold x2,500
Level 80Major Healing PotionAngelbreath x10, Reddamine x27, Biteberry x27, Blightshade x27, Lifesbane x27, Howler Moss x27, Fiend Rose x5, Gold x5,000
Level 90Superior Healing PotionForgotten Soul x10, Angelbreath x20, Fiend Rose x10, Grave Dust x20, Blightshade x36, Demon’s Heart x20, Howler Moss x36, Gold x12,500

How to carry more Healing Potions in Diablo 4

To get more Healing Potion charges in Diablo 4, you’ll have to obtain as much renown as possible.

Simply, increase your renown in each region by completing different tasks and one of the rewards you can get is additional Healing Potions to ensure you’re stocked up. This basically just means help the denizens of each region until they love you as a hero.

Check out some of the ways you can increase renown right here:

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