Destiny 2 voice actor for every character

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Across the many Destiny 2 expansions there has been an absolute wealth of talent used for the game’s various characters over the years. To satisfy some of your most burning suspicions, we’ve put together a complete list of every Destiny 2 actor and actress.

Destiny 2 is a massive game that has spanned several expansions – with Lightfall being the most recent inclusion to the popular franchise.

With Guardians meeting friendly faces and daunting antagonists, the full cast of Destiny 2 is long and ever-growing many years after its historic debut.

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Ever wondered why that voice you heard in the game was so familiar? Here’s the list of every voice actor we currently know from the cast of Destiny 2.

Destiny 2 Voice Actors

Guardian: Various actors

destiny 2 lightfall voice actorsBungie
Guardians in Destiny 2.

Guardians are the backbone of Destiny 2. After all, they’re quite literally your character. However, Guardians for the most part remain as silent protagonists, enacting the will of the Traveller. That being said, when Guardians do speak up, you know it’s something important.

Guardians have different voices/ voice actors depending on your race and gender:

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  • Male Exo – Peter Jessop
  • Female Exo – Cree Summer
  • Male Human – Matther Mercer
  • Female Human – Susan Eisenberg
  • Male Awoken – Crispin Freeman
  • Female Awoken – Grey Griffin

Ghost: Nolan North

nolan northInstagram: reallynolannorth
Nolan North plays Ghost.

Of course, when the Guardian isn’t speaking, however, it’s normally our Ghost companion who speaks on our behalf for us.

Nolan North provides the voice for our Light-bearing buddy, who has stuck with us throughout the entirety of our Destiny 2 journey. North’s voice may sound strangely familiar, as he’s probably best known for his role as Nathan Drake in the fantastic Uncharted series as well as many other iconic roles.

Zavala: (Formerly) Lance Reddick

lance reddickInstagram: thereallancereddick
Lance Reddick plays Zavala.

Zavala is the head of all Guardian military operations. He’s often seen protecting and watching over the Last City from his post on the Tower. He’s also the Titan Vanguard, leading and commandeering all rookie Titans.

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Zavala was voiced by Lance Reddick, an incredibly well-known actor and voice actor, with roles in TV, film, and video games alike. Reddick was sincerely liked by the Destiny 2 community, oftentimes contributing his voice of Zavala outside the game, in particular, rallying the Titans for Destiny 2’s Guardian Games.

Unfortunately, Lance passed away earlier this year, Bungie has stated that they will “honor his presence through his performances yet to come in the game, and in the memories that will last us a lifetime.” Implying that Zavala’s voice will not be replaced.

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Zavala: (Currently) Keith David

Keith DavidInstagram: silverthroat
Keith David plays Zavala in Destiny 2.

American actor Keith David has been announced as the new voice actor for Zavala. David has been a well-known actor for many years now, playing in TV, animation, and movies.

David will take up the mantle after Reddick unfortunately passed away. However, Reddick’s previously recorded lines will stay in the game as David assumes the character from the present onwards.

Ikora Rey: Gina Torres

gina torresInstagram: iamginatorres
Gina Torres plays Ikora Rey.

Ikora Rey is voiced by Gina Torres, who works as both an actress and voice actor on film, TV, and video games.

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Ikora Rey, like Zavala, is the Warlock Vanguard for the Guardians. Posted on the tower, she acts as Zavala’s coworker and helps navigate the Last City against any threats. Unlike Zavala, Ikora spends a bit more time out in the field, assisting Guardians with operations like setting up The Enclave on Mars in The Witch Queen.

Rey was also once an apprentice to legendary Warlock Osiris, making her one of the most respected Warlocks out there.

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Cayde-6: Nolan North

nolan north chickenInstagram: reallynolannorth
Nolan North also plays Cayde-6.

Cayde-6 was the original Hunter Vanguard. After an extensive battle with Uldren Sov, Queen of the Awoken’s brother. Cayde-6 died at the hands of Uldren, leaving the Guardians without a Hunter Vanguard.

Cayde’s death marked a point of change in Destiny 2, showing players that no character was immune to death, and the stakes were raised ever higher in avenging our fallen friend.

Cayde-6’s voice was provided by Nathon Fillion throughout most of Destiny and Destiny 2. However in Cayde-6’s final expansion Forsaken, he was voiced by Nolan North, as Fillion expressed scheduling conflicts and was unable to play the role.

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Lord Shaxx: Lennie James

lennie jamesInstagram: thereallennieames
Lennie James plays Lord Shaxx.

Shaxx’s proud voice comes from British actor Lennie James, who is most known for their role as Morgan Jones in the zombie survival television series The Walking Dead.

