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Destiny 2 Iron Banner October Countdown: When Is The Next Iron Banner?

Published: 1/Sep/2021 10:03

by Lloyd Coombes


Destiny 2’s Season of the Lost is here, but when is October’s Iron Banner?

Destiny’s Iron Banner event has been around since the days of the first game, offering unique armor and weapon rewards in exchange for Guardians playing a unique PvP mode for a week.

While Season of the Lost is revamping Trials of Osiris, Iron Banner remains much the same as it has previously; players capture three objectives, and holding all three will lock enemies out in what’s known as “The Hunt”. Here, kills for the controlling team are worth triple, so it’s not uncommon to see big wins as coordinated Guardians stand their ground.


Iron Banner is also unique in Destiny 2 as it factors in Power Levels. If you’re a higher level than your opponent, you’ll deal more damage and be able to take more. If the roles are reversed, though, you’ll have to be smart about your engagements.

Here’s everything we know about the next Iron Banner.

Image from Destiny 2 showing Lord Saladin standing in front of the Iron Banner sigil
Lord Saladin has a new quest (and rewards) for players.

When Is October’s Iron Banner?

Iron Banner arrives on the second Tuesday of the month, at least usually. With the most recent Iron Banner arriving on August 31, it’s likely we’ll now be waiting until October 5.

It’s sure to be worth the wait, though, especially if you missed out on the last one. That’s because for Season of the Lost, Bungie is adding a series of new weapons and armour types.


The armor, Iron Forerunner, is particularly exciting because it’s the first new set that’s been added in a few months.

As for weapons, here’s what you can earn yourself:

  • Peacebond – Legendary Sidearm
  • Forge’s Pledge – Legendary Pulse Rifle
  • Riiswalker – Legendary Shotgun
  • Occluded Finality – Legendary Sniper Rifle

To earn the above, you’ll have to first finish Lord Saladin’s seasonal quest. This time around, it’s called “For The War to Come”, and we’ve got a guide for it here.