Who is Seer in Apex Legends? Season 10 Legend Abilities, lore, release date

Calum Patterson
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With Apex Legends Season 10 locked in, otherwise known as Emergence, it’s time to learn about the new Legend joining the Apex games: Seer, the Ambush Artist.

Season 10 of Apex Legends has finally been announced and it’s set to arrive on August 3, 2021, and we know that Seer will be the new Legend joining the roster in Emergence.

With Respawn releasing the Metamorphosis Tales from the Outlands video, we already had some background on Seer’s lore and where he came from.

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Then, during EA Play Live, we got even more information about Seer — including an explanation of his abilities and how they can be used in combat during Season 10.

Apex Legends rosterRespawn Entertainment
There will soon be 18 characters to play in Apex Legends.

Who is Seer?

With the announcement of Season 10, Respawn released the Metamorphosis Tales from the Outlands video that gave us a peek into Seer’s life and how he acquired his powers.

By the looks of it, a prophecy foretold that a child was going to be born cursed with the mark of the moth. This appears to be the root of Seer’s abilities, and the conclusion of the video makes it clear that the new Legend is no stranger to battle.

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On top of this, voice lines from other Legends referring to Seer were revealed during the teaser that went live on July 17. They mention that it is a male, he is cursed, and possibly made of moths. Caustic hints that his abilities will be about ‘misdirection.’

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  • Loba says “new guy has a sense of style”
  • Crypto says “this one spends too much time in the shadows”
  • Caustic says “subterfuge and misdirection, tools of the coward”
  • Wattson says “his mother was a moon, and his father, a moth”
  • Revenant says “another skinbag, at least I hear this one’s cursed”
  • Rampart says “my boy’s coming, game’s ready to be kicked up a notch”
  • Pathfinder says “hello swarm of new friends”
  • Bangalore says “they say the new guy can assemble shotguns faster than I can”
  • Lifeline says “I hear this guy’s made of moths”

What are Seer’s abilities in Apex Legends?

  • Passive: HeartSeeker – Hear and visualize the heartbeats of nearby enemies while aiming down sights.
  • Tactical: Focus of Attention – Seer summons his micro-drones to emit a delayed blast that goes through walls interrupting and revealing enemies.
  • Ultimate: Exhibit – Create a sphere of micro-drones that reveal the location of enemies moving quickly or firing their weapons within.

During EA Play Live, Apex Legends Game Director Chad Grenier broke down Seer’s abilities and more details being shared by GameSpot.

And it turns out the emphasis on eyes was no misdirection, as the Legend is in the scouting/recon department of skillsets (like Crypto and Bloodhound).

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When is Seer’s release date?

Seer will release alongside Season 10: Emergence on August 3, 2021. This will make him the 18th legend added to the cast and an exciting addition at that.

Until then, players will be curious to see gameplay of Seer in advance, as people try to figure out where he sits in the competitive meta.

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