Lord Shaxx is the owner of the Crucible, Destiny 2’s PvP hotspot for any Guardian with a trigger finger. Shaxx is the manager for all things Crucible and is also the vendor for the game mode, offering Guardians various goods based on their time spent there.

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Lord Saladin: Keith Ferguson

keith fergusonYouTube:
Keith Ferguson plays Lord Saladin.

Saladin is voiced by Keith Ferguson, a well-known American voice actor. Ferguson is probably most recognized for his contribution as Reaper in Overwatch, and Bloo from Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends.

Lord Saladin runs the Iron Banner for Destiny 2. One of the only few surviving Iron Lords, Saladin is a no-nonsense tough guy who has been in his own fair share of battles. Saladin comes in and out of the story, with his last major appearance in Season of the Risen, with Caiatl and Crow.

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The Drifter: Todd Haberkorn

todd haberkornInstagram: official_habergram
Todd Haberkorn plays The Drifter.

Drifter is voiced by Todd Haberkorn, who has voiced in several anime and video games throughout the years. Haberkorn is also an avid gamer, having his own Twitch channel where he streams.

Sly and mischievous, the Drifter runs by his very own rules. Currently running Gambit, the Drifter oversees all operations for the unique PvEvP mode. He also occasionally appears within the story, often working with Eris Morn in a sort of pairing Bungie has placed on them.

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The Drifter’s most recent major appearance was in Season of the Plunder.

Banshee-44: John DiMaggio

john dimaggioaInstagram: thejohndimaggio
John DiMaggio plays Banshee-44.

Banshee-44 is voiced by John DiMaggio is best known for his role as Bender in the popular animated sci-fi comedy series Futurama as well as voicing Marcus Fenix in the Gears of War franchise.

Banshee-44 is the resident weapons vendor for the Tower. He is known as the Gunsmith for the Guardians and offers players various goods in exchange for weapons. Banshee-44 is also the Exo form of Clovis Bray I, who split his mind into the Exo form and the AI known for controlling the Deep Stone Crypt.

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After numerous resets Banshee slowly changed into the Exo he is today.

Ada-1: Britt Baron

britt baronInstagram: brittbaron
Britt Baron plays Ada-1.

Ada-1 is voiced by American actress Britt Baron, who has had roles in several other television shows and video games.

Ada-1, owner of the Black Armory was introduced all the way back in Season of the Forge, the first season introduced after Forsaken. As the owner of the Black Armory, she offered players various weapons and artifacts exclusive to herself. These days she offers players various mods, and also hosts the transmogrification system for players, whilst occasionally appearing in the story.

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Crow: Brandon O’Neill

brandon o'neillTwitter: Brandon_ONei11
Brandon O’Neill plays Crow.

Crow is voiced by actor Brandon O’Neill, who is currently playing Kassim in the West End’s version of Aladdin.

Silent and mysterious, Crow is the reincarnation of Uldren Sov. Uldren Sov was the brother of the Queen of the Awoken Mara Sov. Uldren was originally tricked by Riven and played a pivotal part in the Forsaken expansion, being the main reason behind Crow’s death and also being the antagonist for the DLC.

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Due to being resurrected by the Light, Crow now acts as the pseudo-Hunter Vanguard and often comes into the story at key moments.

Saint-14: Brian T. Delaney

brian t delaneyGTLive
Brian T. Delaney plays Saint-14.

Saint-14 is voiced by Brian T. Delaney, who is most known for his role as the male Sole Survivor in Fallout 4.

Saint-14 oversees the Trials of Osiris for Destiny 2. Posted in the Tower Hangar, Saint offers players various rewards and loot for competing in the high-end PvP event that is Trials of Osiris.

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Saint originally passed away whilst in an encounter with the Vex, but the Guardians alongside Osiris used a time-traveling device named The Sundial in order to save him before he was felled.

Osiris: Oded Fehr

oded fehrInstagram: fehr.oded
Oded Fehr plays Osiris.

Osiris is played by Oded Fehr, an Israelian actor most know for his roles in both The Mummy and The Mummy Returns.

Legendary Warlock Osiris was Ikora Rey’s mentor and previous Vanguard Commander. After being exiled from the Last City, Osiris researched the Vex and was able to create the Sundial, which led to the saving of his partner Saint-14.

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Osiris was eventually possessed by Savathûn leading up to the Witch Queen expansion but has since then been freed. He has had his most recent appearance in Season of the Seraph after asking Ana to assist in his search for the city on Neptune.

