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Destiny 2 Weekly Reset: May 11 update, Nightfall guide, Activities, more

Published: 12/May/2021 1:14 Updated: 12/May/2021 1:15

by Brad Norton


With each week comes a fresh reset in Destiny 2 and we’ve got everything you need to stay on top of the latest changes. 

Since Destiny first released in 2014, one thing has remained constant: Weekly Resets. Each and every week the Destiny universe is updated to some extent. It’s when new content is deployed, activities are reset, and everyone starts grinding anew.

From featured playlists to changes in raid encounters, there’s a ton of adjustments to look out for with each passing week. If you’re trying to be efficient and make the most out of your time with each reset, you’re going to need a proper plan,


In order to help you stay on top of everything in Destiny 2, we’ve got all the information you need right here. This page will be updated with every weekly reset so you’ve always got the latest information.

Destiny 2 Weekly Reset: May 11

Nightfall – The Ordeal: The Glassway

This week, your Fireteam will be dropping into The Glassway strike. As always, the Nightfall comes with three distinct modes with unique rewards throughout.

Below is a complete rundown on every modifier along with the specific rewards up for grabs this week.

The Ordeal: The Glassway
Difficulty Modifiers Rewards
  • Arach-NO: When defeated, Fallen Vandals spawn a web mine at their feet
  • Champions: Overload
  • Champions: Barrier
  • Belmon’s Algorithm: Incoming Arc and environmental damage increased
  • Exotic Gear
  • Nightfall Weapon
  • Enhancement Cores
  • Enhancement Prisms
  • Ascendant Shards
  • All previous modifiers
  • Equipment locked
  • Match Game
  • All previous modifiers
  • Champions: Mob – This mode contains additional Champions
  • Famine: All ammunition drops are significantly reduced

Weekly Crucible Rotator: Mayhem

Vanguard Burn: Arc Singe

Europa Activities

Europa in Destiny 2
Heading to Europa is a weekly tradition in Year 4 of Destiny 2.
  • Eclipsed Zone: Asterion Abyss
  • Empire Hunt: The Warrior

Legacy Activities

  • Moon:
    • Wandering Nightmare: Nightmare of Xortal, Sworn of Crota (Sorrow’s Harbor)
    • Trove Guardian is in Anchor of Light
  • Dreaming City: Growing Curse
    • Petra is at Divalian Mists
    • Weekly Mission: The Oracle Engine.
    • Ascendant Challenge: Shattered Ruins, Spine of Keres
    • Blind Well: Hive, Plague: Cragur

When is the Destiny 2 Weekly Reset?

Destiny 2 multiplayer gameplay
Make sure you get your bounties in ahead of the Weekly Rest in Destiny 2.

Knowing when your progress will reset is key to planning out the week ahead. Thankfully, Bungie’s weekly update comes at the exact same time every week unless otherwise specified.


The Destiny 2 Weekly Reset arrives every Tuesday at 10AM PT | 1PM ET | 6PM BST | 3AM AEST (Wednesday).

From raid progress to specific weekly bounties, just about everything will expire at the same time. So make sure you’re ahead of the update and don’t lose out on potential loot before it’s gone.