Destiny 2 Iron Banner countdown: When is the Season of the Defiance Iron Banner?

Destiny 2 Iron Banner emblemBungie

Destiny 2’s Season of the Defiance is here, but when is the next Iron Banner event? Here’s everything we know about the next appearance of Lord Saladin.

Destiny’s Iron Banner event has been around since the days of the first game, offering unique armor and weapon rewards in exchange for Guardians playing a unique PvP mode for a week.

It’s remained the same for years, but Season of the Haunted saw a dramatic overhaul — with the game mode switching things up each season, and Season 17 reintroducing Rift.

Iron Banner also no longer takes power levels into account, meaning you won’t have to be quite so careful with your engagements. Trials of Osiris, however, still has them enabled.

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Here’s everything we know about when the next Iron Banner arrives in Destiny 2 in Season of the Defiance.


Image from Destiny 2 showing Lord Saladin standing in front of the Iron Banner sigilBungie
Lord Saladin has a new quest (and rewards) for players.

When is the next Iron Banner?

While it used to arrive monthly, Iron Banner will be available for 3 weeks during Season of the Defiance.

Bungie has revealed that Iron Banner will return on the following dates:

  • Week 4 (March 21 – 28) – Iron Banner Control
  • Week 6 (April 4 – 11) – Eruption
  • Week 9 (April 25 – May 2) – Fortress

Don’t forget, Trials of Osiris goes on hiatus when Iron Banner rolls around.

To take part, you’ll need to have met Lord Shaxx as part of the New Light (free-to-play) quest, and speak to Lord Saladin who appears in the Tower.

All players can enjoy Iron Banner — you don’t need to own any Destiny 2 DLC.

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What is the Destiny 2 Iron Banner event? Fortress explained

Destiny 2 Iron Banner Fortress screenshot

As we mentioned earlier, Iron Banner is a PvP mode found in the Crucible for three weeks of a season. It arrives at the weekly reset, and leaves at the following reset, so you’ll have to play it when you can. It offers unique armor and weapons, and a new mode will rotate in each season.

Season of the Haunted’s Iron banner centered around Rift, a Destiny 1 mode that requires players “dunk” a Spark in the opposition’s goal.

Season of Plunder added a mode called Eruption. Players will grow in power as they rack up kills, but after five they enter a “Prime” state that scores additional points but will destroy the Guardian after 15 seconds. The mode will be found in Crucible Labs first, before moving into Iron Banner.

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Season of the Seraph’s Iron Banner introduced another new mode, this time called Fortress. Fortress plays out like a round of Control, but at certain thresholds (when one team hits 40 and then 80 points), the capture points disappear and a single capture point appears, guarded by a trio of Scorpius turrets.

Once you’ve destroyed the turrets, you can claim the zone for your team and earn points more quickly. After the point vanishes, things return to a standard Control format.

Bungie has confirmed that Iron Banner in Season of the Defiance will feature Control, Eruption and Fortress in Weeks 4, 6 and 9 respectively.

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Iron Banner Season of the Defiance rewards

It’s still early days for Iron Banner for Season of the Defiance, as the season has only just started with the release of Lightfall.

With that being said, not all of the Iron Banner rewards have been revealed by Bungie as of just yet. According to a recent TWAB, we do know that two weapons will be returning in Season 20’s Iron Banner, these being:

  • Jorum’s Claw (Pulse Rifle)
  • Bite of the Fox (Sniper Rifle)

Destiny 2 Iron Banner Iron Companion armor

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