Best Diablo 3 Wizard Builds: Season 31

Sam Smith
Diablo 3's wizard build guide

If spell-slinging is your preferred method of demon-slaying then check out our best Diablo 3 Wizard builds for Season 31. 

Diablo 3’s Wizard is the successor to Diablo 2’s Sorceress and is even a returning class from the original Diablo. The Wizard is your typical magic build as opposed to a tank or ranger-style character, and those new to the game and often prefer to play as mages will take to the Wizard instantly.

The class is easy to learn, but the real fun comes from mastery. If you’re playing Season 31 of Diablo 3 and want the best possible Wizard build then you’ve come to the right place. Here’s how to ruin Diablo’s day with an elemental assault.


Diablo 3 Wizard casting
Diablo 3’s Wizard blasts her enemies.

Is the Wizard right for me?

The Wizard is for those who want to play as a classic elemental caster. The class represents all standard RPG magic users without the complications and quirks of some of Diablo 3’s other playable characters. Although, this isn’t a criticism, as the Wizard is capable of some truly devastating attacks.

The Wizard is often weak up close, being somewhat of a glass cannon. Players who select the Wizard will need to keep moving and not get bogged down by enemies. However, in the right hands, and with the right build, the class is one of the deadliest in all of Diablo 3.

If blasting enemies with elemental death from a distance is your thing, then the Wizard is right for you.

Is the Wizard good in Diablo 3 Season 31?

According to the very reliable’s key farming tier list, the Wizard is ranked with an S in Season 31 which is nothing to sneeze at. This means that the Wizard is indeed considered desirable throughout Season 31 of Diablo 3.

Best Diablo 3 Wizard Build

The best Wizard build for Season 31 is the LoD Meteor build. As you can imagine this makes use of the Meteor ability along with a selection of OP items and weapons. Here’s a breakdown of everything you’ll need to make this build.

Active Skills

Below are all the active skills you should use for the LoD Meteor build. Each complements the rest and allows you to stack damage and critical hits:

Skill Rune
Meteor Star Pact
Archon Teleport
Magic Weapon Deflection
Storm Armor Halo of Karini
Spectral Blade Elemental Exposure
Black Hole Spellsteal

Passive Skills

For this build’s passive skills, we’d recommend:

  • Evocation
  • Galvanizing Wind
  • Audacity
  • Illusionist
  • Arcane Dynamo
Diablo 3 wizard build menu
The Wizard can be tailored to the player’s style but spells are their weapon of choice.

Build items and weapons

Now that you know the skills to focus on, here’s what gear you should equip to get the best out of this Diablo 3 Wizard build:

Item type Name
Helm The Swami
Shoulders Mantle of Channeling
Chest Aquilla Cuirass
Gloves Stone Gauntlets
Bracers Ashnagarr’s Blood Bracer
Belt Fazula’s Improbable Chain
Pants Blackthorn’s Jousting Mail
Boots Nilfur’s Boast
Ring 1 Halo of Karini
Ring 2 Convention of Elements
Amulet Squirt’s Necklace
Main-hand weapon The Grand Vizier
Off-hand weapon The Smoldering Core


It’s tempting to hire the Templar when playing as a Wizard. That’s because Kormac can tank his way through the game, giving your Wizard space to fire their spells while he holds off the hordes of Hell on the front line.

However, recommends bringing the Enchantress along with you for long-range support. Her buffs also help your build inflict mass damage while staying out of reach from demons.

Diablo 3 Wizard gameplay
The Wizard strikes some demons with an icy blizzard spell.

Alternative Diablo 3 Wizard Builds

If the Typhon Hydra build isn’t your style you can select one of the below instead.

Tal Rasha Meteor

The Tal Rasha Meteor build offers a different flavor to the above Meteor build, channeling the ancient Sorcerer who imprisoned Baal in Diablo 2:

Skill Rune
Meteor Star Pact
Magic Weapon Deflection
Spectral Blade Ice Blades
Storm Armor Shocking Aspect
Black Hole Spellsteal
Teleport Safe Passage

Firebird EB

The Firebird build is mostly built around the Firebird’s Finery armor set, but it also makes use of the following skills:

Skill Rune
Disintegrate Volatility
Magic Weapon Deflection
Spectral Blade Flame Blades
Explosive Blase Chain Reaction
Black Hole Spellsteal
Teleport Wormhole

Both builds come courtesy of

So that’s our recommended Diablo 3 Wizard Builds for this Season! Need to know more? Then check out more of our guides:

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