Xûr: Fred Tatasciore

fred tatascioreInstagram: fredtatasciore
Fred Tatasciore plays Xûr.

Xûr is an agent and servant of the mysterious group known as The Nine. He appears occasionally around Destiny, offering various exotic wares to Guardians in exchange for materials. Not much is known about Xûr apart from that he randomly appears and disappears, and that he does not have a will of his own.

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Well-known American voice actor/ animator Fred Tatasciore plays Xûr in Destiny 2. With roles in several TV shows and playing Soldier:76 in Overwatch, it’s no surprise that his voice may sound familiar.

Petra Venj: April Stewart

april stewartFacebook: Love Letters
April Stewart plays Petra Venj.

Petra Venj is played by American voice actress April Stewart. Stewart has had roles in several video games and animated television series. She is most well known for her work on South Park, where she players Sharon Marsh, Liane Cartman and Wendy Testaburger.

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Petra Venj is Mara Sov’s Awoken warrior, she’s essentially Mara Sov’s assistant and coordinates with the Queen of the Awoken. She can be found within the Dreaming City, assisting in restoring the city and rescuing various Techeuns.

Mara Sov: Kirsten Potter

kirsten potterYouTube: AudioFile Magazine
Kirsten Potter plays Mara Sov.

Queen of the Awoken, Mara Sov acts as the ruler of the Awoken. Sov was originally used as bait for her brother Uldren, which caused him to follow her words resulting in his death.

The Guardians were able to interact with Mara Sov through the usage of the Oracle Engine, until the seventh visit when she vanished. Mara has since returned to the Dreaming City and now appears throughout the story, enacting her will. Her most recent appearance was in Season of the Seraph.

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Mara Sov’s voice actress is Kirsten Potter, who has played in several different video games, most known for her role as Tae Takemi in Persona 5 and Caitlyn in Legends of Runeterra.

Eris Morn: Morla Gorrondona

morla gorrodonaInstagram: morlavox
Morla Gorrondona plays Eris Morn.

Morn is voiced by Morla Gorrondona who has had several roles in various video games such as God of War: Ragnarok, Call of Duty and Horizon Forbidden West.

Eris Morn is a former Hunter who now resides on the Moon. She was the sole survivor of the fireteam sent to assassinate Crota. Eris was the first to locate a disturbance on the Moon, which led to the discovery of the Pyramid ships. This discovery was the beginning of the end of the light and dark saga and hinted at what was to come in future expansions.

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Variks: Dee Bradley Baker

dee bradley bakerInstagram: deebradleybaker
Dee Bradley Baker plays Variks.

Variks is played by Dee Bradley Baker, an American voice actor from Indiana. Baker has played in several animated series, with his best-known work being Klaus from American Dad.

Variks was the former Warden of the Prison of Elders, whose outbreak led to the death of Cayde-6. As such Variks was hated by the Guardians due to his contribution to the death of Cayde.

Variks fled his former home of the reef and became allies to Eramis in Beyond Light, only to be betrayed by Eramis after he stole her Splinter of Darkness. Variks was later saved by the Guardian in the Beyond Light campaign, and as such became allied to them. They currently reside as the vendor for Europa, offering various quests and wares to the Guardians.

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Exo Stranger (Elsie Bray): Moira Quirk

moira quirkInstagram: moiraquirk
Moira Quirk plays Exo Stranger (Elsie Bray).

The Exo Stranger is played by Moira Quirk, a British Actress with several roles in other video games and TV series.

The Mysterious Stranger/ The Exo Stranger also known as Elisabeth or Elsie Bray is one of the daughters of Clovis Bray II. Elisabeth Bray was originally a human but became one of the first-ever Exos to prevent her death via genetic disease.

The Exo Stranger made a full return to Destiny 2 in the Beyond Light expansion, where it was revealed that she was related to Ana Bray and that she had come from an alternate timeline.

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Elsie is currently the vendor for the Stasis subclass and is also located on Europa. However, she recently appeared in Season of the Seraph due to the close ties she has with Ana Bray.

Ana Bray: Erika Ishii

erika ishiiInstagram: theerikaishii
Erika Ishii plays Ana Bray.

Ana Bray is played by Erika Ishii, who is known for her roles as Valkyrie from Apex Legends, as well as playing in the Critical Role series.

Anastasia Bray is the other daughter of Clovis Bray II. She helped develop the Warmind Rasputin in her previous life and was then risen as a Lightbearer after her first death.

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Ana Bray was introduced to Destiny 2 in the Warmind Expansion, in which we were also to her companion Rasputin. Since Anastasia is most closely associated with Rasputin she often appears in the story with them. Ana Bray most recently appeared in Season of the Seraph, being one of the main characters of the Season’s story.

