Destiny 2 Solar 3.0 guide: Best builds, all Aspects & Fragments for all classes

Lloyd Coombes

The Destiny 2 Solar 3.0 update completely refined and reshaped the way Guardians can make and use Solar subclasses, thanks to offensive and restorative possibilities. To make things easier, here are our best Destiny 2 Solar 3.0 builds, along with information on every Aspect and Fragment.

Nailing down the right subclasses is becoming more and more crucial as we approach Destiny 2: Lightfall – the second-to-last bump on the road ahead of The Final Shape.

Along with Destiny 2: Lightfall, players will also be treated to the free Season of the Defiance update. With plenty of Destiny 2 content left in the tank, it still helps to know the best Arc 3.0 and Void, 3,0 builds – as well as the best Solar variations too.

With abilities that weave between healing and outright carnage, there’s a lot to like when using a Solar subclass, whether you’re playing as a Titan, Warlock, or Hunter.

So let’s run through the best Solar 3.0 combinations for you to explore in Destiny 2.


What is Solar 3.0 in Destiny 2?

Solar abilities let players deal burning damage which inflicts damage over time, but it also allows for healing potential, too, making the best Destiny 2 Solar 3.0 builds a force to be reckoned with in all content.

With Solar 3.0, the following buffs and debuffs can be applied (descriptions courtesy of Bungie).

Buff/Debuff Explanation
Cure You are healed in a burst of mending Solar Light.
Ignite A large, damaging Solar explosion in an area around the target.
Radiant Your weapons are enhanced by the power of the Traveler and deal increased damage to foes.
Restoration You continuously regenerate health and shields over time. Cannot be interrupted by taking damage.
Scorch The target is singed by destructive Solar Light, taking damage over time. Scorch damage increases as the target accumulates more Scorch stacks. After 100 Scorch stacks are applied to the target, they Ignite.

If you’re new to Destiny 2, the other non-Solar elements are:

  • Arc – Electricity Damage
  • Stasis – Ice Damage
  • Void – Space/gravity Damage
  • Kinetic – Standard damage

All Solar 3.0 Aspects and Fragments

Guardians can customize their Solar subclass in multiple ways with Solar 3.0, and that’s done through Aspects (class-specific) and Fragments (universal) options that are key to Destiny 2’s Solar 3.0 builds.


Class Aspect name Effect
Hunter Gunpowder Gamble Defeat targets with abilities, Solar debuffs, or Solar weapons to charge up an improvised Solar explosive. Throw a solar explosive that can be shot in mid-air to cause an ignition.
Hunter Knock ‘Em Down Your Solar Supers are enhanced. Golden Gun – Deadshot has increased duration, Golden Gun – Marksman has increased damage resistance and duration, and Blade Barrage launches more projectiles. While radiant, final blows with your equipped Throwing Knife fully refund your melee energy.
Hunter On Your Mark Precision final blows grant you and nearby allies increased weapon handling and reload speed for a short duration. Stacks 3 times. Activating your class ability immediately grants maximum stacks of On Your Mark.
Titan Consecration While sliding, activate your charged melee ability to launch a wave of Solar energy forward, damaging and scorching targets in front of you as you leap into the air. While airborne, activate your charged melee again to slam to the ground and create a second larger wave of damaging Solar energy. If the wave hits a scorched target, they ignite.
Titan Roaring Flames Final blows with Solar abilities or ignitions increase the damage of your Solar abilities. Stacks 3 times.
Titan Sol Invictus Solar ability final blows, Hammer of Sol impacts, and defeating scorched targets creates Sunspots. Your abilities regenerate faster, and your Super drains more slowly while standing in a Sunspot. Sunspots apply scorch and deal damage to targets inside. Entering a Sunspot applies restoration.
Warlock Heat Rises You can fire weapons, melee, and throw grenades while gliding. Consumes grenade. Final blows while airborne increase the duration of Heat Rises and grant melee energy.
Warlock Icarus Dash Dodge quickly while airborne. While Heat Rises is active, you have an additional dodge.
Warlock Touch of Flame Your Healing, Solar, Firebolt, and Fusion Grenades have enhanced functionality. Healing Grenade has improved cure and restoration, Solar Grenade increases linger duration and fires blobs of lava, Firebolt Grenade increases target search radius and count, and Fusion Grenade explodes twice.


