Best World’s Edge landing spots in Apex Legends Season 11

Best landing spots World's EdgeRespawn Entertainment

World’s Edge has some of the most impressive landscapes and structures found in Apex Legends. However, despite the map’s incredible appearance, it can sometimes be difficult to pick a landing spot that will consistently provide you with great loot.

Originally released back in Season 3, World’s Edge has had a series of tweaks and changes since its conception but nothing quite like the map update that arrived in Season 10.

With iconic POI’s being replaced by completely revamped areas and the map’s entire skybox being changed, Respawn didn’t hold back on the overhaul to the Worlds Edge landscape.

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Despite this, as with every map in Apex Legends, it can be difficult to choose where to land at the start of the match in Season 11. Some players prefer to drop into highly-contested areas, whereas others prefer the safer approach, biding their time until the end of the match.

Luckily, we’ve got a list of the best World’s Edge starting locations to suit every kind of player, no matter how you like to approach a match.

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Best World’s Edge landing spots


Climatizer POI in Apex LegendsRespawn/EA
There is a winter chill at Climatizer.

What was once known as Refinery is now the bigger and significantly colder POI, Climatizer. The location is filled with buildings and loot for players to scavenge, meaning it attracts a lot more players than Refinery ever did.

However, due to it being situated on the very North-West edge of the map, it’s perfect for squads who don’t want to drop into an overcrowded area.

With enough loot for everyone that decides to land there and plenty of cover to hide behind, it’ll always provide you with dynamic and interesting skirmishes.

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Lava Siphon

Lava Siphon Apex LegendsRespawn Entertainment
Lava Siphon replaced Sorting Factory in the Season 10 update.

The ever-popular Sorting Factory was replaced by Lava Siphon in the Season 10 update, introducing a more chaotic and unpredictable layout for the POI.

While the loot there remains high-tier and plentiful, it’s a location that you’ll need to be prepared to fight for.

With very little space between the buildings, Lava Siphon forces players to come together to find loot, pushing teams to take a lot more gunfights and close-quarter skirmishes.

If you’re confident in your ability to handle the pressure, this may be the perfect location for you.

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Skyhook ApexRespawn Entertainment
Skyhook is a dense urban area with a gravity lift located in the center of it.

For players who like taking gunfights in dense urban areas, where shotguns and long-range sniper rifles thrive, Skyhook may be the perfect location for you.

Made up of a set of high-story buildings and a huge gravity lift, Skyhook is a high-tier loot area that’s sheltered by the large cliffs that surround it.

With 26 supply bins in total and plenty of buildings filled with loot, the area has everything you need to get you and your squad set up for a game-winning match.

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New Landslide POI in Apex LegendsRespawn/EA
Train Yard has been taken over by the new Landslide POI.

Previously known as Train Yard, a seismic event transformed the location into the Landslide POI. Located towards the center of the map, this area will always be popular among squads looking to secure a good position on the map.

With a tunnel that can easily transition players to the other side of the map, it’s definitely an incredible POI if you can wipe out the other squads.

Unlike Train Yard, there’s significantly less cover in Landslide, so looting up quickly and looking to get the jump on your surrounding enemies will be the best strategy to use.

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If you’re not afraid of early fights and want a great tactical position on the map, consider dropping into Landslide.

The Epicenter

World's Edge epicenterRespawn Entertainment
The whole skybox was changed in World’s Edge for Season 10.

Arguably the most visually impressive part of World’s Edge, it’s hard to miss the Epicenter when you’re dropping into the map. The icy location offers players a range of high-tier loot, but don’t expect to land here alone with your squad.

The Epicenter is the perfect location for players who love taking on two to three other squads at the start of the match. Although the area is rather big, expect to find your enemies at the frozen tower located in the middle of the snow-covered area.

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If you manage to take out the competition, there are 24 supply bins in total around the area, so you’ll definitely be ready to take home the win.

That rounds off our list of the best landing spots for the Apex Legends map World’s Edge. Hopefully, this guide has provided you with plenty of locations to choose from, no matter what type of player you are.

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