Destiny 2 Arc 3.0 guide: Best builds, all Aspects & Fragments for all classes

Lloyd Coombes

Destiny 2’s Arc 3.0 content means there are plenty of different builds for Guardians to create and mess around with. To make things easier, we’ve put together the best Destiny 2 Arc 3.0 builds, along with every Aspect and Fragment.

Destiny 2: Lightfall is nearly upon players – almost likely to be the penultimate piece of expansion DLC arriving in the game. The Destiny 2 Arc 3.0 update was a while ago now, but its importance is still being felt in the game all this time later, especially as we approach the next chapter in the game’s universe.

Void 3.0 arrived with The Witch Queen and Solar 3.0 arrived with Season of the Haunted, and Arc set foot in the game thanks to Season of Plunder’s update that was free for all players. The best Destiny 2 Arc 3.0 builds will not only help while battling the Darkness but also in PvP activities.

Here’s everything you need to know about Destiny 2 Arc 3.0, including all the Aspects and Fragments available across Titan, Hunter, and Warlock classes, and the best builds for each.


What is Arc 3.0 in Destiny 2?

A Bungie’s blog post for Destiny 2 revealed that Arc 3.0 would deliver speed and impact in equal measure – which it did.

As with prior subclass 3.0 versions, there are a series of buffs and debuffs that can be applied.

AmplifiedYour movement speed and weapon handling are greatly increased. After sprinting for a short time, your movement speed is further increased. Rapidly defeating targets with Arc damage makes you amplified.
BlindCombatants are disoriented and cannot fire their weapons. Opposing players’ HUD is removed and their vision is obscured.
JoltThe target is charged with destructive Arc Light. As they take additional damage while jolted, they chain lightning to nearby targets.

If you’re new to Destiny 2, the other non-Arc elements to consider are:

  • Solar – Fire Damage
  • Stasis – Ice Damage
  • Void – Space/gravity Damage
  • Kinetic – Standard damage

All Arc 3.0 Aspects and Fragments

Guardians can customize their Solar subclass in multiple ways with Solar 3.0, and that’s done through Aspects (class-specific) and Fragments (universal) options.


ClassAspect nameEffect
HunterFlow StateDefeating a jolted opponent causes you to become amplified. When amplified, the Hunter’s dodge will recharge faster and make you more resistant to damage, and you have quicker reload times.
HunterLethal CurrentAfter dodging, the Hunter’s melee lunge range is increased and their next melee attack jolts the target and creates a damaging lightning aftershock. When used with the Arc Staff Super, after dodging, the Hunter’s next staff light attack hits twice. In addition, hitting a jolted enemy with a melee attack will blind them. 
HunterTempest StrikeAllows the Hunter to perform a sliding melee that launches an Arc wave along the ground, dealing significant damage and jolting enemies in its path.
TitanJuggernautWhile sprinting and with full class ability energy, the Titan gains a frontal shield that blocks incoming damage. When amplified, the shield is stronger. Once the shield is depleted by taking damage, the player’s class energy is depleted. 
TitanKnockoutMelee kills trigger health regeneration and make the Titan amplified. Critically wounding an enemy or breaking their shield increases melee range and damage for a brief period. Titan’s base melee becomes Arc-empowered while Knockout is active.
TitanTouch of ThunderImproves Arc grenades in the following ways:
– Flashbang: Fires an additional blind impulse on its first bounce.
– Pulse: When the grenade damages an enemy, it creates an Ionic Trace for the Titan. Pulse Grenade damage increases over time as the grenade lingers after impact.
– Lightning: Grants an additional charge for Lightning grenade, and jolts targets on initial blast.
– Storm: Creates a roaming thundercloud that moves and tracks enemies (similar to the Stasis Hunter’s Silence & Squall Super), firing lightning bolts at the ground underneath it.
WarlockArc SoulThe Warlock casts a rift to create an Arc Soul that will assist the player in battle. Allies who pass through the rift will also earn an Arc Soul. The rift charges faster when allies are near. While amplified, any Arc Soul you have or gain is supercharged, increasing its rate of fire. 
WarlockElectrostatic MindArc ability kills and kills on Arc-debuffed enemies create Ionic Traces. When you collect any Ionic Trace, you become amplified.
WarlockLightning SurgeThe Warlock activates their melee while sliding to transform into a ball of lightning and teleport forward, calling down a field of lightning bolts at the exit point that jolts targets. 


