Destiny 2 Infamy Ranks and requirements: How to earn Infamy in Gambit

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Destiny 2’s Gambit mode offers some great weapon drops for players that climb the ranks. Here’s how to earn Destiny 2 Infamy Ranks utilizing features like Activity Streaks.

Destiny 2’s Gambit mode has been untouched, and while that may not change with the Witch Queen expansion, there’s still fun to be had slaying enemies and invading another team’s game.

The better you do in Gambit, the more Infamy you’ll earn, and The Drifter has some solid weapons on offer for those willing to play the mode week in, week out.

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Here are all the Infamy Ranks in Destiny 2, and the points required to hit each one.


Destiny 2 Gambit gameplayBungie
Gambit is great fun, but it can take a while to rank up.

Destiny 2 Infamy Ranks

Each season, Guardians start at 0 Infamy points and earn them through playing Gambit – with additional points earned for wins.

The climb gets steeper with each rank, too, so hopefully, the lower ranks will prepare you for the battles ahead. Once players hit Legend, they can reset their rank to start the process again.

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Rank Total Points Points required to rank-up
Guardian I 0 50
Guardian II 50 75
Guardian III 125 125
Brave I 250 250
Brave II 500 450
Brave III 950 600
Heroic I 1,550 375
Heroic II 1,925 600
Heroic III 2,525 825
Fabled I 3,350 525
Fabled II 3,875 775
Fabled III 4,650 1,050
Mythic I 5,700 750
Mythic II 6,450 1,075
Mythic III 7,525 1,475
Legend 9,000 1,000
Legend (Max) 10,000 Reset

Activity Streaks

Players that stick around in Gambit will level up faster thanks to Activity Streaks. These trigger after one match, and the longer you keep playing Gambit, you’ll earn bonus Infamy – stacking up to five times. You don’t have to win, either, as you’ll earn them just for completing games.

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Players won’t lose points for not playing, either, so your Infamy rank won’t decay – unlike Glory Rank.

Finally, a great way to increase your Infamy Rank is to play Gambit during double Infamy weeks. These usually pop up a few times each season, so be on the lookout for a notification when you log in.

Now you know how to earn Infamy in Destiny 2, why not check out some of our other Destiny 2 guide content at Dexerto?

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