Destiny 2 Glory Ranks and requirements: How to earn Glory in the Crucible

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Destiny 2’s competitive playlist will reward players with Glory. Here are all of the Destiny 2 Glory Ranks, as well as the points needed to earn each one.

Destiny’s PvP multiplayer recently got an overhaul ahead of Witch Queen with some big Trials of Osiris changes, but the rest of the game’s competitive playlist has remained almost entirely untouched.

Players in the competitive playlist can earn Glory Ranks for wins, but losing matches will see ranks decrease after a certain point. You’ll also lose Glory for days where you don’t play, so if you want to reach the top you’ll want to ensure you’re playing regularly and performing well.

Here are all the Glory Ranks in Destiny 2.


Destiny 2 Crucible gameplay
You’ll need all of your skills in the Crucible to make it to Legend.

Competitive Crucible Glory Ranks

All Guardians start each season with zero Glory points and need to earn a set number of points per rank to begin their climb to Legend.

The climb gets steeper with each rank, too, so hopefully, the lower ranks will prepare you for the battles ahead.

Rank Total Points Points required for next rank
Guardian I 0 – 39 40
Guardian II 40 – 109 70
Guardian III 110 – 199 90
Brave I 200 – 369 170
Brave II 370 – 664 295
Brave III 665 – 1049 385
Heroic I 1050 – 1259 210
Heroic II 1260 – 1624 365
Heroic III 1625 – 2099 475
Fabled I 2100 – 2379 280
Fabled II 2380 – 2869 490
Fabled III 2870 – 3499 630
Mythic I 3500 – 3879 380
Mythic II 3880 – 4544 665
Mythic III 4545 – 5449 905
Legend 5450 – 5500 50

Glory Streaks

Earlier this year, Bungie revealed some big changes coming to Glory streaks. Players can now earn a streak bonus of an additional 20 points per win to help players climb a little more with each victory. This stacks, too, so winning five games in a row will afford players as much as 160 points in early ranks, and still as many as 120 points later on.

You’ll also no longer lose your Glory streak when defeated. Now, your streak will drop by two, giving you the chance to course-correct and regain your footing.

The other big changes are that your Destiny 2 Glory Rank can now be affected by your match-to-match performance. If you perform well but still lose, you’ll incur a much smaller loss than someone on your team that didn’t play as well.

Finally, players will only lose Glory points once they hit Fabled I rank. If you get Fabled I, you’ll be liable to slip with losses or loss streaks, but even though you’ll lose Glory before then, you’ll be unable to drop from, say, Heroic I to Brave III.

Now you know how to earn Glory in Destiny 2, why not check out some of our other Destiny 2 guide content at Dexerto?

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