Best Destiny 2 PvE weapons in Lightfall

lightfall gearBungie

Destiny 2’s newest expansion Lightfall has been released to the world, and with it a new raid, new zone and new campaign to play through. Alongside the new content, we’ve received a whole bunch of new weapons, shaking up the meta, here are the current best weapons in Destiny 2 Lightfall.

Destiny 2 is a game that’s at its best when you get to use your weapons. The satisfying gunplay allows players to feel fantastic when defending the galaxy against the various forms of bad guys. However, not all guns are made equal, with randomized perks and different archetypes, there are definitely guns that stand out above the rest.

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With that being said, you’ll want the best possible weapons available to you, so here are the best weapons PvE weapons available in Destiny 2: Lightfall.


Destiny 2 crafting system explained

Since the release of Witch Queen, Destiny 2 has introduced weapon crafting as a system. Weapon crafting allows players to pursue weapons, whilst also allowing them to customize which perks they want on them.

Crafting in Destiny 2 requires players to collect 5 of the same weapons with red borders, these can be extracted for deepsight resonance. Once a player has collected 5 deepsight resonance of the same weapon, they’ll be able to craft it at the Enclave.

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Exotics are an exception to this rule, and generally only require one deepsight resonance extraction.

Destiny 2: Kinetic weapons

Witherhoard Bungie
Witherhoard is a fantastic Exotic Grenade Launcher.

Witherhoard is an exotic primary grenade launcher that fires out taken blights as its projectile. Originally released in Season of the Arrivals, Witherhoard has been an absolute beast of an exotic weapon. The projectiles fired from Witherhoard linger when fired at the ground, creating a damaging zone for any enemy who passes through. This makes Witherhoard an excellent AD clear option, as placing it down on enemy spawn locations can reduce the number of enemies at a time.

Alongside this, Witherhoard can be fired directly at a target to start a damage-over-time effect. This DoT can be fantastic for DPS purposes, as you can start with Witherhoard and swap to your other weapon in order to increase the damage you deal.

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Witherhoard’s catalyst also allows it to be automatically reloaded whilst stowed, making it even more efficient for DPS.

How to obtain: Exotic Kiosk in the Tower

Izanagi’s Burden

izanagis Bungie
Izanagi’s Burden allows players to deal massive burst damage.

Izanagi’s Burden comes from the Season of the Forge. It’s an exotic sniper rifle that can store all of its magazines into a single high-damage bullet. This makes it an exceptional burst damage weapon for boss DPS as well as taking down majors. Izanagi’s also makes for an excellent weapon when taking down Tormentors, as its high damage shot is capable of breaking their armor easily.

Izanagi’s Burden’s catalyst also increases the damage done with the charged shot, making it definitely worth the while if you’re grabbing the weapon.

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How to obtain: Exotic Kiosk in the Tower

Arbalest Bungie
Arbalest is an incredibly versatile weapon.

Linear Fusion Rifle Arbalest is mainly used for its capabilities in high-end content. With its in-built anti-barrier rounds, it makes it a fantastic option for those looking to take down champions in anything from Master Raids to Grandmaster Nightfalls.

Alongside this, its exotic perk allows it to deal extra damage against enemy shields, regardless of the element type. This makes the weapon an incredibly versatile platform that can be run in really any content needed. Despite the weapon’s nerfs, it’s still one of the highest-performing weapons out there and can definitely be a worthwhile pickup.

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How to obtain: Exotic World Drop

Final Warning

destiny 2 final warning strand Bungie
Final Warning is one of the best Strand options for PvE.

The Final Warning is one of the newest exotics introduced into Lightfall. An exotic Strand Sidearm that tracks enemies, The Final Warning is one of the more potent weapons released in Lightfall. It’s also one of the best available options for a Strand weapon at the moment and is easily available to players once they complete the Lightfall campaign.

How to obtain: Exotic Quest after Lightfall Campaign Completion

Destiny 2: Energy weapons


ikelos Bungie
IKELOS_SMG_v1.0.3 is arguably the best weapon in Destiny 2 at the moment.

The IKELOS_SMG_v1.0.3 is quite possibly the best weapon on this list. If you were only planning on getting one of these, the IKELOS_SMG_v1.0.3 is your best go-to. The Arc Submachine Gun was re-released during Season of the Seraph, and with it came the new Arc 3.0 perks.