There are 14 Fragments in total for Arc 3.0 in Destiny 2, and each one has various effects and, in many cases, stat changes.

Fragment nameEffectStat change
Spark of AmplitudeRapidly defeating targets while you are amplified creates an Orb of Power.
Spark of BeaconsWhen the player is amplified, Arc special weapon kills create a blinding explosion. 
Spark of BrillianceDamaging a blinded target with precision damage creates a blinding explosion.+10 Intellect
Spark of DischargeArc weapon final blows have a chance to create an Ionic Trace.-10 Strength
Spark of FeedbackTaking melee damage briefly increases your outgoing melee damage.+10 Resilience
Spark of FocusAfter sprinting for a short time, your class ability regeneration is increased.-10 Resilience
Spark of FrequencyMelee hits greatly increase your reload speed for a short duration
Spark of IonsDefeating a jolted target creates an Ionic Trace.
Spark of MagnitudeYour lingering Arc grenades (Lightning Grenade, Pulse Grenade, and Storm Grenade) have extended duration.
Spark of MomentumSliding over ammo will reload your weapon and grant a small amount of melee energy. Sliding over Heavy ammo increases the amount of energy granted.
Spark of RechargeWhile critically wounded, your melee and grenade energy regenerates more quickly.
Spark of ResistanceWhen surrounded by enemies, the player has increased damage resistance. +10 Strength
Spark of ShockThe player’s Arc grenades jolt enemies.-10 Discipline
Spark of VoltsFinishers make you amplified.+10 Recovery

How to unlock Arc 3.0 Aspects

While Stasis Aspects and Fragments for Stasis are unlocked through visiting the Stranger after completing Beyond Light’s campaign, if you’ve played Destiny before, you’ll immediately have access to all Arc 3.0 Aspects when you log in during Season of Plunder.

You can gain access to more Fragments in exchange for Glimmer by visiting Ikora Rey in the Tower. Furthermore, new players can get their Aspects and Fragments through the initial New Light experience.

Best Destiny 2 Arc 3.0 builds


Arc 3.0 build for Hunter

Destiny 2 Arc 3.0 Hunter build

Arc Hunters are all about rapid hits, particularly in melee range. With the following Destiny 2 Arc 3.0 build for Hunters, dodging will increase the charge rate of your melee, and boost its range, while also jolting them. Defeating them will then buff your dodge speed, meaning your Hunter can become a sort of constantly moving knife expert.

For added fun, put on the Liar’s Handshake Gauntlets so you can heal while punching.

  • Aspects: Flow State, Lethal Current
  • Melee: Combination Blow
  • Grenade: Any
  • Fragments: Focus, Frequency, Recharge, Resistance
  • Mods: Melee Wellmaker, Well of Striking


Arc 3.0 build for Titan

Destiny 2 Arc 3.0 Titan build

Arc Titans really lean into the power fantasy of being an unstoppable force, and might just be the most fun you’ll have punching monsters in the face. Titans also happen to have plenty of melee-focused exotic armor pieces, although our preference is to just zap everything around us with Dunemarchers. Thunderclap takes some time to charge, but it’s so satisfying that it puts a smile on our faces.

  • Aspects: Juggernaut, Knockout
  • Melee: Thunderclap
  • Grenade: Blinding Grenades
  • Fragments: Feedback, Recharge, Resistance
  • Mods: Bountiful Wells, Heavy-Handed, Melee Wellmaker


Arc 3.0 build for Warlock

Destiny 2 Arc 3.0 Warlock build

Not technically a melee build, and instead focused around swapping your grenade for an Arc Soul, this build keeps you fighting alongside it for as long as possible while also buffing what it offers in return.

  • Aspects: Electrostatic Mind, Arc Soul
  • Melee: Any
  • Grenade: Any
  • Fragments: Ions, Magnitude, Resistance, Volt
  • Mods: Melee Wellmaker, Well of Ions

There you have it, the best Destiny 2 Arc 3.0 builds. For more tips and guides covering all things Destiny, check out more of our guide content at Dexerto:

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