Apex Legends Season 10 Legend changes: Horizon buff, Revenant nerf, more

Wattson and horizon in season 10Respawn Entertainment

The tenth season of Apex Legends, Emergence, is just around the corner, and as well as the new Legend Seer, new Rampage LMG weapon, and map updates, there will also be Legend balancing.

Buffs and nerfs to the various playable characters are a necessary part of every major update, to prevent any under/overpowered characters from staying too long, and to keep things fresh.

However, these balancing changes can often be controversial, as your favorite character might receive a nerf you think was unjustified, for the overall betterment of the game.

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Check out the full Season 10 patch notes here.

Season 10 buffs & nerfs

Confirmed buffs

Horizon: Buff

Horizon pointing a shotgun in Apex LegendsRespawn/EA
Horizon is due a small buff, to bring her back into the meta.

For Horizon, Respawn has reverted her movement speed nerf when using the Gravity Lift – but not fully to its pre-nerf state.

This means Horizon will be a lot more mobile while using the Lift, one of her big weak points since the nerf.

  • Reduced the slow after the initial Black Hole pull.
  • Bumped Horizon gravity lift-up speed to a happy medium between 9.1 and Legacy update launch values.

Caustic: Buff

A major change to Caustic’s gas will release with Season 10. Instead of the damage being locked, the damage per tick will now increase every 2 secons. Meaning it will deal 5, 5, 6, 6, 7, 7… and so on – with no upper limit.

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However, the gas cloud from his toxic fumes will dissipate five seconds faster.

  • Gas damage starts at 5, increases by 1 every other tick indefinitely.
  • Cooldown on Tactical has been reduced 25s -> 20s.
  • Ultimate cooldown has been reduced 3.5m -> 3m. Duration reduced from 20s -> 15s.

Revenant: Nerf

Revenant climbing Apex LegendsRespawn Entertainment
Revenant got a big climbing buff in the Genesis Collection event.

For Revenant, it’s all about making him less frustrating to play against. So Respawn are adding a visual and audio indicator to tell enemies when Revenant’s death protection is about to end.

  • There’s now a visual and audio cue when Death Totem protection is about to end which can be seen/heard by other players.
  • Added a brief slow after being recalled to Death Totem

Fuse: Buff

Fuse in ApexRespawn Entertainment
Fuse is in need of a buff still, but we don’t know when it will drop.

For Fuse, he’s getting a buff to both his Tactical and his Ultimate.

His tactical, the knuckle cluster, will now last twice as long, meaning he can deny an area for longer. And, for his Ultimate, anyone caught by The Motherlode will now be highlighted – even if behind cover or in a building.

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  • Enemies caught inside the ring of fire from Fuse’s Motherlode ultimate are now revealed to Fuse’s team.
  • Knuckle Cluster Tactical explosion duration increased by 100%.
  • Grenadier Passive can be toggled on and off to throw ordnance normally.

That’s all the Legend changes at the start of Apex Legend Season 10. We may see more changes coming in future updates throughout the Season, such as changes to Wattson or Crypto that have been hinted at before.