Destiny 2 Iron Banner countdown: When is the next Season of the Haunted Iron Banner?

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Destiny 2 Iron Banner emblem

Destiny 2’s Season of the Haunted is here, but when is May’s Iron Banner event? Here’s everything we know about the next appearance of Lord Saladin.

Destiny’s Iron Banner event has been around since the days of the first game, offering unique armor and weapon rewards in exchange for Guardians playing a unique PvP mode for a week.

It’s remained the same for years, but Season of the Haunted will see a dramatic overhaul — with the game mode switching things up each season, and Season 17 reintroducing Rift.

Iron Banner will also no longer take power levels into account, meaning you won’t have to be quite so careful with your engagements. Trials of Osiris, however, still has them enabled.

Here’s everything we know about when the Season of the Haunted Iron Banner arrives in Destiny 2.


Image from Destiny 2 showing Lord Saladin standing in front of the Iron Banner sigil
Lord Saladin has a new quest (and rewards) for players.

When is Iron Banner in Season of the Haunted?

Iron Banner is set to return in Destiny 2 on Tuesday, July 12. This marks the second, and final, Iron Banner of Season of the Haunted.

Don’t forget, Trials of Osiris goes on hiatus when Iron Banner rolls around.

To take part, you’ll need to have met Lord Shaxx as part of the New Light (free-to-play) quest, and speak to Lord Saladin who appears in the Tower.

All players can enjoy Iron Banner — you don’t need to own any Destiny 2 DLC.

What is the Destiny 2 Iron Banner event?

Destiny 2's new Rift map for PvP
Season of the Haunted has introduced a new map.

As we mentioned earlier, Iron Banner is a PvP mode found in the Crucible for two weeks of a season. It arrives at weekly reset, and leaves at the following reset, so you’ll have to play it when you can. It offers unique armor and weapons, and a new mode will rotate in each season.

This season centers around Rift, a Destiny 1 mode that requires players “dunk” a Spark in the opposition’s goal.

Iron Banner Season of the Haunted rewards

Iron Banner rewards are being overhauled this season, and the following are being removed:

  • Finite Compactor – Legendary Hand Cannon
  • Occluded Finality – Legendary Sniper Rifle

Added to the loot pool are the following:

  • The Wizened Rebuke – Legendary Fusion Rifle (Arc)
  • The Hero’s Burden – Legendary Submachine Gun (Void)


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