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As the weapon is Legendary, it comes with random rolls, and as such, the weapon is highly dependent on what you roll it with. The perk Voltshot practically makes the IKELOS_SMG what it is today, it gives the weapon an insane level of AD clear. This makes it a fantastic workhouse Legendary weapon, freeing up a slot for your Exotic in other slots.

How to Obtain: Season of the Seraph activities/ vendor or craftable (requires Season of the Seraph)

Optimal Roll: Feeding Frenzy + Voltshot


funnelweb destiny Bungie
Funnelweb pairs fantastically with Volatile Flow in Season of the Defiance’s Artifact.

Funnelweb is the premier void sub-machine gun to be using in Lightfall. Void Weapons are currently very strong at the moment due to their inherent synergy with Volatile Flow, a perk available in the Seasonal Artifact. Like the IKELOS_SMG, Funnelweb is an AD clear machine, and will help mow down anything in its path. Grabbing a Subsistence and Frenzy roll only adds to the weapons capability, and makes it a fantastic option at the moment.

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How to Obtain: World Drop

Optimal Roll: Subsitence + Frenzy

Forbearance Bungie
Forbearance is an excellent Legendary Arc Grenade Launcher.

Forbearance is another fantastic weapon for those looking for AD clear. It comes in the form of an Arc Waveframe Grenade Launcher, which fires out a wave-like projectile when impacted on the ground.

Forbearance falls along a similar vein to Witherhoard, with its main usage being for clearing out large waves of ADs with a single shot. However, due to the wave-like nature of Forbearance’s projectile, it’s more effective at clearing out enemies in a wider space. Forbearance cannot be used for bonus DoT damage for DPS though, but fulfills the AD clear space beautifully, without taking up an Exotic slot.

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How to Obtain: Vow of the Disciple Raid or craftable (requires The Witch Queen)

Optimal Roll: Ambitious Assassin + Chain Reaction

Trinity Ghoul

trinity Bungie
Trinity Ghoul becomes a fantastic AD clear bow with its catalyst.

Trinity Ghoul by itself isn’t too fantastic of a weapon. An Exotic Arc Bow that was released with the Forsaken expansion, Trinity Ghoul didn’t see heaps of usage during its release. After landing a precision final blow against an enemy, Trinity Ghoul loads a charged arrow that electrifies the target and anything around it.

This meant that the bow needed to constantly gain precision final blows in order to maintain the charged arrow. However, with the introduction of the Trinity Ghoul catalyst, it removed the need for a precision final blow, meaning any final blow with the weapon will charge the next arrow.

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Trinity Ghoul now exists as one of the best AD clearing bows to exist in Destiny 2. With essentially every shot being a charged arrow, clearing ADs with the Trinity Ghoul becomes exceedingly easy.

How to Obtain: Exotic World Drop

Destiny 2: Power weapons

The Hothead (Adept)

destiny 2 Bungie
The Hothead (Adept) is one of the strongest DPS options out there at the moment.

The Hothead has become one of the strongest DPS options in Destiny 2, with players using it to clear Root of Nightmares’s final boss Nezarec.

Hothead is a great rocket launcher due to its access to the perk Clown Cartridge, which lets Guardians overload the magazine when reloading. This is fantastic for DPS as it allows for more rockets fired before needing to reload the weapon.

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How to Obtain: Nightfall: The Ordeal

Optimal Roll: Tracking Module + Clown Cartridge

Cataclysmic Bungie
Cataclysmic is the current king of DPS, but may be knocked off the throne in Lightfall.

The Cataclysmic is no longer the DPS king it once was. The Solar Linear Fusion Rifle has been hit a bit by the nerfs to the Linear Fusion Rifle nerfs overall and therefore isn’t quite as strong as it used to be. However, it’s still a fantastic DPS option that deals tonnes of damage, it might just not deal the highest damage anymore.

How to Obtain: Vow of the Disciple Raid or crafting (requires The Witch Queen)

Optimal Roll: Bait And Switch + Fourth Times The Charm

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Gjallarhorn Bungie
Gjallarhorn has made a return in Destiny 2, becoming a strong DPS option.

The Gjallarhorn is a classic weapon that returned to the Destiny 2 franchise with its 30th-anniversary pack. The exotic Rocket Launcher fires out tracking rockets that with seeking mini-rockets on top of it. Alongside this, it’s exotic perk assists other fireteam members by boosting their damage with rockets.

Gjallarhorn is a strong DPS exotic going due to the prevalence of Rocket Launchers making it an excellent supportive DPS tool.

How to Obtain: Exotic Quest/ Grasp of Avarice (requires 30th Anniversary)