Fynch: Ian James Corlett

ian james corlettInstagram: ianjamescorlett
Ian James Corlett plays Fynch.

Fynch is another ghost that used to serve the Lucent Brood of Hive. Throughout the Witch Queen, the Guardians befriend Fynch and he assists them in revealing Savathûn’s plan and her involvement with the Light.

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Fynch currently resides on Savathûn’s Throne World where he trades various goods to Guardian as the Vendor for the location.

Fynch is voiced by Canadian actor and writer Ian James Corlett, who worked on Dragon Ball Z and other notable TV series and video games.

Clovis Bray I: Brian T. Delaney

brian t delaneyYouTube: Bethesda Softworks
Brian T. Delaney also voices Clovis Bray I’s AI.

Clovis Bray I was the patriarchal figure of the Bray family. A well-known scientist, he founded the technology and research company known as Clovis Bray. Bray ended up splitting his mind in two, placing one into an Exo frame now known as Banshee. The other went to the large Exo head that is located on Europa, deep in the Clovis Bray labs.

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Clovis Bray I would later attempt to sabotage the Guardians and Ana Bray in Season of the Seraph, where he has had his most recent appearance.

Clovis Bray I is voiced by Brian T. Delaney, who also voices Saint-14 in Destiny 2 and the main male character in Fallout 4.

Rhulk: Andrew Morgado

andrew morgadoInstagram: drewmorgado_vo
Andrew Morgado plays Rhulk.

The Disciple of the Witness, Rhulk is the final antagonist the Guardians face when in the Vow of the Disciple raid. Rhulk was the first Disciple of the Witness, and as such would go about doing its bidding.

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After Savathûn’s rebirth in the Light, she would imprison Rhulk in his own Pyramid via a curse of Light. As retaliation Rhulk brought the Scorn into her Throne World, and would eventually take command of them.

Rhulk is voiced by Andrew Morgado who has worked on both television and movie series.

The Witness: Brett Dalton

brett daltonInstagram: imbrettdalton
Brett Dalton plays The Witness.

The Witness is the current main antagonist in the light and dark saga. They are known as the Entity or the Voice in the Darkness and are the master of the Black Pyramid ship as well as its many disciples. Their voice is rather hard to discern due to them using multiple voices whilst speaking.

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The voice actor for The Witness is Brett Dalton, who has played in several different video games including Until Dawn and God of War: Ragnarok.

Cloud Strider Nimbus: Marin M Miller

marin m millerInstagram: marinmillervo
Marin M Miller plays Cloud Strider Nimbus.

The Cloud Striders are our newest allies that hail from Neomuna, with both Nimbus and Rohan joining forces with the Guardians to defend the city. That being said, not much is known about the Cloud Striders. We do know that Cloud Striders are Neomunan citizens who volunteered to enhance themselves with nanotechnology, which has allowed the to defend Neomuna against the Cabal.

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The young hotshot Nimbus is voiced by non-binary voice actor Marin M. Miller, who has worked on video game titles such as Hades and Dead Space. They have also contributed to several anime and TV series in their time working as a voice actor.

Cloud Strider Rohan: Dave Fennoy

dave fennoyInstagram: davefennoy
Dave Fennoy plays Cloud Strider Rohan.

Rohan is the eldest of the two Cloud Striders and acts as a mentor to Nimbus. He’s essentially the dad figure of Neomuna, and is supposed to mirror Osiris in the Lightfall campaign.

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Dave Fennoy provided the voice for Rohan, Fennoy is a well-accredited voice actor, playing Lee from the Walking Dead series. He has also been featured in several other video games and TV series.

Calus: Darin De Paul

darin de paulInstagram: darindepaul
Darin De Paul plays Emperor Calus.

Calus has been a known entity to the Guardians ever since Destiny 2’s launch. The previous Emperor of the Cabal Empire, Calus had his throne usurped by Dominus Ghaul before the events of the Red War. Throughout the vanilla version of Destiny 2, Calus invites the Guardians to partake in his games aboard the Leviathan, acting as the first raid in Destiny 2.

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After communing with The Witness, Calus has however taken a turn for the worse and become Emperor Calus, Herald of the Witness. Now he controls his legions of Shadow Cabal and will be the main antagonist Guardians face in Lightfall.

Emperor Calus is voiced by well-known voice actor Darin De Paul, whose voice as Reinhardt should be familiar to any avid gamer.

That wraps up our guide on Destiny 2 and its various voice actors over the years. For a ton of other Destiny 2 guides, check out our other content:

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