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Apex Legends Season 10 buffs and nerfs for Legends so far

Published: 20/Jul/2021 13:18

by Calum Patterson


The tenth season of Apex Legends, Emergence, is now only a couple weeks away, and as well as the new Legend Seer, new Rampage LMG weapon, and map updates, there will also be Legend balancing.

Buffs and nerfs to the various playable characters are a necessary part of every major update, to prevent any under/overpowered characters from staying too long, and to keep things fresh.

However, these balancing changes can often be controversial, as your favorite character might receive a nerf you think was unjustified, for the overall betterment of the game.

There are some characters that definitely need some improvements, while others might be on the chopping block for a nerf. Here are all the changes that Respawn devs have alluded to in the build-up to Season 10.


Season 10 buffs & nerfs

Note: None of these changes are confirmed yet, and we will have to wait for the full patch notes to lock them in. This is just what Respawn has said publicly. Some changes may release later in Season 10, such as in the mid-season update.

Wattson: Buff & Nerf

Wattson Apex Legends
Respawn Entertainment
Wattson should be getting a buff, but it will be accompanied by a nerf.

Wattson is one of the most controversial topics in Apex. Her players want her to be buffed, but Respawn points out that her win rate is already very high.

Respawn has said that although they will be giving her a buff, she will also get a nerf, to keep things balanced. The buff will be to make her more fun to play, so that her pick rate increases, but the nerf will likely increase the size of her hitbox, according to live balance designer John Larson.


Crypto: Buff

It will be no surprise that Crypto will be getting some buffs, hopefully right at the start of Season 10. Although Respawn accepts that Crypto will never be the most popular pick, because he is a more “cerebral” character, they want to make him a bit more popular still.

“When assessing how to make him a bit sexier, I think streamlining the flow between Crypto mode and drone mode, and maybe distributing that power in a more healthy way so it’s not quite as binary, would be a nice way of approaching that,” the developer said.

Whether we get these Crypto changes right at the start of Season 10, or in the mid-season update, remains to be seen.


Horizon: Buff

Horizon pointing a shotgun in Apex Legends
Horizon is due a small buff, to bring her back into the meta.

Horizon was far too powerful when released, but nerfs have taken her a bit too far the other way, and now she’s a considerably less popular pick.

We don’t know what Respawn has planned for Horizon yet though, only that they have “some stuff in the oven” for her.

Caustic: Buff

Caustic’s gas is no longer the serious threat it once was, due to the big reduction in damage output.

Speaking on the Apex Uncut podcast, it sounds like Respawn will be adding some of that fear factor back into Caustic’s gas, hopefully at some point during Season 10.


Revenant: Nerf

Revenant climbing Apex Legends
Respawn Entertainment
Revenant got a big climbing buff in the Genesis Collection event.

We don’t expect this change to come right at the start of Season 10 either, as it’s still very much in development. But, Respawn want to reduce how frustrating it is to play against a Revenant & Octane (Revtane) duo.

Part of this will likely be a change to Revenant’s ult, to make it a bit more punishing to push a team with Octanes’ jump pad and death protection. You can read more about the potential changes here. 

Rampart: Buff (mid-season)

For Rampart, she will be receiving a buff, but developers have said not to expect it right at the very start of Season 10, as they still need to complete some development and testing on it.


This buff will likely be related to her Ultimate ability, which is really the most ineffective part of her kit.

Fuse: Buff (unconfirmed)

Fuse in Apex
Respawn Entertainment
Fuse is in need of a buff still, but we don’t know when it will drop.

Respawn have kept bumping up Fuse’s abilities, but he’s still not good enough to really impact the meta. The dilemma is that with a damage-dealing Legend, going too far with buffs could tip the balance way too much and make him overpowered.

In Season 9, Fuse was given an extra charge for his Knuckle Cluster tactical, but it’s still not all that powerful. There’s no confirmation on what the Fuse buff will be, but we’d expect it to target his tactical once again.

Gibraltar: Buff (unconfirmed)

Gibraltar is a powerful character, and is very popular with high-skill players. Unfortunately, lower-skill groups rarely pick Gibraltar, probably just due to his large, cumbersome size.

However, Respawn want to make him a bit more popular, without making him more powerful. We don’t know how they will achieve this yet, or when that change will come.

That’s all we know so far about potential buffs and nerfs dropping in Season 10, either at launch or in the mid-season update. Remember none of these changes are guaranteed yet.

Everyone is now just looking forward to the full patch notes, to break it all down for us.