Fragment name Effect Stat change
Ember of Ashes You apply more scorch stacks to targets.  
Ember of Beams Your Solar Super projectiles have stronger target acquisition. +10 Intellect
Ember of Benevolence Applying restoration, cure, or radiant to allies grants increased grenade, melee, and class ability regeneration for a short duration. -10 Discipline
Ember of Blistering Defeating targets with Solar ignitions grants grenade energy.  
Ember of Char Your Solar ignitions spread scorch to affected targets. +10 Discipline
Ember of Combustion Final blows with your Solar Super cause targets to ignite. +10 Strength
Ember of Empyrean Solar weapon or ability final blows extend the duration of restoration and radiant effects applied to you. -10 Resilience
Ember of Eruption Your Solar ignitions have increased area of effect. +10 Strength
Ember of Searing Defeating scorched targets grants melee energy +10 Recovery
Ember of Singeing Your class ability recharges faster when you scorch targets.  
Ember of Solace Radiant and restoration effects applied to you have increased duration.  
Ember of Tempering Solar weapon final blows grant you and your allies increased recovery for a short duration. Stacks 3 times. While Ember of Tempering is active, your weapons have increased airborne effectiveness. -10 Recovery
Ember of Torches Powered melee attacks against combatants make you and nearby allies radiant.  
Ember of Wonder Rapidly defeating multiple targets with solar ignitions generates an Orb of Power. +10 Resilience

How to unlock Solar 3.0 Aspects and Fragments

While Stasis Aspects and Fragments for Stasis are unlocked through visiting the Stranger after completing Beyond Light’s campaign, if you’ve played Destiny before, you’ll immediately have access to all Solar 3.0 Aspects when you log in.

You can gain access to more Fragments in exchange for Glimmer by visiting Ikora Rey in the Tower. New players can get their Aspects and Fragments through the initial New Light experience.

Best Destiny 2 Solar 3.0 builds


Solar 3.0 build for Hunter

Destiny 2 Solar 3.0 Hunter build

Solar Hunters are able to constantly use their abilities with this powerful build. Gambler’s Dodge can keep your melee charged, while Weighted Throwing Knives can be reused with kills and make the user Radiant and help keep your grenade recharged, too.

  • Aspects: Gunpowder Gamble, Knock ’em Down
  • Melee: Weighted Throwing Knife
  • Grenade: Tripmine Grenade
  • Fragments: Empyrean, Singeing, Solace, Torches
  • Mods: Bomber, Elemental Ordnance, Melee Wellmaker


Solar 3.0 build for Titan

Destiny 2 Solar 3.0 Titan build

If the thought of charging headfirst into an army of enemies appeals to you, this Destiny 2 Solar 3.0 build is a great choice for Titans. You’ll need the Witch Queen exotic Loreley Splendor Helm, but if you have it, you’re in for a real treat — and it essentially makes you unkillable.

  • Aspects: Roaring Flames, Sol Invictus
  • Melee: Throwing Hammer
  • Grenade: Solar Grenade
  • Fragments: Ashes, Empyrean, Singeing, Torches
  • Mods: Elemental Charge, High-Energy Fire, Melee Wellmaker


Solar 3.0 build for Warlock

Destiny 2 Solar 3.0 Warlock build

If you have Winter’s Guile, you can power through many encounters just by using Incinerator’s Snap. The range of the melee attack, and its ability to hit multiple enemies in one go, make it ideal for building stacks of bonus melee damage from Winter’s Guile. Sunbracers can also allow for constant grenade spam.

  • Aspects: Heat Rises, Touch of Flame
  • Melee: Incinerator Snap
  • Grenade: Fusion Grenade
  • Fragments: Ashes, Eruption, Searing, Torches.
  • Mods: Melee Wellmaker, Firepower

There you have it, the best Destiny 2 Solar 3.0 builds. For more tips and guides covering all things Destiny, check out more of our guide content at Dexerto.

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