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How to use Boosted Loader Hop-Up in Apex Legends Season 10

Published: 26/Jul/2021 19:24

by David Purcell


Respawn Entertainment have added a new Apex Legends Hop-Up in Season 10 called Boosted Loader, but it does come at the expense of two other attachments. 

The game’s next major update lands on August 3, 2021, and we already know a number of changes included in the patch notes.

The new Legend is called Seer and his abilities have been confirmed, and there are also some tweaks been made to care packages as well – among other details.

One of the most exciting pieces of information for the new season, though, is the introduction of a new Boosted Loader Hop-Up item. Here, we’re going to run through the loot pool changes related to Hop-Ups, how to use the new one, and which weapons it can be equipped to.


Apex Legends Season 10 Hop-Up changes

Apex Legends Seer
Respawn Entertainment
Apex Legends has a new legend coming, but also new ways to compete.

The arrival of the Boosted Loader is positive for many fans looking to experiment with a new toy, but it does come to the game as two others are removed.

The fan-favorite Anvil Receiver and Quick Draw have been vaulted for the season, with no word on their potential returns.

New Hop-Up confirmed: Boosted Loader

What does it do?

The Boosted Loader Hop-Up gives Apex Legends players a faster reloading weapon. A bonus feature for the attachment, however, is that it can grant you extra ammo if you time the reload perfectly – according to Gamespot.

How to get Boosted Loader Hop-Up in Apex Legends

The Boosted Loader Hop-Up, like others in Apex Legends, can be found by opening Loot Bins across the Battle Royale and Arenas maps.


They can also presumably be found as floor loot, so keep your eyes peeled.

Images of the new Hop-Up are not yet publicly available, but we will add them to this article as and when they are posted by Respawn.

Which weapons does the Boosted Loader work with?

apex legends wingman
Respawn Entertainment
The Wingman gets another Hop-Up in Apex Legends Season 10.

The Boosted Loader Hop-Up can be attached to both the Wingman and Hemlok in Apex Legends, both of which use Heavy Ammo.

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